The Best Baseball Sunglasses – 2016 Review

“We analyzed some of the top baseball sunglasses present in the market today and narrowed down their features to the tint, frame toughness, and color to suits different lighting and play conditions.  We will help you pick the perfect baseball sunglasses in our guide.”

Best Overall Pick

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While your baseball glove and bat are part of your winning ways when it comes to playing the game of baseball, your sunglasses play an integral part to your winning. Therefore, the biggest mistake you can make is to buy low quality or poorly chosen glasses for a match, as this will easily edge you out against your components. By merely investing in cheap, indecent-looking glasses, you are also risking your eyes’ safety in the end.

Baseball sunglasses ensure that they fit securely and comfortably around the eyes during the game. They also keep your eyes safe. More fundamentally, they enhance your vision to give you an extra performance edge in this sport.

There are many choices of sunglasses out in the market. Therefore, before buying a specific brand of glass, you need to consider the material used in making the less, strength of the frame and fit to promote overall strength, durability, and flexibility required in this sportswear. Our top three picks will surprise you.

Best Overall Baseball Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 XL Iridium Sport Sunglasses

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The new Oakley Half Jacket has been in the market for a decade, turning out to be one the most preferred glasses by most baseball players. It has enjoyed an overwhelming sales numbers since its release.

The new Half Jacket 2.0 XL carries on the longstanding traditions of Oakley’s first interchangeable dual lens sports performance sunglass but with an upgrade on the half-rimmed classic. Its redesign takes the width and fits cues from its predecessor while widening out the sculpted ear stems and using a more stable set of integrated hinges. It perfectly fits players with wider faces in the first place.

Oakley’s Black Iridium lenses, constructed from pure Plutonite, Oakley’s proprietary polycarbonate keep all harmful UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. This grey-based lens with a visible light transmission of only 10%.  It is ideal for bright conditions, especially bright days or nights where there are bright floodlights.

It has surpassed rigorous impact standards set by the American National Standards Institute set on lenses. They can withstand impacts from a flying branch, pebble or insects, keeping your eyes protected while you play.

Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics (HDO) offer next-to-perfect clarity in the industry. Each lens undergoes a hydrophobic treatment to repel moisture buildup from water or sweat and keep away contaminants like fingerprints or smudges.

A super-lightweight O-Matter polycarbonate used in the frame’s construction enhances the overall strength of these glasses. The lenses’ bottom part have no rim, ensuring that you see everything as you look through the glasses.

Most Popular Baseball Sunglasses

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Baseball TR90 Unbreakable Frame TR010

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The Torege sunglasses come with Revo Polarized lenses, which offer a 100% UV400 protection tint. It is vital in blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays that may affect your vision during the game. Additionally, this lens will restore the actual color of the environment, eliminating reflected and scattered light allowing the surroundings to be more clear and soft while protecting the eyes correctly. The lenses come in seven layers;

  • The first layer is polarization layer.
  • The second and third layers are bonding layers to enable durability.
  • The fourth and fifth layers are UV protection layers to absorb UV light.
  • The sixth and seventh layers are shatterproof layers.

You do not have to worry about style and durability as they come with a cool rimless jacket frame design. The rimless enable a lower vision field as you track the ball and watch the game. They have a super light TR90 frame, and you can hardly feel them on your, making them excellent for playing baseball outdoor. The maker also looked into fashion and style, hence combining a vibrant color on both the frames and polycarbonate lenses. They are an impact, scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.

Torege sunglasses have a soft rubber nose pad, which let your nose feel comfortable while wearing them. You will also enjoy a lifetime breaking warranty on frame, so there is no risk in purchasing this pair of great sunglasses. Torege sunglasses will keep your eyes protected from the sun year round.

Best Budget Baseball Sunglasses

Duduma Tr8116 Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Baseball Superlight Frame

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The Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses are great for baseball players. It comes with a polarized HD Impact Protective Lens, which restores the exact color of the environment, remove reflected light, scattering away light to make the field clearer. Through this, there is protection on the eyes while also ensuring that there is a clearer, sharper and more accurate vision of the game.  Duduma polarized sports sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

The premium frame come with flattering lines to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Lightweight polycarbonate full frames provide the ultimate comfort for the player, while also promoting durability in the end. They are stylish and suitable for all of your important outdoor games or practices.

The good thing about Duduma is that it provides lifetime guarantee for its sportswear. These sunglasses are not an exception and in case any breakage happens, players can contact Duduma without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction. Customers can return the product and get a refund in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason. There is no risk to try.


