Best Single Serve Blender Reviews

Mixing up your own smoothies has definitely become a popular thing nowadays and a lot of people are starting to look at how to do it while retaining the nutritional benefits that go into the fruit and other ingredients in their smoothies too.

That’s why there are so many new brands and options coming out and that’s definitely why you’re going to want to look at all the amazing choices you can get in your own, perfectly sized blender.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Magic Bullet NutriBullet

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The Magic Bullet has become an extremely popular blender over the last few years because it’s designed a little different from a traditional blender. It’s intended to keep a lot of the nutrients that a regular blender may get rid of and helps you get a whole lot more out of your smoothies and other treats.

There are actually four different options available here and each comes with a slightly different set of pieces, but with this one you’re going to get different size cups to make sure you’re ready for the entire day. You actually get two smaller cups and one large one so you’re going to have plenty for yourself today and you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes before you get to have another one.

This blender is designed to work quickly and easily to get you a super nutritious snack or breakfast and it does so with a number of different recipes that are actually included right with the blender. With this blender as well the cups double as the actual canister so you can blend your drink right in the cup you’re going to take it in.

  • All you need to do is check out the recipes, mix it up and put a lid on the top to take it with you. You’ll be ready for the day in no time at all and you’re going to have something great to take along with you from this 600 watt blender.


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The Black + Decker Blender comes in four different colors so you can pick something that will match with your kitchen and your personal style. It also has stainless steel blades that are specially designed to make sure that you get a perfect blend, even with ice in the blender.

You can use this to make more than just smoothies but soups and other great dishes too because of the overall power of the blades and the 275 watt motor. This ensures you get a good blend and puree and also that you’re going to have everything broken down evenly, without any clumps throughout.

There are also 2 jars included that you can use to take your smoothie or blended soup along with you for the day. That’s because the jars are the canister to blend in, but they also have travel lids that allow you to take them with you and enjoy your dish no matter where you are.

This system is extremely simple to use because all you need to do is put the canister on the top, add your favorite ingredients and start blending. You’ll have something great in no time at all and you’re definitely going to enjoy the ease of adding a lid, popping it off the base and taking it to work with you. That’s literally all it’s going to take.

  • The 20 ounce jars are going to be enough for the start of your day and you can always whip up a second one to take along for some time later when you start to get a little hungry again.

#3 Hamilton Beach Personal

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Available in five different colors, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is designed to give you just the right amount of your smoothie whenever you want it. You just pop the jar on the top and fill it with your ingredients and then blend it up. When you’re done you can put the travel lid on top and take the jar right with you.

Designed to fit in a cupholder of your car, this canister is 14 ounces and makes sure that you have enough to get your day started the right way. There are actually two jars included in the system so you can make up one for the first day and one for the second or you can easily take both of them along with you for the same day.

If you’re looking for something simple to operate this is a great choice because you have a one touch system to get started. When you’re setting it up you don’t have to worry about much because this blender is designed to look good on your cupboard with its sleek and stylish design. It’s also designed to be smaller than a traditional blender, which means it can also be put away easily.

  • The jars are entirely BPA free so they’re safe to drink from whether it’s you or your family and you can take apart the pieces and put the blender directly in the dishwasher. That makes the cleanup process a whole lot easier and makes it more likely you’re going to be using your blender a lot.
  • The sturdy base is designed to stay firmly in place during use so you don’t have to worry about sliding or scratching your counters or table. You’ll be able to use it easily and get just the right amount of blend for your drinks.

Single Serve Blender Buyer’s Guide


You want to look at the overall capacity of the blender. Because it’s a single serve blender you’re likely to get around 14 ounces up to 20 ounces of smoothie out of it, but you should consider larger blenders while you’re at this stage. Do you really only want a personal blender or are you looking for something that is larger than 20 ounces? If you’re not going to be the only one drinking the smoothie you make, or if you only want to make it once and have it for a few days you may want to look at something a little larger. Make sure you consider this before you opt for a personal blender right off the bat. It can make preparation easier but it’s also going to require you to make one every time you want it instead of having extra.


Look at the amount of power that your blender has as well. You want to get something that can easily crush through ice and make sure that you have the perfect consistency for your smoothie. That shouldn’t be difficult for most blenders, but you want to make sure you have at least 250 watts of power in order to get it done reasonably quickly. You don’t want to be spending all your time waiting for your smoothie in the mornings. If you want something that is going to be even more powerful and efficient then you might want to look at 350 watts and up. You’ll find a number of different blenders in this range as well.


Make sure the blades on your chosen blender are high quality and will allow you to get through anything you want in your smoothie. They need to be made with heavy materials that are able to chop without dulling and you want to make sure that you can put anything in the blender. Some blenders aren’t even able to chop up ice because it can cause damage to the blades. You definitely want to know that before you choose the blender you’re going to be using because it could mean you bought a blender that isn’t even going to work for what you want it to do and that’s definitely not going to be a benefit to you or to anyone.


This isn’t just about the blender itself but about the method of taking your smoothie with you as well. Some blenders actually have a canister on the top that you can take off and use for your smoothie. This means you don’t have to find another container that’s the same size or some other way to transport it. All you have to do is pop off the canister and you’re ready to go. Depending on the size you may even be able to drink it directly out of that canister. Other blenders may not allow for this but may come with their own travel cup to make it easier to take your smoothie.

A good blender is going to help you really enjoy a smoothie, without having to spend a lot of time and effort on something that is too large. Sure you can make a personal sized smoothie in an oversized blender, but it’s a whole lot easier to do in something small, and you’re going to have no problem storing this blender away either, because it’s going to be a whole lot smaller.

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