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An FM transmitter is definitely a great way to enjoy your favorite songs no matter where you’re going.

You’ll be able to transfer the music that you like best from your MP3 player over to the radio so that you can play all that music through the radio itself. That way, you’re going to really enjoy music in the car without having to go through all the work normally involved in this kind of transfer.

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Missy Enders

#1 Nulaxy Wireless

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The Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Transmitter is designed to work with any device that is Bluetooth enabled. That can be your smartphone, tablet or PDA, which makes it extremely versatile and easy to use no matter what you’re looking to listen to. You’ll also get a larger LCD display than you get with most units, which allows you the freedom to see what’s being played while it’s happening.

Even better, you’ll be able to see the car battery voltage, which means you can even play your music through the speakers when you’re not driving because you’ll know if you’re running the battery too low. The most important thing, however, is that you’re going to get some great sound and you’ll be able to hear your music really well right from the start. It has some great sound quality and also helps to get rid of interference and noise in the background.

When you need to charge some of your other devices but you’re using this device to play your music through the radio you still won’t have a problem because it actually allows you to charge any USB device directly through it so you’re ready for anything you need. Plus you’re going to have a built-in microphone, MicroSD card support and a whole lot more. That way you can play music from just about anywhere.

  • This small unit plugs directly into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and features a larger screen and buttons to control the music directly on the surface. It actually ‘stands’ rather than laying on the center console as well because of the design elements and how it provides services. So you’ll have an easier time of trying to control all the different aspects of the unit.

#2 JETech Wireless

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This unit is designed to give you exactly the quality that you’re looking for and a lot of versatility at the same time. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the device in order to play music and you’ll be able to get really clear sound without a problem. It’s also extremely easy to use because all you need to do is plug in your device and set the FM channel to one without any noise. You’ll be ready to go.

What’s great with this unit is that you can plug a USB directly into it, which allows you to charge other devices while you’re listening to your music. So you can still use devices like your phone (to play that music), your GPS or anything else, or just have them charged and ready for when you arrive at your destination.

This unit doesn’t have a very long warranty with only 6 months, but you’re not going to have a problem getting high quality out of it. You’ll be able to really see what you’re doing and you’re definitely going to love the overall sound as well. That’s because it’s really designed to help you balance out any kind of exterior noise or distortion that can occur with other units.

  • You will get an easy to read display as well as some easy to use button controls for the device but it’s designed in a slightly different way from the last one. This device has a long cord with the connectors at each end and the controller right in the middle so it’s easy to find and has a smaller profile. On the downside you will need to keep track of this on your center console rather than having it stand up and be as easily read.

#3  AUKEY FM Transmitter

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The Aukey FM Transmitter has a USB charging port to let you connect any or your devices while you’re listening to music so you don’t have to miss out on anything. You also have the easy ability to connect nearly any audio device including smartphones and tablets so you don’t have to worry about whether your device is going to be compatible with what you need. Not only that, but you can easily connect the device through your cigarette lighter.

This unit has connectors on each side and a controller in the center just like the last one. That way you can easily attach it and then use the simple buttons on the side for switching between songs. You’ll have a small screen that lets you know the important information you need and you can quickly and easily toggle through frequencies as well.

You get a 24 month warranty with this unit so you don’t have to worry about any problems, especially from manufacturer defects that might occur. Instead, you can rest assured that the product you have is going to be high quality and is going to give you just what you’re looking for in terms of clarity of the song and much more.

  • With this unit you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of the noise and clutter that you’ll have with some other FM transmitters, so you can continue to enjoy your music without having to worry about anything getting in the way. That’s the most important thing, after all, and it’s going to let you enjoy your trip. No matter where you go you’re going to be able to listen to your music and you’ll be able to keep it completely clear as well. So why not check out this device and see what you can get for yourself?

Fm Transmitter Buyer’s Guide

Best Fm Transmitter

Transmission Range

One of the most important things that you want to look at is the transmission range of your transmitter. You want something that is going to get you a good amount of quality and signal throughout your vehicle. That way you’re going to really be able to listen to your music without having to worry about any kind of signal degradation. After all, you’re going to be playing through the radio and if you don’t have a good amount of signal range it can be difficult to get something that connects well and makes sure that your clarity is going to continue to be good throughout your trip.

Frequency Spectrum

The frequency of your radio station is going to be extremely important as well. After all, you’re going to want plenty of different options for what radio station you’re going to play through. The busier your area is the more likely that a lot of radio stations will actually be currently being used. That means you need to have the ability to check out several different radio stations to try and get the best possible connection. You’ll also be able to easily get your music going and playing clearly without having static or anything else to interrupt your audio.

Additional Features

The next thing you want to look at are the additional features that you can find. Some units are actually able to connect with a range of a different frequencies. Others may have noise filters and equalizers to go along with it. Some may even be able to save the stations that you frequently listen to and use in order to let you get a whole lot better signal. You’ll also be able to just get to listening to the music without having to worry about searching every single time to find the perfect radio station that’s going to work for you no matter what.

Best Fm Transmitter Review 2017

MP3 Abilities

You could also look for an FM transmitter that has MP3 abilities of its own. These transmitters will actually hold music on their own without having to worry about remembering your own MP3 player or even having to connect it. Instead, you load the music that you want onto a memory card and then you plug the memory card directly into the FM transmitter so it plays the music directly from there without needing anything else from you. That’s definitely going to make things a whole lot easier.

An FM transmitter is going to allow you the freedom to listen to your own music without having to deal with commercials or ads that show up on your regular radio station. Since you can’t just put on headphones with your MP3 player, using an FM transmitter is the next best thing and allows you to play all of your songs directly through the speaker system in your car, ensuring that you never have a dull moment on your next trip.


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