Best Wine Opener Reviews

Having your favorite wine with dinner shouldn’t be difficult and with the right wine opener it’s not going to be.

You can find a number of different options out there that will help you get your wine open and ready for anything, but it can be difficult to find the perfect one that will work for you and your next special occasion (or evening meal).

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 HQY Best Rabbit Wine Opener

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With the HQY Best Rabbit you’re going to have absolutely no problem getting your favorite wine bottles open. It’s made with a zinc alloy that’s designed to be durable and long lasting as well as getting your bottles open a whole lot easier than with a number of other wine bottles.

The really nice thing is that this wine bottle opener is going to look great so you won’t have any problem leaving it out or setting it out with your wine when you have friends over for a special occasion. It’s going to be a great accent piece with the rose gold style and fit and it features a rabbit opener as well as a foil cutter and corkscrew.

The design is a classic lever and grip that gives you completely smooth and simple to use action so you can quickly and easily open up your bottle. You’ll be able to get just the right amount of pressure and strength because you’re going to have the right design to open up just about any wine bottle.

  • You don’t even need to cut the foil before you use this wine opener because it actually takes care of cutting open the foil as well as pulling out the cork so you’re ready to drink your wine much faster, without having to take all of time with a more traditional corkscrew.
  • The unit can pull out the cork within seconds, in fact, and it has a great warranty to go along with it. You actually get a five year warranty so if there’s any kind of problem or if your unit breaks from normal wear you’ll be able to contact the company and get it straightened out a whole lot faster.

#2 Secura Stainless Steel

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This wine opener is actually going to make the entire process a whole lot faster and easier than you might think because it’s entirely electric. You don’t have to put any effort into the process and you’ll be ready to get drinking that great wine with your friends and family.

The design of this unit is stylish and definitely looks great sitting on your counter or with your wine rack because it’s a stylish stainless silver with a black base of its own. There is even a unique LED light that shines through the entire thing, making it look really special even while charging.

The built-in rechargeable battery is going to give you plenty of power and the ability to open up 30 bottles with just the push of a button each time. You won’t have to charge it in between either, which means you’re going to have plenty of power for your next party and you can easily set it down on the charging base when you’re done so it’s ready to go the next time you need it.

  • The unit also has a foil cutter that makes it a whole lot easier to get rid of the wrap around your wine bottle as well as opening up the bottle itself by removing the cork. You’ll be able to quickly and easily get to what you actually came for.
  • All you have to do is set the unit on top of your bottle and it will remove the foil as well as the cork within just a few seconds. Then you pick up the next bottle and keep going. It’s very lightweight, at only around 2 pounds, and that means you won’t have a problem holding it while you open the bottle, which is definitely great for larger parties with even more wine bottles to open.

#3 Oster Cordless Electric

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The Oster Cordless Bottle Opener is fully electric so you don’t have to do any of the work when you’re trying to open up those bottles for any event or occasion. All you have to do is set the opener directly on top of the bottle and you’ll be ready to go.

The charging base is simple to use and starts charging as soon as you put the opener on it. That makes it a whole lot easier to use this unit whenever you’re ready because you don’t have to worry about batteries or getting it charged up later. You’re going to have no problem leaving this unit out either because the stainless steel and black color and style are going to make it look great sitting out.

You get a foil cutter that takes care of everything it takes to open up your bottle and make sure you’re enjoying your night. The unit is designed with a simple to open package as well as a case for the unit so all you need to do is hold onto it, which is easier because of the soft-grip handle.

  • When you want to get a great wine bottle you want to make sure you’re using a high quality wine bottle opener to make sure that you’re getting it just right. This bottle opener definitely looks different when you start using it because there’s no visible corkscrew and all you need to do is slide the unit over the top of the bottle and the cork and it will get rid of it for you in any time at all.
  • Once you pop out the corkscrew you just drop it wherever you want, whether in a basket, a nice display or off to the side to fit right back in the bottle when you’re done.

Wine Opener Buyer’s Guide


You want to think about the different styles of bottle openers that are available when you’re looking because there are actually several different options. You’ll want to look at your choices and what you prefer. Some corkscrews are manual where you insert the corkscrew into the top and you have to put the work in yourself. Others have their own electric motor so the corkscrew will take care of things for you. Others will also have a system where the system goes over the top of the wine bottle and takes care of pulling out the corkscrew for you.

Corkscrew Capabilities

You want to make sure that you are getting a corkscrew that is going to work with any type of cork. That’s because you’re going to need a corkscrew that can get into a natural or even synthetic cork and that’s not something that is going to be possible with all corkscrews. Make sure that you’re going to get into all of these because even if you don’t usually have corks that are these types you never know when you might find one or when you might find something as a gift you want to use.

Worm vs. Auger

You want to make sure that you’re looking at the different types of mechanisms especially with more manual options. You want to make sure that you’re getting a worm rather than an auger because this can be difficult when you have a less high quality cork. A worm will be able to get right into the cork and pull it out while an auger may shred the cork that you are trying to pull out rather than actually pulling it back out. That way you’ll be able to get to drinking your wine instead.

Long Screw

You want to make sure that you’re getting a longer corkscrew so that it’s going to get into the cork as far as you can. After all, you’re going to need to get as far into the cork as you can and then make sure that you’re going to pull it back out rather than shredding the corkscrew when you get it into there. After all, if you don’t get in far enough you could end up with problems and damage overall rather than getting the win out and that could make it more difficult.

Having a good quality corkscrew is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to get deep into the cork and pull it out of your wine. That means you’re going to have a whole lot more capability when it comes to drinking the wine that you want. After all, you’re not going to want to get the corks pulled out and then make sure that you’re doing it as easily as possible. After all, if you can actually do less work while still getting the cork out and getting to drinking your wine you’re definitely going to love it.


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