Is Yoplait Yogurt Good For You

In the past, many yogurts did not make a tasty treat since it main contents were similar to eating milk that had been sour for quite some time. In fact, most children and adults would pass it up for other foods that they really liked to eat because they did not like the taste. Today, the tide for eating yogurt has changed completely since people are not only eating yogurt to lose weight, they are eating because of its smooth sweet taste.

Some people like to eat yogurt by itself in the morning, with a sandwich at lunch, as a mid-day snack, and for a quick sweet treat late at night. Regardless to the person and their individual preferences, yogurt has become increasing popular in areas all over the U.S. and abroad.

It’s popularity is due to a number of different factors and reasons including the marketing campaigns that the manufacturers of these dairy products are launching to the public. For instance, yogurt is being promoted for its many benefits, one of the most notable involves being a probiotic that gets rid of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Therefore, people who are having problems with bloating, gas, pain in the stomach, or constipation can add yogurt to their diets in order to become regular, especially when it comes to having normal bowel movements.

Before eating yogurt, there are a few things that people should be aware of, especially if they are eating them for the nutritional benefits that yogurt offers. One of the most important is understanding and recognizing the facts that there are different types ofyoplait-yogurt yogurts on the market to make a selection from. Some of these yogurts are not healthy at all for many different reasons. Meaning as will remove forward to review and respond to the question, Is Yoplait Yogurt Good For You, we need to explore a little bit more about its ingredients and what the company has to offer.

What’s Really In This: Yoplait Yogurt

Well, the answer to this question can vary greatly since Yoplait makes several different types of yogurt that consumers are eating today. Also, it is important to note that their yogurt comes in a variety of flavors so people can mix and match and pick and choose the ones that they like and prefer best. So, when we are examining what the manufacturers have approved for all of the ingredients used, here are some of the basics:

Cultured pasteurized grade A nonfat milk

Even though this name is relatively long, it usually boils down to stating that the Yoplait yogurt contains cultured milk, that is free from unwanted bacteria since it has gone through pasteurized process (heating milk to destroy its germs and bacteria).

High fructose corn syrup

Yoplait yogurt contains high amounts of fructose corn syrup. Though many of todays contain this type of sugar in them, the amount that Yoplait use its exceptionally high. This can easily be found on the label since it is the second ingredient that is listed. Meaning this yogurt is made of mostly sugar content. Therefore, even when people are trying to lose weight by eating yogurt, these diets are being severely compromised. In many cases, people will do much better by reaching for their next candy bar and eating it. Unfortunately, because most people see the brand name Yoplait Yogurt, they are automatically assuming that it is not only limited in the amount of sugar content used, but also healthy and nutritious for anyone in the family to eat.

Modified cornstarch

Yoplait yogurt contains modified starch. In this case, modified means physically, enzymatically or chemically altered in order to improve the mixtures overall performance in different applications. Manufacturers normally include this type of ingredient in their recipes when they want to use it as a thickener, stabilizer, or emulsifier. In a nutshell, people who are eating lots of Yoplait yogurt to lose weight may or may not know that they are eating extra carbs that is derived from starches that have been changed by chemicals.

Potassium sorbate

Potassium sorbate is also added to the ingredients in Yoplait as a preservative. This ingredient is used for a number of different reasons including inhibiting select bacteria from growing in their yogurt.

Made with different Flavoring – Adds More Calories

To make sure consumers enjoy these yogurts and can have them in different flavors, yoplait has a line of yogurt that includes the following:

  • Berry and Strawberry Kid Yogurt.
  • Berry Blue Blast Yoplait Go-GURT.
  • Berry Pomegranate Yoplait Yogurt & Juice.
  • Black Cherry Yoplait Greek
  • Apple Crisp Limited Edition Flavors.
  • Apple Pie Yoplait Greek
  • Banana Caramel Yoplait Greek
  • Banana Split Yoplait Go-GURT.

All of which adds to the caloric intake of each serving that people eat. So, when people are eating any other flavor than the plain yogurt from yoplait, they are also getting a large amount of carbs on top of the sucrose (sugar) that has already been added. Unfortunately, when people are on low calorie and low carb diets these types of yogurts should not be high on the list of choices. Instead, many health and nutritionists would recommend staying clear away from eating these types of yogurt with virtually any type of diet or healthy nutrition program.

Is Yoplait Yogurt Good For You? The answer to these and other questions can be found on many different online sites. Specifically, those that address the health benefits of eating yogurt. Since not all yogurt products and brands are the same, some may be considered healthy, while others are not. So, for people who really want to know if Yoplait Yogurt choices are healthy, one of the first things that everyone needs to do is examine the ingredients included. Many of which are considered to be very unhealthy. This is because Yoplait Yogurt ingredients contain starches, high frutose sugars, and potassium sobate. All of which are unnatural ingredients that can possibly have harsh side effects to people who eat them. One of the most crucial is gaining weight from eating yogurt with all of the sugar content added instead of losing.