Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

When you’re applying your makeup it can be great to look more closely at your face and see what you’re doing, but a traditional mirror in your bathroom or bedroom isn’t going to give you that freedom.

That’s why you’ll want to look at a smaller mirror that gives you more magnification and plenty of light while you’re at it.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Conair Natural Daytime

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The Conair Natural Daytime Mirror is designed to give you just the right amount of bright light so you can easily see what you’re doing while you’re finishing up your makeup. It also provides you with two different types of magnification so you’re going to have one side that lets you see yourself in a standard mirror and one that gives you 10x the magnification.

The best thing about this mirror is the availability of different options. Being able to zoom in on your face and get a very close view while also getting plenty of light is definitely going to make it a lot easier for you to get your makeup done just the way you want. You’ll also be able to easily turn the mirror since it flips around extremely easy without having to move the base at all.

This mirror has its own stand so you don’t have to worry about mounting it and it’s small enough that it actually moves wherever you do. If you want to use it in a different room you can do so easily and you can even take it with you if you decide to go on a trip somewhere else. On top of that you get something that looks sleek and nice sitting on your vanity or in your bathroom.

The 8.5″ round mirror has a brushed nickel finish and provides you with fluorescent lighting so you get ultra-brightness all at once. You’re also going to have no problem getting that brightness without having to spend a whole lot on energy because it can actually save you up to 60% over other mirrors of similar size and brightness.

  • All you have to do is put this in your bathroom and get started with your makeup. You’re definitely going to be surprised how great it works for you.

#2 Jerdon Tri-Fold

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With the Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Mirror you’re definitely going to have plenty of magnification and you’re going to have absolutely no problem seeing your reflection and all the different sides of your face at the same time. Instead of a traditional mirror where you can only see yourself straight on, this mirror gives you plenty of additional space.

This three-way mirror actually allows you to see not just a straight-on view of your face but both sides at the same time. You can adjust the sides to give you just the right angle and that allows you to work on your makeup however you want without having to turn your head or stop to readjust.

There are two different bar lights on this unit that run down the sides of the main mirror and in between that and the two side mirrors. These have adjustable brightness that you can choose by sliding the bar at the bottom so you get just the right amount of light for what you’re doing and what you’re comfortable with.

You also get both 1x and 5x magnification so you don’t have to worry about not being close enough. On top of that there’s a plug directly in the front so you can plug in your curling iron, straightening iron or anything else you want at the same time and use your magnification mirror to get just the look you’re going for. You don’t need to worry about an additional outlet or anything else to plug it in.

  • When you’re not using this mirror all you have to do is fold it up and move it out of the way. The mirror itself will be protected and you don’t have to worry about the additional space that it takes up on your counter.

#3 Floxite MirrorMateAdjustCompact

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The Floxite MirrorMate is definitely a unique mirror but it’s going to provide you with just the right amount of magnification with no problems at all. Not to mention it’s a super compact mirror that’s going to give you the freedom to close it up whenever you want without having to worry about damage. That means it’s going to be easier to take with you anywhere you want to go as well.

Another benefit is that you’re going to get up to 15x magnification with this mirror and all without having to do much in the set up process. All you need to do is unfold this mirror and it will stand on its own because of the oversized stand that doubles as the case. You’ll have no problem getting plenty of light either because it’s built right in.

The really great thing with this mirror is that it not only folds up small but it’s lightweight as well, so you won’t’ have to worry about putting it in a bag to take with you. All you need to keep it going is AAA batteries as well so it’s easy to find replacements and you don’t need to be connected to a wall outlet the entire time.

  • Because of the design you’re able to tilt the mirror in a range of different ways to make sure that you’re getting just the right angle and you can make sure that you see exactly what you want to at the same time.
  • It’s definitely going to be a good unit for you if you like to travel a lot but still want the ability to get a really good outcome on your makeup, your hair styling or anything else. After all, it’s stronger than a lot of mirrors.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Buyer’s Guide


One of the first things you want to look at is the magnification that’s being offered by the mirror that you’re getting. Some mirrors will have very low level magnification and if you’re not as involved in your makeup application you’ll probably appreciate this. If you’re really looking for something that will give you extremely in depth views however, you’re definitely going to have no problem getting a high level of magnification. You want to take a look at different levels and see just how well it’s going to work for you.

Size & Shape

Next, look at the size and shape of the mirror you’re going to get. It’s not just about the magnification after all. You want to think about how much space you have because that’s going to help you decide what you’re getting. Then you can choose between circular or square mirrors. You’re also going to be able to choose between a single mirror or a three-way or anything in between. After all, you want to make sure you have something that works for exactly what you want and how you like to apply your own makeup as well. Different sizes of mirrors are also available so you can get something that fills your available space.

Attachment Method

If you’re looking for a mirror you also want to make sure you know how it’s going to attach. Some mirrors have their own stands so you can quickly and easily set them up anywhere. Other mirrors will allow you to easily set them up on a wall. You can use nails or anything else you like to mount them and you’ll have no problem checking out your makeup. It’s going to be entirely up to you to figure out just how to do your own makeup. You can choose your own favorite when it comes to attaching the mirror.

Lighting Style

Finally, you want to make sure that you have a good light source as well. After all, you want to be able to see very clearly and that means you need some decent light. Some lights are going to be only above the mirror while others will wrap all the way around the outside. You’ll also have different options for a hardwired or plug-in lighted mirror that will get you just the right amount of lighting. You’re also going to have no problem using the lights to a great benefit.

Overall, a great lighted makeup mirror is going to make for a lot better ability for you to apply your makeup on a daily basis. You’re going to easily be able to get your makeup looking great and make sure that you can try new things as well. You want to take a little bit of time to find one that’s the perfect shape for your needs as well as being the right size and magnification. There are plenty of them out there, so why not take some time and get something that’s going to work best for you?


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