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Cleaning body hair doesn’t have to be as much of a chore as it’s probably always been in the past. If you have the right tools to help you out you’ll be able to get your body grooming done in no time at all, which is definitely going to be a bonus if you’re trying to get yourself looking your best.

You want to make sure you’re looking at several different body groomers from the start, so you’ll have a great look in the end.

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Missy Enders


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The TRYM II is designed to help you shave hair from anywhere on your body with a quick and easy process. It’s shaped just like a regular men’s razor with a standard base to make it easier to keep track of. It’s ideal for trimming any facial hair as well as body hair and has 4 different attachments that make it a whole lot easier to use for trimming and a whole lot more. You get several different styles and sizes of attachments to make this even cleaner as well.

Also included with this set is a cleaning brush and some oil that will make sure your blade stays sharp and you’re always ready to get trimming. The blades are professional grade and that means it’s designed to give you a close cut without snagging or pulling at your hair. Instead, you’ll get a nice, smooth shave. You’ll also have no problem setting this unit on your sink or bathroom cupboard because it looks sleek and stylish as well.

  • This lightweight trimmer comes in a nice gift box so you can use it even for someone else. If you’re looking for something that will not just get rid of hair on some parts of the body but trim it neatly in others you can do that as well with the four different attachment lengths and types. That way you get just the look you’re going for without having to get another tool for your trimming or everyday shaving.

Wahl 79520-3101P

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This grooming kit actually has two different pieces together in one set. That way you can get an even better shave for anything you’re looking for. The units are each a different size so you can get a good cut no matter where you want it whether it’s on your face or the rest of your body. It has a clipper and trimmer with a total of 22 different pieces.

Included in this box is a trimmer for touch-ups and the climber for actual shaving as well as a complete set of combs for the clippers. You’ll be able to get a complete cut that’s super close and looks great. If you’re looking to trim up your hair or facial hair you’ll be able to do that easily as well and you won’t have a problem with snagging or pulling on your hair.

This set has step-by-step instructions to make it even easier for you to figure out how to use it and even which guides you should be using in order to get the look that you’re going for. You’ll be able to get everything done quickly and easily and that means getting back to other things that are more important to you. What’s even better is the set comes with a sturdy case that makes them easy to transport wherever you want to go for vacation or other trips.

The yellow and black color are a stylish addition, but they’re just a side note to the other features of this set of trimmers that really makes it easier for you to get a great look. The whole system runs on batteries so you can easily take it anywhere you go even if power is not going to be an option.

  • This set is made in the USA and uses a powerdrive motor to get plenty of power and strength. It can be used for grooming anywhere on the body and even has an adjustable taper level to really get the look right.

Philips Norelco Multigroom

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The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series allows you to get a good shave no matter where on your body you need it. You’ll be able to switch between any of the five different attachments that help you to get rid of any type of excess hair on your face or other areas of your body. You’ll also be able to easily use this unit that’s just like your other Norelco devices.

This trimmer is very comfortable and safe to use with none of the problems with tugging, snagging or pulling that occur with other body groomers. You’ll be able to get the close shave that you’re looking for without having to worry about injury at the same time. When you’re done you’ll also be able to easily clean up the razor by rinsing it in your sink.

The blades on this razor don’t go dull because they are self-sharpening, taking care of your dull blade problem once and for all. They also have rounded tips that have enough speed and sharpness to get rid of that stubborn hair while still keeping you safe from accidental cuts or scrapes even while handling the razor.

  • With up to 35 minutes of run time on a charge and a 2 year guarantee, this is definitely a system that you’re going to want and it will take care of hair with specially made attachments that even include a nose and precision trimmer.

Body Hair Trimmer Buyer’s Guide


Features Available

The very first thing you want to know about a body groomer is what all it’s capable of doing. You want to know about the different blades and guides that come with it so you know where on your body you’ll be able to cut and trim hair. Just because it’s labeled as a body groomer doesn’t mean that your groomer is going to take care of any kind of body hair. You want to know all the capabilities because this is going to help you decide on one groomer that’s going to take care of most (or all) of the things that you want to get rid of. In general however, the more guides and blades you get the better the result.

Easy to Use

Next you want to make sure that your body groomer is going to be easy to use. You don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for something and then have a lot of difficulty trying to get it to work. You should be able to easily pick it up and start shaving wherever you want. Because of many of the features that some groomers have they can become overly complicated or a groomer without a lot of power may take more than one pass in order to actually get the hair out quickly.

How Does It Run?

Next, get to know how your body groomer is going to work. Some will use batteries and that means you need to have those batteries on hand in case you run out of power partway through. Others have to be plugged in to charge and that means you need to keep them plugged in when they’re not being used or you could run out of power partway through with these units as well. You want to know what you’re getting because if you’re going to be transporting your groomer constantly and don’t know if you have power or if you aren’t going to have space for extra batteries you need to know what to buy.

Shaving Ability

The final thing you want to look at is when you’re able to use your body groomer. Some are going to be just like a regular razor that you would use after you get out of the shower (or before). Some, however, are actually able to be used right inside the shower so you can get a good, close shave without having to worry about dryness or other scratching that can occur when your skin is too dry. It’s definitely a feature to look at though it may not be one that’s important to you.

Overall, a good body groomer is something that will take care of all the unwanted hair that you have and will help you do it quickly and easily as well. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort trying to get your body free of that unwanted hair. You want to get on with other things, so make sure you’re looking for a body groomer that can take care of as much as possible in as quick of an amount of time as possible. But make sure that you’re getting high quality and something that isn’t going to cause pain while you’re doing it (no pulling or tugging). You’ll definitely be glad for it in the end.


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