The Best Tennis Shoes – 2016 Review

“We reviewed the most important aspects when selecting the best Tennis shoe. We took into consideration materials, Toecap, Sole and price.”

Best Overall Pick

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Just like any other shoe in the market, you can never run short of the different tennis shoes as they are among the first few things you get to buy before playing tennis. Most sport shoe stores have staffs to help you select a tennis shoe, but making an effort of going through various reviews and guides, will arm you with knowledge about your feet and the particular shoe you need in the end. Here is some expert advice you need to follow before embarking on a tennis footwear shopping.

Introduction to Best Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a fun sport. It is also an active and physical, with your fit withstanding the worst of abuse.  Irrespective of your skill of play, you have to get the best shoe on your feet as it plays an essential part in improving your overall performance.

Additionally, if you pick the wrong type of shoe, you risk being injured while also giving a dismal performance on the court. In short, the shoes affects how comfortable and how long you will last while playing tennis. It is for this reason that shoemakers are making shoes support the rigorous movements on the court while also factoring in things such as quick stops and starts, short sprints, lateral movements, lunging, jumping, and quick pivots.

In this review, we will offer a helpful guide for selecting tennis shoes that provide support and comfort on whichever court you play. We will also talk about the fundamental factors when buying a shoe like the overall shoe construction, type of feet, traction, price and warranties and aesthetics and their contribution to the player’s overall performance. Ultimately, you will want to find a pair of shoes that provides a good level of speed, agility, and endurance tailored to how you play.

Best Overall Tennis Shoe

Nike Men’s Vapor Court Tennis Shoes

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Coming as a redesigned version of the Vapor 9 Tour, the Nike Vapor Court Shoe offers a lightweight feel and comfortable fit. This shoe combines both style and support while optimizing stability. The shoe’s material is a blend of leather and synthetic leather upper. It combines style, comfort and a flexible and supple fit.

Nike’s thin, lightweight Zoom midsole makes these shoes super responsive. The Zoom midsole uses a high-quality material that offers a greater range of foot movement support. Nike has applied the natural motion principles when making midsoles for a wider range of foot movement. Midsole designed with natural motion principles for a greater range of foot movement and support.  It keeps a little ground feel for maximum comfort and speed with which you can move around the court.

They will mould to your feet, and the padding around the tongue ensures a snug fit. They are breathable, so you are sure of keeping healthy feet on a hot day while they stay fresh throughout the game.

The Nike GDR rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern keeps traction and durability at a performance level for all court surfaces.

These are Roger Federer’s shoes of choice, and we can see why from their great features. They are one of the most affordable pairs of shoes. A comfortable pair of Vapor Court shoes is everything a tennis enthusiast needs on the court.

Most Popular Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe 

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It is the latest model in tennis shoe game. The new GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis shoe features both Forefoot GEL Cushioning System and midfoot Truss tic System and this great combination offers comfort and stability.

Its padded tongue and heel collar plays a part in enhancing comfort. The lace up front offers an adjustable fit, with the systematic overlays providing the best lightweight support. The blend of synthetics and mesh promotes breathability during the game.

The midsole made using the Trusstic System reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe. Forefoot Gel Cushioning System used of the toe pads provide room for shock absorption during impact phase.

A solid rubber non-marking outsole provides an enhanced traction and traction. New and entry-level players are most likely going to appreciate the perfect combination of comfort and stability of this shoe while on the court. Its flexibility and dependability go a long way in giving a high overall performance and extended wear.

Best Budget Tennis Shoe

Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2 Tennis nt-weight: bold;”> 

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When you factor in quality versus price, Adidas Performance Barricades shoes carry the day. Their quality is incredible thanks to some features in them, hence offer great traction and comfort to the feet.

ADIPRENE+ toe pad in the forefoot responds to quick movements, during full synthetic upper flex with each quick pivot. An Adiprene and foam midsole runs along the base of the foot from heel to toe, guaranteeing complete cushioning in every step, making them as soft as possible. The midsole efficiently and reliably absorbs shocks coming from the ground as the feet move around comfortably when playing tennis. It results to less stress on the legs as much of the pressure taken away from the knees, reducing the risk of knee pain and injury and offering better propulsion.

The breathable ballistic mesh upper keeps the foot cool and dry. They allow air to circulate the shoe when playing tennis. Adidas came up with an exclusive chassis design for this shoe to keep the feet in the optimum position when moving, giving the wearer greater balance and stability while playing tennis.

Moreover, there is plenty of cushioning below the arches. They provide gentle support for the arches meaning that a beginner or intermediate player will be able to move around the court quickly. They are an excellent choice if you have flat feet.

The outer sole is non-marking, so you are sure of not destroying the court with shoe marks. Adidas’ Boost Heel Technology, incorporated in this shoe makes it more comfortable and responsive in every step on the court. We found they needed a bit of a break-in period, but after that, they felt supportive and stable on the court.

