Is Yakult Good for You

The health, fitness and medical industries are tasked with a wide range of different responsibilities and challenges today. Many of which involve ensuring the public has the information that they need to make informed decisions about their health and overall wellness. Therefore, it is essential for these professionals to steer people in the right direction so that they can eat the proper foods and consume beverages that are healthy for them. This can be accomplished by addressing questions that the public needs a response to such as, Is Yakult Good For You?

yakult1Based on information from several reputable resources, the answer to this question is not as simple as some people may be led to believe. This is because there is a number of different factors that associated with this response. In specific, some of the health community is saying that the Yakult is needed and beneficial for people who have certain digestive problems, while others are saying this kinds of probiotic solutions are not providing the consumer with any essential benefits. So, for those of you who want to know what the topic of these discussions entail, here’s some information about its make-up, related benefits and the health risks of drinking Yakult.

What is Yakult Made of

Yakult can be described as a dairy product that has been made in a unique fashion. One of which involves the use of a fermented mixture. This mixture is composed of combination of skim milk and a special strain of bacterium. The name of this bacterium is called Lactobacillus casei Shirota. The history of this bacterium can be traced back to 1930 in the Medical School of Kyoto University, where it was created by Minoru Shirota (Japanese Scientist). Yakult is also classed as a probiotic, which is now being consumed by people who are having problems with their digestive systems.


Yakult has a number of different benefits that’s good for the body. This is why this beverage has become so popular over time. Some of the top benefits have been listed below.

  • It has been designed to aid in the proper functioning of the digestive system, while it is also helping to improve bowel movement.
  • Yakult helps to maintain a proper balance of gut bacteria, both good bacteria and bad bacteria
  • The ingredients in this formula has also been made to assist in reducing the toxins in the body
  • People are drinking Yakult in order to reduce the risk of getting infections since it helps in building the immune system.

People who can benefit from its usage

It is important to note that this beverage can benefit both children as well as adults. specifically, those people who are classed as lactose intolerant. This is because people who have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant cannot digest the regular white milk products. Therefore, they need another product like Yakuit that does not include lactose in its ingredients. This type of beverage can also be consumed by diabetics. So, there are numerous benefits to drinking this kind of product.

Possible Risks and Unhealthy Characteristics

yakult2Although there are numerous benefits that can be named for consuming this product, there are some health concerns that need to be reviewed as well. This is because this kind of product has been made with some ingredients that may cause other medical conditions. Some of the more commonly known and discussed are those that have been listed in the section below.

Process Used to Produce Skim Milk Powder is Unhealthy

Yakult is made of skim milk powder. While skim milk powder may appear to be better than regular milk, it is important to note that it is really not. This is because the processed used to produce skim milk makes it a bad food source. For instance, the manufacturers use a heat treatment to turn their milk into powder. Unfortunately, this process is normally described as turning a healthy form of milk into a possible inflammation health bomb.

Sugar Content is Extra High

The first and third ingredient in Yakult is sugar, dextrose sugar and pure cane sugar. Meaning this beverage has a lot of sugar content that adds up to more sugar than that of a coke. So, for people who have given up cokes for a beverage that does not have all of the added sugar, this is not the way to go.

Light Version Uses Artificial Sweeteners in the Mixture

yakult3It is a wonder that artificial sweeteners are still on the shelves, especially because of all of the potential problems that can affect the central nervous system and other areas of the body. However, since some manufacturers are still including them in their old and new products, Yakult has done the same. While the original version Yakult is packed with lots of sugar, the light version excludes the regular sugars in the ingredients. However, they are making necessary adjustments in the formula to fill in the gap. Meaning the light versions of Yakult has been made with artificial sweeteners. Because of all of the controversy surrounding artificial sweeteners, some consumers are excluding artificial sweeteners altogether because they do not want to be exposed to harsh chemicals and their side effects.


Even though the original intent of Yakult is meant to get rid of the bad bacteria in order to take care of problems with the digestive system, there are several severe issues that people are concerned about. Some of which involve the ingredients contained in the mixture and the processing that is being used to produce these products. Therefore, for those who want to know an answer to the question, Is Yakult good for you?, there is some invaluable information that can assist with an appropriate response. Starting with the fact that this product has lots of sugar in its content and is being manufactured using unhealthy processing, it is important to note that the risks far outweigh the benefits that people could receive.