Best Garment Steamer Reviews

For those people who need to dress up frequently for work the idea of having a garment steamer is a great one. It allows you to keep your clothes looking great and also ensures that you’re not going to have to spend that time ironing your clothes.

Of course, finding the ideal garment steamer is going to take a little bit of time and effort, but it’s definitely something that you can do.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

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This unit is designed to get everything you have looking great and without having to carry the entire unit with you. The Jiffy Garment Steamer actually has a large canister that allows you to steam a number of different clothes and other cloth products like curtains and pillows. It’s also designed to be durable and easy to move.

The heating element, that produces the steam, is a 1300 watt unit that provides plenty of power in a short amount of time. Within just 2 minutes you’ll be ready to get started steaming, and you can steam for up to 1 ½ hours without having to stop and refill your tank. You’ll be able to use this tool very easily and because it has a hard plastic casing you won’t have to worry about knocking into anything or breaking it while you’re using.

You get a 3 ½ foot hose to help you reach even higher and make sure you can even clean drapes and curtains without having to take them down. The team head is also 6″ wide, which means you’ll have a better chance to get the products you want wrinkle free a lot faster, without having to go back over and over the same areas with a small size. Not only that, but you’re going to have a 3 year warranty to really show you that you’ve got great quality.

  • There are several different options when it comes to the steam head for this unit and you can choose from a traditional plastic or a more sturdy metal as well as options for a pink head instead of the standard black. This unit is definitely a good pick and ensures that you won’t spill your water but can still load it up quickly and easily. You’ll also have an automatic shut-off and a smaller profile to make it easier to store when not in use.

#2 Shark Press and Refresh

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If you’re looking for a tool that’s going to be easy to use and handheld then the Shark Press and Refresh is definitely going to be a good option. It’s a small unit that you can fill up and hold in one hand, which makes it very portable and a great option for those who are going to be traveling around a lot and still need to have access to a garment steamer.

The style of this steamer is a little different as it features a brush rather than a standard vacuum style head. This allows the unit to carefully and completely get rid of wrinkles with a more power steam and a little extra power from the bristles as well. It provides a vertical press pad to create an ironing board like surface that is easier to use for steaming purposes.

You’ll get a professional amount of power from the steamer and you’ll have continuous steam for as long as you’re pressing the trigger on the handle. This makes it a lot easier to get a good amount of steaming done, though you are going to have a smaller canister with this handheld unit than you would with other, larger units.

  • What’s great about this unit is that it actually has the ability to press your fabrics as well as steaming them, something that usually you can only get with an iron. You’ll also be able to get rid of a lot of germs and bacteria through the use of the unit and you have five different heads to choose from to get just the right look for your fabrics.

#3 Pure Enrichment PureSteam

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The Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric is designed to be easier for you to use by holding it rather than having to carry around a larger unit. The base looks a lot like a pitcher, but the top has a special head to provide just the right amount of steam. You’ll be able to get a powerful amount of that steam as well as having no problem with getting the wrinkles out of just about every type of material.

You’ll be able to get the system heated up and ready to go in just 2 minutes and you’ll have enough water in the tank that you can get 10 minutes of steam. While this tool isn’t designed for steaming your entire house or all of your clothes at the same time, it’s definitely going to be a good tool if you’re looking for something to get one or two items done at a time.

Because this unit is lightweight and small you’ll have no problem carrying it around with you and you’ll have no problem storing it somewhere out of the way either. After all, you don’t want something that’s going to take up a whole lot of space and get in the way of other things. You can just set this one in a cupboard or on a shelf in the closet easily.

  • With this steamer you’re going to also have a safety feature where it will shut itself off when there is not enough water to go on or if it starts to overheat. This allows you to quickly refill it or cool it down before you head back to steaming additional garments. You’re definitely going to appreciate that feature if you tend to lose track of how much you’ve been doing and the water starts to run out.

Garment Steamer Buyer’s Guide

Best Garment Steamer Review 2017

Style of Steamer

When you’re looking at steamers you actually have a few different options. One of those is a small, handheld steamer that will let you quickly and easily get out most of the wrinkles in your clothes. This type of steamer doesn’t have as much water in it however, which means that it’s not going to get quite as much done as a larger one. That’s the other option too. You can get a larger steamer that actually has a canister to roll on the ground while the steam head is adjustable to get to the garments or other items you want to steam.

Where Are You Using It?

You want to ask yourself where you’re going to be using your steamer. If you’re only ever going to use it at home but you’re going to use it a lot you might want a larger steamer. On the other hand, if you’re going to be using it when you travel mostly then you might want something smaller, even if you’re going to be using it frequently. That way, you’re always going to be prepared and you don’t have to worry about how to take such a large mechanism on a plane or in your car.

Additional Features

Get to know the different features that are available on a garment steamer as well. Some of them will have larger canisters for water, allowing you to steam more things at the same time. Some will have an automatic shut-off, a great feature no matter what because it makes sure no one is going to be injured by your steamer if it gets forgotten about. Another feature is a rack that may or may not be attached to larger units and will allow you to quickly and easily steam your clothes from all sides. Make sure you check what comes with your steamer and what doesn’t.

Best Garment Steamer

Is a Garment Steamer Enough?

Some people only need a simpler garment steamer in order to get their clothes looking just the right way. But a steamer really only gets the wrinkles out of your clothes and doesn’t actually clean them. A steam cleaner, which is an entirely different tool, will get out stains and odor. If you’re looking for something that will just help you with wrinkles then this is what you want. If you want something that will help you clean however, you’re actually looking for an entirely different tool. So make sure you know what you really expect from your cleaner before you get one.

If you want to make sure that your clothes look great all the time and don’t have wrinkles then a garment cleaner is definitely for you. It will make sure that your clothes are in the best shape possible so you always look your best as well. And then, you’ll be able to head off to that special event or important meeting looking like a million bucks. That’s definitely going to be important and it’s going to be a whole lot easier if you find the right garment cleaner to help you out.


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