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Your little one isn’t like your older children or even you when it comes to drinking milk. Rather than wanting their formula or milk to be as cold as possible, an infant actually prefers for it to be warm, but heating it in the microwave is dangerous and the stove or hot water can take too long.

That’s why you should be looking for a bottle warmer that can hold the right size bottle and heat it to just the right temperature for your little one.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

Born Free Tru

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The Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer is designed to work with all of the biggest and most popular name brands in bottles including their own, Avent Natural, Tommee Tippee, Nuk, Dr. Brown, Evenflo Wide Neck and Chicco. This means that you are going to have the freedom to choose from a wide range of different bottles to fit the warmer with no problem.

When you’re ready to start warming a bottle all you need to do is turn the dial to the appropriate size of that bottle and the warmer will do all the work. It does this by calculating the amount of time needed to warm up a bottle of the specified size and then takes care of doing it so you can do other things at the same time and not keep watch over the bottle.

When the time is up for the bottle you’ve chosen the machine will turn itself off to make sure that there’s no overheating and no problems if you don’t get there right away. The automatic shutoff also makes sure there is no hazard risk from the device itself overheating if forgotten. If you’re not sure how much time is left on the dial you can check the visual indicator which will let you know just how much longer you need to wait.

  • Finally, there’s an insulated cooling mechanism that can be put inside to make sure that your cold bottles are going to stay that way. You’ll be able to put up to two bottles inside with the cooler and you don’t have to worry about your formula going bad while you’re out visiting or running errands because they’ll stay the perfect temperature.
  • This unit is a little large, but it definitely makes up for that with the features that are available and what all it’s capable of.

First Years Night Cravings

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The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer is designed to keep a bottle cool throughout the night so you can easily leave it right with your little one so it’s all ready to go when you need those middle of the night feedings. The removable cooler can even hold up to two bottles so you’ll be able to save as much as you need without having to run around the house in the middle of the night making a new bottle.

When you’re ready to heat it up you can actually use a variety of different bottle sizes as well as being able to heat baby food jars safely. You can use anything from wide to narrow to angled or even disposable bottles in this warmer without risk of overheating or damage to the unit or the bottle, which could be dangerous for you and for baby.

The unit itself even has a nightlight built right into the front so you’ll be able to find it no matter how tired you might be. Plus you’ll have a little extra light in the kitchen or whichever room of the house you decide you want it in. Whether you’re wandering around for baby or for a glass of water or even the restroom that’s definitely going to be a bonus for you.

  • The warmer uses steam to heat up a bottle carefully and just to the right temperature and even has an automatic shutoff when it’s been on too long. That way you don’t have to worry about dozing off and forgetting about it if baby decides they’re not so hungry after all.
  • If you need to know when the bottle is ready just watch the light and pull out the bottle when it goes off. Your bottle will be heated to the perfect temperature.

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle

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The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer is ideal because it’s built to be taken wherever you need to go. Though it doesn’t have an included cooler you’re definitely going to see why it’s becoming a popular choice because it can help you heat up baby’s food as well as their bottle in a short amount of time and in a very portable form as well.

With this system you don’t have quite as many choices on the bottles that you want to use as it’s designed to work with Closer to Nature Bottles specifically, but you’ll still have a little bit of freedom to try other things. You will have the benefit of not needing electricity to get things going however, and that’s definitely going to make for an easier time of things since you can use it absolutely anywhere.

This system includes a thermal flask that keeps your hot water stored for you at all times and then you just set the bottle in the plastic cup and pour that hot water all around. Instead of having to wait for water to heat on the stove, you’ve already got the hot water ready and waiting for whatever you need next. What’s even better is this cup can hold just about anything you want to heat, rather than just heating up your formula.

  • There is no BPA in the system, which means it’s safer for your little one and it has a sturdy and self-contained system that allows you to transport it a whole lot easier than the more traditional bottle warmers you’ll find on the market.

Bottle Warmer Buyer’s Guide


Heating Method

One of the most important features that you want to look at when choosing a bottle warmer is how it actually warms the bottle. Some warmers will use steam in an enclosed space while others will actually use a water bath that submerges the majority of the bottle in heated water. This method is generally a little better, especially for breast milk, because it retains the nutrients, but it also helps to keep you and your baby safer because the water is kept at a warm but not scalding temperature like the steam will be.


It’s important to look at the type of bottles that you have for your baby and the type of warmer you’re getting as well. You want to make sure that you’re getting something that will work for as many different types of bottles as possible because that’s going to ensure you don’t have to dump that milk or formula back out after you’ve already poured it so you can get a bottle that fits in your warmer. With some you only get a few different configurations and you may only get small bottles in, but with the best styles you can use any type of bottle.


Some bottle warmers actually have additional features, including the ability to cool as well as heat. This is actually a storage mechanism that allows you to carefully and safely store bottles that are premade at a cool temperature. Then, when your baby is ready to drink, you can take one of the premade bottles out of the cooling section and transfer it so it can be heated up to the ideal drinking temperature for your little one. This means that the bottle warmer is actually a 2-in-1 that allows you to skip carrying both a warmer and a cooler bag with you.


Finally, you want to know just how portable the unit that you’re getting will be. Some bottle warmers are small or lightweight (or both) and this makes them easy to take with you wherever you go. Others may be a little more difficult to transport and that means you’ll have a harder time getting your baby the right temperature bottle when you’re going to someone else’s house. That’s definitely not something you want to have happen and it’s not going to make for a lot of benefit for you (or your baby) overall.

Overall, your best bottle warmer is going to be high quality, durable and sustainable, but it’s also going to be portable and extremely versatile. You want to make sure that you have something you can use wherever you happen to go and that will cut down on the amount of excess baggage that you need to carry around with you. The more your bottle warmer can do for you the better off you’re going to be when it comes to heading out with your baby. Make sure you’re checking the best of the best and getting your own.


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