Best Bath Bombs

If you’re looking to relax after a long day or you need a way to de-stress before you even begin your day then you’ve probably taken the opportunity to look at bath bombs before.

You’ve probably even tried to find the best possible options when it comes to those bath bombs but you may still be looking for the perfect option for you to really enjoy yourself, which is where these options come in.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Bath Bomb Kit Co

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If you’re looking for an ultra-relaxing bath then the Bath Bomb Making Kit by Bath Bomb Kit Co. is definitely what you’re looking for. You’ll have to put a little more effort into the process to get started, because you’re actually going to be making the bath bombs for yourself, but that also means you can create them just the way that you like them.

This set makes it easy for you to create your bath bombs because each material that you need, from baking soda to Epson salts, is pre-measured and ready for you to add it together. Even better, you get a range of different essential oils that you can add in to each of the little bombs to make sure that your bath is going to be relaxing and it’s going to smell great too.

The oils are considered therapeutic grade, which means they’re designed to help you feel great even by themselves. Of course, the bath bomb is definitely going to help with that and they’re going to look cute for giving as gifts if you prefer because they’re designed to look just like little cupcakes, which are going to be a cute gift for any special occasion or holiday.

  • If you’re not sure which type of oil to use in your bath bombs there’s a little information sheet to help you out so you know which one is going to be the best for whatever you happen to be suffering. All of the ingredients are natural and GMO free as well as being produced in the United States so you always know what you’re getting and what it’s going to do for you.

#2 Bath Basket by HanZa

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The HanZa All Natural Kit comes with 8 individually wrapped bath bombs in a cute case that you could definitely give away as a gift. Of course, you’re not going to want to because you’re going to want to use each of these bath bombs for yourself. That’s because they’re designed to help you relax a whole lot easier with just the right size and the perfect ingredients.

These golf ball sized bath bombs are made with entirely natural and organic products that are made in the USA. All of this ensures that you’re getting something that is high quality and is going to provide you with everything you’re looking for when it comes to a relaxing time in the bath. They have just the right amount of fizz to make it fun and they give you plenty of aroma to make your bath smell great.

Because the ingredients are natural and organic you don’t have to worry about safety and can just enjoy the luxury. These bombs are made with ingredients like Shea butter, essential oils and clay that help you really get a good level of comfort and also help you look, feel and smell amazing when you get out of the bath. That’s definitely a bonus that you’re going to love each time you step in.

  • Each ball is wrapped in different colored paper to help you understand what it’s for and what it’s going to smell like. That way you are going to get the perfect bath and everything that you’re looking for right away, without using the wrong ball at the wrong time. Of course, you’re going to love your bath no matter which one you use because it’s going to be relaxing, comfortable and a really great experience. Which means you’re not going to want to give these bath bombs away to anyone, but everyone on your list is definitely going to enjoy them if you do.

#3 Rejuvelle Bubble Bath

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This set of 6 bath bombs is designed to be used as a cute gift for that special someone in your life who absolutely loves relaxing in a nice warm bath. The bombs are each just the right size for some relaxation and have just enough fizz that you’re going to get a great experience (or they will). Each one is designed to help you with different things like energy, relaxation and even congestion.

Each bath bomb is designed slightly differently, with a little bit different scent that will help you address different concerns. Each is then wrapped in a different color and with information on the outside to let you know exactly what you’re getting each time you decide to head in for a bath. That way you get what you’re looking for without just having a surprise scent each time you try to relax. Because they’re made with 100% natural ingredients you’re also going to feel great about using them because there’s no harsh chemicals or solutions that could be damaging to your skin over time. You can use these as many times as you want.

  • These bombs have colored wrapping and great scents but they are not colored themselves, which means you won’t have anything to clean out of your bathtub when you’re done with them. They simply wash away and take care of everything for you. Even the oil from the scent is washed away entirely. You and your tub will be just as clean as if you took a regular bath, which is definitely a great bonus.

Bath Bombs Buyer’s Guide

Ideal Size

A bath bomb should be large enough to get you a really good amount of fizz and it should definitely let you get a good amount of scent too, but you don’t want it too large because you end up with a little more than you bargained for. Usually, a bath bomb will be right around the size of a golf ball because this is the ideal balance in sizing. You want to make sure that you are getting something that will really work however so make sure you’re paying attention to the size of the tub you’re using as well. A larger tub may warrant a larger bath bomb.

What It’s Made of

Some bath bombs are made with a lot of synthetic materials and others are made with higher quality, natural ingredients. You want to know what your bath bombs are made of and you definitely want to make sure that they have some great scent in them as well. Some use artificial scents but the best ones are going to have real essential oils that are actually therapeutic grade because those are going to help you feel a whole lot more relaxed and comfortable and they’re going to last a lot longer after you get out of the bath.

Unique Additives

Some bath bombs are not just about the fizzing and the scent but will actually create a very unique experience because of the colors as well. They can dye your water a different color that makes it nice and soothing for you. Some bath bombs even have something inside them like flower petals, glitter or even small toys if you get the ones that are intended more for children. These can make your bath a little bit more fun or soothing, depending on what you want.

Get Health Benefits

Another important aspect to look at are health benefits. Some people just want their bath to smell nice, but others may be looking for the actually health aspects that an aromatherapy bath can actually provide. You want to make sure that you’re paying attention to the ingredients and what you’re getting to know if you’re getting real health benefits or if you’re just getting a relaxing and sweet bath. That’s going to be up to what you find in your bath bombs. Some can help with things like insomnia or congestion if you know what you’re looking for and get the right one.

Good bath bombs should be just the right size for the tub that you have and they should be able to help you get a good night’s sleep or get ready for the day or really whatever you want to achieve. It’s not going to be difficult to get that great experience and a great bath, but you need to find the right bath bombs first, by looking at the scent, the structure and of course the health benefits that are going to come along with it. You never know what you might find or what you might be able to achieve as a result of your amazing bath with the perfect bath bombs.


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