You will have a peace of mind when you purchase these shoes. Adiwear 6 offers you a 6-month warranty when you buy these shoes, which protects the quality of the hardest wearing areas.

The Adidas Barricade, reputed for their durability, have been a tour favorite for years. Its brand ambassadors include Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Kei Nishikori.

Tennis Shoe Buyers Guide

When buying the best tennis shoes, there are some things to keep in mind. Finding at least all these features in one shoe can be costly as well as time-consuming but in the end, be rewarding. After all, the choice of shoes can be the difference between playing to the best of your abilities and losing an easy game to a less experienced player.

What to Look For

Material- Tennis shoes makers use materials like leather, synthetic, vinyl or mesh. Moreover, the material employed in the construction of the outer part of the use wraps over the entire foot and is what distinguishes your tennis shoes from sandals. Different shoemakers also design various areas of these shoes factoring critical things such as wear and traction. The best shoes come with leather, mesh or plastic tops. If they have a blend of all these materials, then you have the best shoe at hand. This combination provides support and breathability of the feet, going a long way into preventing injuries related to blisters as well as sprains. Leather material on these shoes plays a part in promoting the durability of this footwear.

Midsole /Sock Liner – The midsole or sock liner is the bed of your shoe, and is responsible for provides cushioning and comfort. Depending on your foot type and preferences, the thickness of the midsole may vary. Most shoemakers nowadays design the midsoles from either EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) or PU (polyurethane). Both are lightweight, flexible and durable materials.

Herringbone Outer soles- This type of pattern on the bottom of tennis shoes keeps you from slipping and sliding during side-to-side movements. By now, you know that the game of tennis involves lots of action on the court, with sudden braking being much of it. Herringbone traction is excellent for rough or hard court surfaces as it offers both stability and support. The outer sole wears the fastest, as it is constant contact with the ground, producing friction every time. So look for that outer sole that will last for long as well as suit your court surface. Additionally, it is important also to consider your foot type, as for some shoes, you may need some extra arch support or a reinforced heel.

Heel Counter and Collar – The heel counter is a vinyl or composite insert that perfectly fits into the heel cap of a shoe offering some extra support on the feet as a whole. The collar, which is above the heel counter provides the perfect fit of the shoe, providing extra comfort on the feet without necessarily rubbing too high on your foot.

Vamp- It is the part of the toe box area that bends if you were to stand on your toes. Most shoemakers perforate this part for natural breathability. It must also remain flexible.

Toecap- The toecap, located right above the toes plays an important part in protecting your toes. The toecap needs reinforcement to provide toe drag and medial foot drag protection.

Toe guard- It is the extra rubber material added to the front of a shoe to add to toe drag protection.

Additional Considerations

You have found the best-constructed shoe in the store. You also understand your play style. However, you have not fitted the pump, so you have to consider the following factors;

Foot Arch

Knowing your feet type before making the purchase, goes a long way into saving your investment. You can have your feet professionally assessed Have your feet professionally evaluated to ensure you are going to land the right fit for your custom needs.

More fundamentally, if this pair of shoe is for everyday use, invest a pair that properly supports your arches comfortably. Here are different types of arches;

  • High-arched feet- They wear out shoes in the heel and toe areas first. It is important that they find reinforcement for these parts hence alleviates any shock issues while making quick, lateral movements.
  • Flat-arched feet- Their shoes tend to wear out most on the inside front part. Shop for shoes designed to offer maximum stability when making quick, lateral movements.
  • Medium-arched feet- Their shoes wear down evenly on all sides. They may fit just any shoe.

Court Surface

Understand your court surface before buying the shoe. There are different type of courts; clay, grass, indoor and outdoor courts, making it vital to select a shoe with proper traction for each of these.


Your comfort is key. It also plays a part in having positive or negative performance on the court and this serious consideration. The shoes need to be comfortable when it comes to both wear and playing tennis. The right support for the entire foot and ankle prevents injury and sprains.

Price and Warranty Guarantee

When it comes to price, stick to your budget. It is as simple as that. For warranty guarantee, remember that tennis shoes go through a lot of wear and tear, especially if you play tennis on a daily basis, you may need to replace them more often. Some shoe store provides warranty guarantee, saving customers the headache of replacing the shoes often. Nevertheless, there may be terms and conditions coming with these warranties.


Having the best tennis shoes will ensure that you perform on the court is top notch. Shoes that look great is something that most players also look for when choosing the right shoe for them. Some notable tennis players have gone also ended up being brand ambassadors of some shoemakers.

Tennis Shoe Summary

To sum it up, a high-quality pair offers support and complement your play style. Try not to concentrate on the shoes’ price as you may end up hurting yourself the end through injuries.  Remember to factor in opportunity cost; something could have been done to save you the wounds.