Best Baby Toothbrush

Your little one needs to have nice clean teeth and gums, especially when they are just starting to get those new teeth. The only way to make sure that they get those healthy teeth, however, is to start brushing their teeth right from the beginning.

It might take some time and effort when they’re little to work with them, but when you’ve got them in the habit, they’re definitely going to be better off.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Summer Infant Oral Care Kit

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The Summer Infant Oral Care Kit is actually an entire kit that gives you several different toothbrushes all at the same time. You’ll get a small fingertip brush that makes it easier for you to brush your little ones teeth before they even have any and you’ll be able to do the same with a gum stimulator for even smaller children.

Little bit older children will be able to use the infant toothbrush and then the toddler toothbrush. This will allow them to get used to brushing their teeth while they’re smaller. This kit also includes a holder for the toothbrush and a storage pouch that makes it a whole lot easier for you to carry it along with you when you’re traveling or when you’ll be away from home.

  • This licensed product is safe for your child and it’s ready for them to learn everything they need to learn about getting their teeth brushed properly. Of course, when you first start out with the infant toothbrushes you’re going to have no problem getting their teeth and gums cleaned as quickly as possible and to a higher quality. After all, getting rid of plaque and other bacteria is going to be the most important thing for your little ones that really don’t know what they’re doing for themselves, but you can help them instead.
  • Because this set comes with a range of different products you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth. You’ll want to get this set because it’s going to help you take care of teeth and gums, which are more important before your little ones teeth are actually ready to start coming in. After all, there’s no better time to get them used to brushing than when theyre little.

#2 Baby Banana Toothbrush

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These Baby Banana Toothbrushes are designed to help your little one try out brushing their own teeth. Rather than you simply brushing their teeth for them, they’re going to learn a little bit more and they’re going to get a chance to play with the toothbrush and practice what it takes to clean up their own teeth and gums.

Because the brush part of this toothbrush is designed like a regular toothbrush you’ll have no problem using the brush for them. It’s also small and soft enough that you’ll be able to quickly and easily brush their teeth and gums without having to worry about sharp or harsh bristles that are present in many of the more adult brushes.

What’s great about the banana brush is that your little one will also be able to hold and play with it. The banana peel forms a handle on each side that they can easily hold onto without having to worry about slipping. Because the bristles are so soft they will also have no problem with rubbing it against their gums and can even chew on because it’s made with 100% high grade silicon.

  • If you’re ready to get it clean you can easily do so with a dishwasher. Because it’s so easy to clean your little one can use it whenever they want and there won’t be any problem getting it ready for cleaning their teeth again. If your little one is starting to have a little trouble with teething you can also put it in the freezer to cool it down and make it even better for teething.
  • This set of two is very high quality and you’ll get two different toothbrushes to make sure you’re always ready for the next teeth cleaning. Because it’s lightweight and simple to use you’re going to have no problem teaching your little one about brushing and how important it is for overall hygiene.

#3 Safety 1st Fingertip Toothbrush

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For a very small child it can be difficult to brush their teeth and get a good clean because they don’t like to sit still. With the Safety 1st Fingertip Toothbrush you don’t have to worry about this because it’s easy to use and it’s entirely safe for your little one and for you (so you don’t get bit).

This small toothbrush fits right over your finger and allows you to slide it directly into their mouth to rub over their gums as well as their new teeth. When you’re not using it you can simply slide it into the enclosed case to make sure that it’s always ready for the next time.

  • Even though the bristles on this brush are quite short, you’re still going to have no problem getting a good amount of clean and you’re going to be able to keep your little one safe because the material is extremely safe for them to chew on whenever they want. This process will help them get to know more about personal hygiene as they start to get older.
  • This ‘toothbrush’ is really going to help you improve in a very quick amount of time. What’s even better is that it also has a gum stimulator on the backside and it is tested as a hospital choice. This means that it’s ideal for use with any child from the time they first start getting in new teeth, or even if they are starting to get sensitive gums before they get that first tooth. They’re going to be off to a great start from the beginning.

Baby Toothbrush Buyers Guide


Overall Size

You want to look at a variety of different sizes of toothbrushes when you’re finding something for your child because you really want it to be a good fit for them. If your child is smaller you’re definitely going to need a smaller brush. If they’re starting to get into the toddler years you’ll need something a little larger and definitely something that they can hold onto for themselves. You don’t want to be doing all of the work for them after all.

Bristle Material

The next thing you want to look for is the type of bristles you want. If you have a smaller infant you may want to look at silicone brushes that don’t really have bristles. With a little bit older baby you may want bristles but you definitely want to make sure that they are soft. If you use harsher bristles, like the medium or hard bristles that many adults prefer, you could end up causing problems for your little one overall. The bristles could damage the new enamel or gums of your baby, which could be a big problem as they start getting older.

Type of Grip

You want to make sure that your little one is able to hold the toothbrush on their own. Even though you’re going to be brushing their teeth for them when they’re very little, you can let them hold onto the brush and get an idea of how it works and what they need to do. They’ll be able to chew on it and brush their gums as well as their teeth. That way they’re going to make their teeth feel a whole lot better while they are teething or even just getting used to brushing.

Make it Easy to Use

It’s not just about being able to hold the brush. You or your child should also be able to use the brush easily. They’ll be able to hold onto it with either a regular handle or any other and they’ll be able to get all the bacteria and food particles off their teeth. This requires them to have a good quality brush head and bristles that will allow you to really get a decent amount of particles as well as making sure that they are not too rough for your little one at the same time.

A good quality toothbrush for your baby is going to be extremely important for their health as well as their own safety. You want to make sure they aren’t going to ruin or hurt their teeth in a small amount of time. After all, they’re just getting started with their teeth and that means you want to make sure that you’re starting them off on the right track to make sure they’re ready for everything that needs to be done later. By looking at these toothbrushes and many more you’re going to have no problem getting the toothbrushes your little one needs.


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