Best Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is one of those games that everyone likes to try out once in a while. There’s a reason so many people have one in their basement, after all.

But if you don’t have one yet you’re definitely going to want to check it out and see what you can get and just how inexpensive they are. You might be surprised just how great it’s going to be to get your own table.

Missy Enders, Author, HESCA
Missy Enders

#1 Franklin Sports Quikset

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This hockey table is definitely unique and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun for your family and friends to play. It stands upright on its own legs versus other tabletop tables and also has a very unique look and style with the black and blue color accents. This 48″ table is actually capable of being left up if you have a little extra space, or you can take it down when you don’t have much left over.

The table itself folds up just like a folding table and allows you to put it away in a corner or even a closet with no problems at all. Your younger kids (and adult friends) will definitely enjoy playing it and there’s no need to anything else because it comes with 2 pucks as well as 2 pushers so you can get to playing right away. You’ll definitely feel just like you’re playing at the arcade with this game because of the style and feel.

  • There is some air assistance through the table so you do get a little bit better performance and you don’t have to worry about getting the puck stuck in the middle of the table where no one can actually reach it. Another benefit is that this table is moderately weighted at around 44 pounds, which means it can be moved around without a lot of trouble.
  • You even get goal returns and a scoreboard that are going to help you keep track of what’s going on in the game and make sure that everyone has their math going just the right way to know who is going to win.

#2 Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

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This air hockey table is designed to sit on top of an existing table so you get all the stability of your dining room table and still all the space you need because it can easily be put away wherever you want. At 40 inches this air hockey game is an ideal size for most people whether they are children or adults and has a standard style design on the top.

The frame is made with hardwood to make sure that it’s sturdy and stable and there are counters on each end that you can use to keep track of goals and make sure that you’re really getting ahead. There’s a puck catcher at the bottom of each goal to make sure that the puck doesn’t get away from you and that it’s going to be ready for anything.

There is a 100 cfm air-powered motor to make sure that enough air is going through the table at a time so your pucks will continue to slide and you’ll have no problem getting it right into your opponent’s goal. You will also be able to easily pick up the table itself and move it anywhere you want to get it out of the way or to set it up for a quick game or two.

  • Because the table weighs only around 20 pounds and is 40″ at the widest point it’s easy enough to store in a closet or other area to make sure you have plenty of space at any time. You’ll be able to put it under a bed even and that makes it a great unit for anyone who really doesn’t have enough space for a full size or standard style air hockey table that doesn’t fold down.
  • The sides come down over the sides of your table, which means that it’s going to stay sturdy and steady just where you need it and you won’t have to worry about sliding or scratching.

#3 Sport Squad HX40

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The Sport Squad Air Hockey Table is designed to fit over the top of your dining room table to make sure you always have a surface to play. Even better, it’s able to sit firmly and comfortably so you don’t have to worry about movement or scratching while you play. The table itself is easy to assemble and can easily be carried off and stored elsewhere for more space.

Each side has a goal box as well as manual scoring mechanisms so you can keep track of points and you can play a really good game. The design on the table is a blend of traditional style and a little something more so it’s unique for younger players and the fan system underneath provides plenty of air flow so the puck continues to move just like it should while you’re playing.

  • There are two pucks and two pushers included in the box so your little ones will be able to play right away without having to buy extra tools or materials. This is great for any family and is easy to play for children or adults and the quality definitely makes sure it’s going to last.
  • Because it’s lightweight and only 40″ at the widest point it’s able to be moved whenever you want and can be stored just about anywhere from closets to under the bed. All you need is a power outlet to get started playing for yourself. You’ll be able to do that a whole lot easier as well because this game is really going to get you and the family having fun together again.

Air Hockey Table Buyer’s Guide


Portable and Temporary

The first thing you want to know is what you actually have space for. Not everyone can fit a full size air hockey table in their house because it might take up too much space. For some people, they might only have space for the table while they’re playing. Make sure you know just how much space you really have and if you’re going to be able to leave your table set up all the time or if you need the ability to take it down. This is going to be extremely important because you could end up with something you really don’t have the ability to use.

Ideal Size

Next, you want to look at the actual size of the table. Some tables are smaller than the standard size because they allow you to use them on your dining room table or coffee table or because they are designed for smaller children. These tables can be foldable or moveable as well and this can also make for a big improvement when it comes time to start play time and when play time is over. You’re definitely going to want to at least consider a smaller table that will give you more freedom and space overall.

Check Out Features

Another important aspect is that you want to look at what the air hockey table can actually do. Not all of them are very high tech, after all. For example, you can get tables that have manual scorekeeping or ones that are electric. You can also get some that have lights and sounds when you get a goal while others don’t have these added ‘bells and whistles.’ It’s up to you what type of extra features you might want but things like equipment might be included in this as well. Though many air hockey tables come with a couple pucks and pushers, some might come with extras.

Air Motor

If you’re looking to play air hockey then chances are you want the table to actually have air running through it. Not all tables come with this so you want to make sure you’re getting one that fits what you’re looking for. Lower quality or cheaper tables might be entirely up to your own power instead of having a fan or plug that will provide the air flow through the table while you’re playing. Make sure you know what you’re looking for and that you get what you really want.

A good air hockey table should make the game a whole lot more fun to play. You don’t want to have a table that doesn’t really work for your family because of size or style. You want something that is going to be a lot of fun to play around with when you’re bored or when your little ones are getting restless. These games are going to be great for that and because there are so many different options you’re going to have no problem finding a table that’s going to work for what space you and your family actually have. That’s going to be the most important thing about getting your table after all.


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