The Best Soccer Cleats

We analyzed the best soccer cleat, comparing their weight, comfortability, material and integrated technology. Have a look at our top picks below.

Best Overall Pick

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In soccer, the player’s shoes are an integral part of his game. They influence his or her performance on the soccer pitch, ensuring that he or she can have control over the ball, hence the need to have a pair of top performing soccer cleats. Also, the game of football has land many players some endorsements with top soccer cleats manufacturers, making these players their brand ambassadors.

It has forced soccer boot makers to upgrade their game, in making quality soccer footwear in the first place. They are considering various factors, for example, they have incorporated chips on the boots to gauge the player’s performance regarding distance covered and completed passes by the end of the match. Moreover, they are making this boots with a durable, lightweight material, coming up with new shoe designs like the insane laceless boots launched in 2015 by Adidas hence promoting the overall comfort on the feet, when the shoe is on the player’s feet. Soccer boots makers are expressing themselves differently when it comes to creating these shoes that suit different surfaces.

As a casual footballers who loves to dribble on Sunday mornings or professional footballer with your local league, it is important to get your hands on quality soccer cleats, as you prepare to replace your old pair or start a new season in a fresh start. But what is a quality soccer cleat? Our top 3 picks below will answer this question, by examining the different boots and how they suit different styles of play, their budget and overall construction which are some of the critical areas you need to pay attention to before settling on your favorite new pair.

Best Overall Soccer Cleat

Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat

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Nike soccer cleats have undergone several evolutions, with Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG S boot coming to the field recently. Nike created the lightest boot, the Mercurial Victory V weighing at only 200 grams. The shoe’s quality synthetic and leather outer material offer the player with the desired full game comfort. The midsole, designed with a contoured sock liner and a textile top cloth, ensures that there is a low profile cushion. It protects the player from hurting their toes as he or she chips or shoots the ball.

Nike Flyknit technology has been incorporated in this shoe, making it lightweight and revolutionary. The technology insists on using less material between the foot and ball, to provide and enhanced touch and control over the ball, which is a vital element when it comes to playing at top speeds.

It comes with a quality full-length TPU man-made outsole that delivers traction in all directions and is best for use on firm, natural surfaces. The added studs on the boot’s sole increase stability, while the track inspired toe traction, synonymous with the Mercurial line of boots provides grip and propulsion.

This boot is ideally suited for wingers, who like playing on the flanks in an intense game. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG S soccer shoes, known for their high performance, thanks to the high-end technology used in developing them, uphold the legacy of Nike.

Most Popular

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat

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Inspired by all time the greatest player, Messi, the design of this boots allow quick movement, enabling dribblers to gain stability where they need it most, that is in the midfield. They feature a Messi TOUCH X-ray cage, for precision in every touch. The outer construction of the ball is mainly a 3D synthetic leather upper for perfect touch and feels. It gives the dribbler or attacker excellent control over the ball, as he or she causes chaos in the field when driving past the defense and finally deliver a lethal strike towards the goal post.

The synthetic inner lining offers a perfect lockdown fit and step-in comfort on the feet. The narrow fit allows the toe to suit the shoe’s elongated shape. Therefore, if you have a wide foot, Adidas Messi 15.3 may not be your soccer boot. Additionally, the cage does not stretch very much, so this shoe is best for those with narrow or medium feet. The tongue offers another extra comfort, as it stretches out across your ankle line, with the insoles providing gripped feel with excellent padding.

The boot comes with a Messi GAMBETRAX stud design for winning moves on firm and artificial ground. This stud configuration is taking on a new approach to traction. 11 off-shaped blades are running across the surface, with six toward the front of the boot and four sitting on the heel. In between all of those studs, is a black support frame that adds a dynamic appearance and definition to the shoe. The outer sole therefore offers a natural spring back as you sprint.

Adidas Messi 15.3 everything runs smoothly. It allows a smooth transition between different soccer turfs, so they are an option for players that play on various grounds. The shoe’s rounded edges give a perfect torque and release across the surface as you look to accelerate away. One unique Messi touch is the center forefoot stud, which features an angled Messi logo. You may need to look it closely so that you can notice it.

Best Budget

Leader Show Men’s Performance Athletic Soccer Cleat Trainer Football Shoes


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The ridiculously low-cost Leader Show Men’s Performance Athletic Soccer boot is here for you.  It combines the latest technological innovations in the boot making industry. Thus boot comes with including the Leader Show upper, dynamic collar, and the responsive rubber chassis outsole, this shoe is built to maximize the talent of an attacking player.

First, the shoe offers a dynamic fit, thanks to the upper collar that cover the ankle hence providing a sock-like feel. This part has some quality rubber integration; that helps in locking the foot in place. The PU outer cage design offers a clean and fast look.

