Best Tea Kettle Reviews

Brewing your own tea is definitely a great way to start out the morning or a great way to relax at any part of the day. That’s why you may want to look at getting a tea kettle to help you with the process.

This will allow you to get your water ready quickly so you can get to your relaxation instead of waiting to heat water in a pot on the stove. Why wouldn’t you want to make the process a whole lot easier on yourself?

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Calypso Basics

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his tea kettle is designed to be unique and stylish sitting on your stove or countertop. It provides you with a very designer look and comes in 10 different colors that are sure to make the look and style of your kitchen with no problem at all. That way you can make sure you’re getting something you want to drink and still getting a good style while you’re at it.

This kettle is made with enamel over steel to provide the unique color and it provides 2 quarts of water at the same time so you can make enough for several people to enjoy some tea. What’s even better is that it works well on either a gas or an electric stove so it doesn’t matter what your kitchen is set up like.

  • With this kettle you’re going to get a non-fading color style to make sure that it’s always going to look great, no matter how long you have it and you’ll be able to easily grab the handle when the kettle is ready because it’s designed to never get overheated.
  • The lightweight kettle is easy to fill and carry as the handle will move out of the way while you put water in through the top. It’s not designed to whistle so you will need to keep an eye on it to know when your water is ready and when you can start preparing your drink.

#2 Mr. Coffee Flintshire

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This stainless steel tea kettle made by Mr. Coffee is designed to keep from rusting over an extended period of time and makes sure that you’re able to make plenty of hot water all at once. It holds 1.75 quarts but there are other sizes available as well if you’re interested in more or less at the same time.

Because it’s made with stainless steel there is no rust on the outside or the inside after extended periods of use and even if you happen to leave water inside for a short amount of time you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged.

You don’t want to put this kettle in the oven because it’s not designed for heating that way, but it will work on any stovetop to make sure you get water just the right temperature. Not only that but it’s designed to whistle when the water reaches a roiling boil, so you’ll be ready to prepare your tea in no time at all.

Even better, the handle is designed to stay cool to the touch even when the rest of the kettle starts to get warm so you don’t have to worry about moving it or pouring the water into your cup. You’ll be able to do so with no problem and without having to worry about getting too close to the water or the steam coming out.

  • Because it’s moderately sized this tea kettle also is lightweight, which makes it much easier to carry or transfer to different areas while you prepare your tea or anything else you might need hot water for.

#3 Medelco 12-Cup

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This tea kettle is definitely unique because it doesn’t look like a tea kettle at all. Instead, the Medelco kettle actually looks like a coffee pot but don’t get it confused with your coffee pot because this one is designed to be set directly on your stovetop and your other pot definitely isn’t.

Able to hold 12 cups of water, this kettle is entirely heat resistant with thermal and shock resistant glass. That’s the reason it can stand to be set directly on the stovetop without breaking or cracking over time. There’s a lid on the top that connects to the heat-resistant handle and makes sure that the water gets up to the right temperature.

When your water is ready this tea kettle will whistle to let you know, but because it’s made of glass you’re also going to be able to see that it’s ready, in case you want it at a lower temperature than the roiling boil that will set off the whistle.

When you go to pour out your cup of water you’ll be able to do so easily because this pot has a traditional coffee pot like spout that will get the water into your cup without making a mess or getting in the way with hot water and boiling steam.

  • This ultra-lightweight tool is dishwasher safe so that makes for easier cleanup and it’s completely stain resistant as well. Because it’s made with glass you also don’t have to worry about rusting, which is a big drawback to a number of other tea kettles.
  • Entirely BPA free, you can feel comfortable and safe using this kettle to make your favorite tea or other dishes that require boiling water and you can keep it sitting out because the unique style is definitely going to be a great accent piece.

Tea Kettle Buyer’s Guide


First, look at the overall capacity of the tea kettle that you’re getting. Some are going to give you a large capacity so you can brew a large amount of tea all at the same time, while others are going to give you only a small amount. The overall capacity that you want is going to be up to you. This means you want to think about how much tea you’re going to be preparing. Remember that the tea kettle isn’t going to keep the tea hot continuously but just for a few minutes because the heat starts to escape immediately. That means you don’t want to brew a large kettle full of water if you’re drinking tea alone, one cup at a time.


There are two different types of tea kettles that you can choose from. The first is a traditional stovetop kettle that allows you to fill it up and set it on the stove to heat. This type of kettle will generally whistle when the water gets to a high boil so you know that it’s ready, but you will have to spend a little more time with it. With an electric kettle you don’t need to wait for as long and you don’t need to be stuck to a stove either. You’re able to brew your tea anywhere that you have access to power, which is generally going to be easier to find than a stove if you’re traveling or even if you want to make something while you’re at work.

Safety Features

Next, look at the safety features that are available on your tea kettle. Some kettles are going to have a cool touch outside, which is safer if you’re going to be making the tea anywhere near smaller children. You don’t need to be as concerned about them touching the outside of the kettle or even about you touching it by accident. The electric kettles may also have an automatic shutoff that kicks in if the water gets to a specific temperature or if the kettle itself gets overheated. This can be an extremely important safety feature and ensures your kettle is going to stay in prime shape.

Material Makeup

The last thing is to make sure that your kettle is made with sturdy materials that are going to last a long time and be extremely durable. You don’t want to be buying a new tea kettle constantly because it’s just going to be a nuisance. You also want to make sure that the kettle you’re getting is going to resist rust. You’re going to be boiling water in it after all and that means water is likely going to sit inside for more extended periods of time. If it doesn’t resist rust you could end up with a problem because your kettle starts to rust on the inside and you may not even realize it.

A good quality tea kettle is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to enjoy your day. You’ll be able to make as much or as little tea as you want and you’ll be able to get it to the perfect temperature just when you want it. Before you know it you’re going to be drinking a whole lot more tea, just because it’s so easy to make and you have a brand new tea kettle to try out while you’re at it.


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