Best Popcorn Maker Reviews

Does your family love making popcorn to eat at home? If you do then you’re definitely going to love having your own popcorn machine that makes the popcorn taste even better and makes it a whole lot more fun to make.

You’ll be able to get fresh popcorn all the time and you’re going to be able to choose from all different styles and designs of makers while you’re at it. So you get to choose what works best for your family.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Great Northern Popcorn

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The Great Northern Popcorn Maker is designed to give you plenty of control and a whole lot of great popcorn whenever you’re ready for a snack. It has three different controls to make you just the right type of popcorn depending on your needs and your interests.

This machine is designed just like the machines you’ll see when you go to the movie theater and it’s going to give you the same type of popcorn as what you’ll find there. That means you’re definitely going to have some great benefits to your next gathering or your next party.

The 860 watts of this unit are also going to provide you with plenty of power so you can get your popcorn done in a shorter amount of time but to the same high quality that you expect from a machine like this one. What’s even better is you’re going to get a whole bunch of it, with 3 gallons at the same time, in a single batch.

Inside the unit you’ll find switches for the spot light warmer as well as a stirrer and pot heater and a heated warming deck. That means you’re going to have the freedom to make a large quantity of popcorn at the same time and then you’re going to have no problem keeping it warm enough for you to eat a little bit later.

  • You’re going to get a reject kernel tray as well as an oil scoop included with this unit so you’re going to be ready for the popcorn that you make. Not to mention the entire unit is made with powder coated steel and stainless steel that is designed not to rust and to make sure that you are ready to go the next time you want to make popcorn as well.

#2 Wabash Valley Farms

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With this tool you’re going to have no problem getting some great quality popcorn in a more old fashioned way. After all, you’re going to be using a pot that heats directly over the stove or a fire to make sure that you get high quality popcorn that you would expect from a movie theater but in a different way.

You get 6 quarts of popcorn all at the same time and you’re going to have no problem with getting just the right amount of heat and pressure all at the same time. That’s because the unit itself has a patented mechanism that helps to prevent it from sticking and also ensures that you won’t have burned kernels based on the way that it stirs continuously.

When you’re mixing you’re going to have no problem clipping the lid directly on and keeping comfortable while you’re holding it to heat. That’s because the handle is made with wood to keep it from getting too hot when you’re heating. This is extremely important since the rest of the unit is going to get quite hot.

When you’re done with popcorn for the evening or the day at least, you’re going to have no problem getting this unit completely clean and ready for the next time. That’s because you only have to wipe it down and you’ll be ready to go again. It’s a whole lot easier to clean than a lot of other choices and it’s going to come with a long warranty of 25 years on all of the moving parts.

  • With this popcorn popper you’re going to have no problem getting all the popcorn your family needs and you’re going to be able to do it much quicker too.

#3 Presto 04820 PopLite

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If you want something a little more unique and a whole lot healthier then popcorn from the Presto PopLite is definitely going to be something to look into. It provides you with 18 cups of popcorn within just 2 ½ minutes, which is nearly faster than popping it in the microwave and it’s going to be better popcorn as well.

What’s great is that you’re going to get hardly any unpopped kernels in the amount of time that it takes to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave and you’re going to get gourmet popcorn during that time as well. That means you’re going to have popcorn that provides an even better flavor than what you would expect from a bag.

With this tool you’re also going to use absolutely no oil, which means that you get 42 less calories just off the bat because you don’t need the oil. You’re also going to have no artificial flavoring, no saturated fats, no preservatives and no added salt. In the end, you’re going to have perfectly healthy popcorn that tastes great and doesn’t provide you with unhealthy additives that you don’t want.

You’re going to get six different choices in popcorn maker colors and sizes and you’re going to really like the way that this unit works. All you need to do is fill the base with your popcorn kernels and set your bowl at the bottom of the spout and you’ll be ready to catch all of your popcorn as it spills out. This makes for a much easier system and one that’s also easy to clean.

  • You don’t even have to scoop out your popcorn because it’s all right in the bowl when the popcorn maker stops working and you don’t have to worry about some of the popcorn getting overcooked or scorching while the rest is still popping because it’s shot right out of the machine.

Popcorn Maker Buyer’s Guide

Standalone or Countertop

First you need to figure out the basics of the type of popcorn maker you’re going to use. You want something that will work best for your family and that could be a small popcorn maker that sits on top of the counter and makes a small batch or a larger unit that actually stands up similar to the ones you see at the carnival and makes a large batch of popcorn. It’s going to depend on how much your family likes to eat and on the occasion that you’re making it for. But mostly it’s going to depend on the style that you want for your house.

Kettle Size

Next, you want to think about how large of a kettle you really want for your popcorn maker. This is also going to help you figure out what size you really are getting and how much popcorn you’re going to make. Inside a small or large popcorn maker you’re going to have several different size options for a kettle. Figure out how much popcorn your family likes to eat and then make sure you’re going to be able to make that much all at once, after all, no one wants to be kept waiting while everyone else has their popcorn ready to go.

Power Consumption

You want to know how much power your popcorn maker is going to use as well. It’s not as energy efficient as a microwave where you’re going to make most popcorn otherwise, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a huge power hog. The best thing you can do is make sure that you’re looking at the amount of energy it takes to run your unit and then making sure it’s something you can easily run whenever you want rather than trying to conserve energy by not using it as much as you want.

Kettle Temperature

You really need a balance between the amount of power that’s used and the amount of heat that’s given off. You don’t want something that doesn’t give you any heat because you’ll find that your kernels just don’t pop. If you don’t have enough power but do have too much heat you won’t get the right level of puffiness out of your kernels when they do pop. You need a good amount of watts in order to find the right balance, but if you get too high on wattage you’re going to find that you don’t get the right pop.

A popcorn maker is definitely going to be a fun thing for your entire family. You can easily enjoy popping your own popcorn and making just as much as your family wants. Plus you’re going to have something unique in your home that most people definitely don’t. So why not find your own popcorn maker and get something really fun to spice up your next gathering?


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