Keeping the midsole design that has become one of the most recognizable designs on the soccer pitch; the newest colorway features a subdued gray color with black and yellow accents to form one of the best-looking cleats in the market.

Rubber outsole provides slip-resistant, suitable for bare ground and artificial grass. It cushions the outsole knee and ankle when running or strenuous exercise. This shoe is fit for prime attacking, making in and out swings on the flanks, finding the ball, finishing the play. It will bring out the star in you. Be sure to grab a pair of this lightweight, fabulous boots now.


Reality check! Quality boots will not make you a good player, but help you improve your game. It is, therefore, important to select a shoe that best fits your feet, basing your decision on choosing the shoes for the right reasons.

These top three picks are an excellent choice when it comes to getting the right pair that acts as a building block to developing your overall game, hence helping you improve skills like; tackling, shooting or curling the ball in events like free kicks.

Read on to learn more about how to select your ultimate pair of soccer boots, basing your decision on some considerations in the end. The below guide will help you navigate through the wide variety of shoes in the market.

Buyers Guide

Things You Need To Consider

There are some factors to base your choice of shoe. Your choice answers questions like; what material is best, overall construction, best surface to play on a given cleat, your best budget, and feet.


Soccer shoes come in a wide array of materials.

  • Kangaroo leather- Simply referred to as K-Leather, Kangaroo leather is fragile, soft and stretchy to allow for superior feel and control. However, it is not as durable as full-grain leather and is not waterproof.
  • Full grain leather- It offers comfortable control on the ball and lasting strength on the field. It does not wear in as quickly and is durable, depending on the grade of leather. However, you may pay more for a soccer shoe with supple leather.
  • Synthetic leather- Many shoemakers have coined names for their brands of synthetic leather. It has the quality of genuine leather, and is durable, holding up better in wet conditions. They are also soft and lighter than real leather.

Playing Surfaces and Outer soles

The playing surface determines the type of outsole you buy.

  • Firm Ground or Molded- Being the firmest natural surfaces available, you will need to be molded studs to provide traction on this pitch. Molded outer soles are versatile and come in both conical and bladed studs.
  • Soft Ground or Replaceable- They are soft or wet natural surfaces and need longer non-replaceable studs. They are the choice for many professional players on manicured pitches. Using them on hard surfaces will result to stud pressure pain, leading to injuries on the feet.
  • Hard Ground or Multi-Ground- They perfectly suit artificial turf or solid, sunbaked ground. They have a large number of tiny studs, evenly distributed across the entire outsole. They are an excellent option for a frozen field, making a great backup pair for most players.
  • Indoor or Futsal – As the name suggests, for indoor or dry artificial surfaces. An indoor soccer shoe will feature a gum rubber flat outsole for playing futsal in a gym or rec facility. They also double as leisure and street wear.


The actual weight of boots matters a lot. With the emergence of new materials and technologies used in making boots, we have one of the lightest boots in the market. Consider the 8.0 oz mark as a perfect option as it keeps things pretty balanced. If you are a professional player, look for boots in the 5-6 oz mark. However, anything under 9 oz mark is lightweight.

Your Playing Position

The boots you select should blend with your personal playing style. Consider the position that you play most and why you like to play there.

  • Goalkeepers- Consider boots that offer excellent traction, the ability to move very quickly laterally and those that provide a nice strike zone for kick-outs and back-passes.
  • Defensive players- Look for a shoe that offers slightly more protection while allowing a clean pass on the ball.
  • Midfielders- You need a boot that offers control over the ball and the ability to run up and down throughout the match in total comfort.
  • Wingers- Consider a lightweight boot to allow you accelerate and change direction quickly.
  • Forwards- Look for a boot offering a clean strike zone with minimal weight for explosive movements.


Setting a budget and sticking with it is key vital. You obviously do not want to spend more on something you were not expecting to buy in the first place. If you shop around, you can land heavily discounted prices and deals on soccer shoes.

Fitting the Shoe like A Pro

Learning how to fit boots plays a great role in getting the best shoe to match your playing style. First, understand your feet type as soccer shoes need to fit snugly in the heel and forefoot area. It goes a long way into ensuring there is an optimum ball control and feel.

Secondly, understand that the incredible amount of running and kicking you do in a soccer shoe necessitates maximum foot stability.

Finally, yet importantly, it is crucial to wear the right type of soccer shoe for the surface you play on.

Caring For Your Boots

You need to maintain the boots by cleaning them regularly. It ensures your boots live a stable life and perform with you through the good and bad days. A passionate player takes them out of them, gets home and offers them some personal care. You can also buy the best cleaning products and spend a few hours cleaning them.


Your boots are an essential soccer equipment. Buying them from reputable companies like Nike, Adidas and Leader Sportswear will go a long way to ensuring you get value for money in the end. Remember that a good pair of cleats is essential for your overall game performance.