It is important to note that your vision in outdoor games is essential in having the edge over your competitor. Investing in a perfect pair of baseball sunglasses goes a long way into improving your overall performance while playing baseball.

Our top three picks have various key components that make them rank highly in the market. They offer a snug, wraparound fit that goes a long way in preventing the shades from falling off as you slide into home or dive for a ball.  A good set of rubber earpieces that comes with each pair helps players secure the sunglasses to the back of their heads or on the inside of their helmet.

More fundamentally, is that their makers have decreased the likelihood of the glasses shattering on the field by picking using polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is the new material used in the production of sports sunglasses in the world. If you are after durability, a full frame style will be less likely to break on impact when compared to half-rim or rimless sunglasses.

Read on to find additional information on how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your next game.

Baseball Sunglasses Buyers Guide

Considerations before Purchase

While you move up and down on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses for your next baseball game, we recommend you look for the following;

Material of Your Lenses

Your lenses need to withstand pressure coming from objects that may accidentally fly right at your face, hence protect your eyes from injury. If it is a shatterproof lens, be sure it can take some severe hits in baseball.

High-end polycarbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable. According to the ASTM approval, the lens must be over 3mm to offer maximum protection to the wearer. A low-end polycarbonate is likely going to distort your vision.

You can also invest in a polarized lens. Standard sunglasses only reduce brightness equally over your field of vision. A polarized lens can reduce light that reflects off surfaces in a horizontal beam, which is the light that interferes with much of your vision.

However, they are perfect. The polarization of light reduces your ability to see far, and this may interfere with your overall performance of the game especially during the night.

If you are going to use a polarized lens, remember to add a filter between layers of the lenses. Keep in mind that sunglasses with this type of technology are expensive, but the benefits are worth it.

Keep in mind that the strength of any frame just like the lenses, is dependent on the material used in making the entire sportswear. We recommend polycarbonate because the material is light and at the same time will provide impact protection.

Some sunglasses use plastic or other cheap quality materials around the temples. It should be a warning, as most of these glasses may not have met the ASTM safety standards.

Lens Color

The color of the lens makes a big difference as you play. It may interfere with your ability to track the ball and see live happenings on the field. Some colors will optimize your vision:

  • Blue- It increases the contrast between the white of the ball against a blue sky or green turf.
  • Yellow- It enhances reds, whites, and yellows, giving you a clear, precise view of the ball irrespective of the type of grass you are playing on.
  • Grey- It is one of the most common colors, helping players to filter out blue light. It is helpful on bright, cloudless days.
  • Mirrored- The benefit here is that opponents cannot see where you are looking. Wearers will also see more of a brown or gray tint, which is perfect for filtering out blues or areas that are reflecting bright colors on the eyes.

Face Size and Shape

It should not surprise you to know that sunglass frames vary in how they fit different face shapes and sizes. Just like any sportswear, you need to have a pair of sunglasses that perfectly fits your face without the need to have an extra wraparound lace on your helmet.

Also, some sunglasses happen to fit a feminine face, while some fit children correctly. However, with today’s manufacturers, you are most likely going to find product descriptions that will help you match the frame to your face shape and size.

When a choosing a style for your glasses picking glasses that are easily adjustable at the temples is a good choice, especially if you have had problems with fitting glasses before. You can always seek assistance from your local sportswear store for help in finding your best frame size.

Choice of Frame

The selection of the structure is also dependent on the type of lens you have in place for your sunglasses. The lens should not only be your focus as the structure is equally important in holding the entire equipment in place. Remember if your frame shatters, you have no glasses.

Part of your frames should also have stems that have some grip attached to them, will help keep them in place when you make any sharp movements.

To ensure the highest quality frame you should choose frames that meet ASTM F803 standards, this is hands down your best option. ASTM F803 standard means that the sunglasses have undergone various testing regarding their ability to withstand impacts hence making them shatter resistant, within sports setting.

There are also glasses that meet ANSI standards. This specification is suited for those looking for low-cost lenses. However, this standard means they have better protection than regular fashions glasses, but it is focused more on occupational situations rather than sporting situations.

When you have finally got the fitting sorted, it is important that you can see the whole field without prohibition. A glass that is rimless at the bottom is a good way to prevent anything from blocking your range of vision.

The right side to the rimless styles is that they are easy to find, as they are the most modern style so you should have no trouble finding this style.


You will find pairs anywhere from at different prices. However, higher quality styles have the protection that you do not want to do without and they may need you to cough more financially for them. Consider your sunglasses an investment and take care of them to last several seasons.