Best Food Steamer Reviews

Steaming food is actually starting to grow in popularity for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons is that it’s a whole lot healthier than most other methods of cooking your food and helps to retain a whole bunch of nutrients in the process.

You’ll be able to get a great tasting meal that’s good for you with one of these steamers.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Aroma Housewares NutriWare

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A high tech unit designed primarily for cooking rice, the Aroma Housewares Steamer provides a range of different services. Everywhere you food touches is made with surgical grade stainless steel to ensure there won’t be any contamination or chemical transfer. You’ll also be able to rest assured that this brand offers high quality as the #1 rice cooker brand in the country.

The digital controls allow you to easily see and understand what you’re cooking and how it’s being cooked and the buttons on the front make it easy to program your settings. You’ll be able to get different settings for different types of rice as well as for different cooking functions like sauté then simmer, steam and keep warm.

Each of these settings is going to give you a high quality product and make sure that you food tastes great and is cooked just the way that it should be every time. The 14 cup cooker can hold as little as 4 cups at a time to still get perfectly cooked rice and other foods but with 14 cups you’ll be able to easily feed the entire family and then some.

  • All you need to do is put your food in the top basket, add the perfect amount of water with the included cup and turn it to the setting you need. Your food will be ready in no time at all and you’ll be enjoying something healthier than your traditional fried or even baked foods.

#2 Oster CKSTSTMD5-W

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The Oster Food Steamer is designed to hold up to 5 quarts of food at the same time and allows you to easily see what’s being cooked and how the entire time that you’re using it. On the base is a dial that lets you change the settings that you want in order to get the perfect level of steam and cooking for a great flavor profile.

The two different steaming bowls at the top are going to let you cook all the different pieces of your great meal while watching the entire thing. You’ll also be able to set the timer which will shut off automatically when it runs out of water or when the cycle completes itself. You’ll even know if it’s got the right amount of power because of the light on the front.

This two-tiered steamer is going to store easily as well because the two bowls will nest together when not in use so you’re easily able to put it away in a cupboard or on a shelf. You won’t have to worry about how to store such a large tool and you won’t have to worry about cleaning it either because it’s dishwasher safe. All you have to do is take it apart and put it in the dishwasher and you’re going to be ready to go.

  • Because it holds food on two different levels you can get some great flavors going in all of your food by letting the steam soak its way through the first layer and then push that great flavor up into the second layer of food as well. You’ll definitely get all the nutrients that are supposed to be in your food as well, without even having to try that hard.

#3 Sistema Microwave Cookware

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If you’re looking for something simple and easy to use there’s always the Sistema Microwave Cookware Steamer which will allow you to get a great quality steam in your foods without even having to use the stove or a separate unit at all. Instead, you just pull out this small bowl and you can steam food right in the microwave.

Able to hold about 6 ¼ cups of food, you only need to put a little water in the bottom and then add in your vegetables or other foods in the main section in order to get plenty of steaming and a whole lot of great flavor, even from the microwave, which is definitely not normal. You’ll even have the ability to cook just about anything you could want and get it done a lot faster because it’s in the microwave.

One great benefit with this took as well is that it has locking clips that will make sure you don’t spill your hot food if you’re taking it out and putting it back in the microwave. You also won’t have to worry about losing the steam because there’s a special vent that is designed to keep it exactly where you want until you’re ready to eat.

Made with 100% virgin plastic, this unit is BPA free and phthalate free, which means it’s safer for you to use and to eat off of. You can even put this steamer in the dishwasher, the fridge or the freezer if you don’t happen to finish all of your food. Just make sure that you’re reheating everything the right way so you don’t have to worry about those nutrients getting out.

  • Available in four different sizes, this steamer is definitely going to be your new go-to because of the small, individual size as well as the ease of use. It’s going to be a great thing to add to your collection.

Food Steamer Buyer’s Guide

Best Food Steamer Review 2017

Style of Steamer

First you want to look at what type of steamer you’re going to get. Are you more interested in a stovetop steamer that’s going to let you get steamed food using a saucepan and a pot or are you looking for something that’s really going to make steaming your food easier, like an electric steamer? Either option is going to get you the same type of quality, but it’s going to be a lot easier to use an electric steamer than it is to build your own steamer and attempt to use that.

Size of Your Steamer

The type of food that you’re going to cook in your steamer is going to be important overall when it comes to the size that you want. If you’re cooking a lot of food all at the same time you’re going to want a larger tool to start with. If you’re going to only be cooking for one or two people then a smaller steamer may be just fine for you. The size is going to depend on what you’re able to use as well and whether you’re using a steamer on your stove or one that’s an independent tool on its own.

What’s it Made Of?

One thing you want to pay attention to is what your food steamer is really made of. Because you’re going to be heating it to a high temperature, anything that’s on those materials or in those materials could seep into your food. You don’t want chemicals and other harmful ingredients getting into your food and that’s why you want to look twice at any plastics that might be included in the product you’re getting. Plastic often has different chemicals in it so if you don’t really know what’s involved you may want to steer clear.

Best Food Steamer

Style of Operation

You’re also going to want to look at the way that your steamer works. Some steamers have plates that are next to each other to ensure all your food is steamed but that the flavors of each food stay separate. Steamers that have plates stacked one on top of the other are also going to transfer the flavor of each of those plates to the one above it as the steam rises. If you’re okay with this (or even looking for this) then great, but if you’re not you want to make sure you’re getting a different style of steamer.

A good quality steamer is going to let you get a whole lot of great food without having to spend a lot of time and effort on it. Because the steamer does all the work for you, you’re going to have healthier food and all you need to do is sit back and wait for it to be done. Of course, this is going to depend a little on what type of unit you have, but if you’re looking at your options you’re definitely going to see that a steamer is a great tool to have around the house. It makes sure that you have plenty of preparation options for your family and it’s also going to make sure that you are eating foods that are better for you and giving you nutrients that you need.


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