Is Silk Almond Milk Good For You?

Some people cannot drink the regular white or skim milk that is available in grocery stores and other retail establishments today. This may be due to a diversity of reasons including some adults and children disliking its taste, or because they are usually suffering from a well-known medical condition that is called lactose intolerance. This medical condition can range from experiencing mild to very severe problems so the person can have problems with bloating, gas and even pain that will not subside unless the person gets some assistance from other sources. Therefore, these people may have to give up drinking any type of regular milk altogether. Fortunately, when people do their research, they will find that there are some alternative milk options on the market today that can be very helpful in eliminating these digestive problems. One of the most notable is switching from regular milk to Silk almond milk. Because Silk almond milk does not contain the lactose that is contained in the other types of regular milk products, it can be consumed with cereal or it can be consumed all alone. Either way, if you want to know if Silk almond milk is really good for you, you may want to consider the benefits that have been provided below.

Good Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D

According to information provided by numerous online sites, there are many different varieties of Silk almond milk, and they are all great sources of calcium. Therefore, people who cannot drink regular white milk can still get the calcium that they need from Silk almond. Fortunately, this is a good option for many silk almond drinkers since Vitamin D is essential to possessing strong bones and teeth. It is also important for silk almond drinkers to know that one cup of the original style Silk almond milk has approximately 45 percent of the amount needed for the daily requirement (i.e. based on 1,000 milligram requirement per day). For those who drink one of the other varieities, they will also find the same amount of calcium is also contained unsweetened, dark chocolate and vanilla varieties. Vitamin D in silk almond milk is essential to the body because it promotes a healthier immune system, while it also better absorbs the calcium that is needed for healthy functioning.

Helps to Support Body Central Nervous Systems with Vitamins B-12 and E. Read more about Almond Milk Health Benefits here

There are other vitamins that people can benefit from when drinking silk almond milk, and they include the vitamins B-12 and E. These vitamins are essential to the body since they have specific functions in keeping the body healthy. For instance, vitamin B-12 is the vitamin that helps to support the central nervous system, while it also helps to produce red blood cells. Vitamin E is normally taken whenever people want to make sure that they are protecting their cells from being affected by any type of damage. Vitamin E is also good for working in tandem with vitamin K so that they both can be used in the body properly.

Unsweetened Varieties Healthier than Regular Milksilk-almond-milk-health-benefits

According to the American Heart Association, too much sugar can be the cause of extra weight gain. Therefore, it is important for people to watch the amount of sugar that they are consuming on a regular basis. Since regular milk has natural sugars in it, this sugar content cannot be avoided. However, when people add the unsweetened varieties of Silk almond milk to their food choices, they can reduce the amount of sugar content that they are getting into their bodies. This is another reason why Silk Almond milk is considered to be a better choice for people who do not only want to drink any type regular milk that contains all natural sugars or those that contain no sugar at all.

Lactose Free

Because lactose intolerance can impact as many as 25% of the United States population, drinking the regular milk is a big deal. This is one of the main reasons why people who suffer from lactose problems are always looking for alternatives that will either be the same or much better. Fortunately, because Silk Almond milk does not contain lactose, this beverage makes a good addition for those who enjoy drinking some form of milk with their cookies or their cereals.

Does not taste the same as Cow Milk

As previously referenced, some people do not like the regular white milk products because of its taste. Therefore, they may seek out other milk products to eliminate these problems completely. With silk almond milk’s lite and crispy flavor, there is a little versatility added. For instance, it does not have the same flavor but the same consistency of regular milk.

No Refrigeration Requiredlactos-free-mils-silk-almond-milk

While milk has to be kept in the refrigerator in order to remain fresh, this is not true for silk almond milk products. Unlike regular milk, Silk almond milk can remain fresh outside of refrigeration. Therefore, people can take silk almond milk with them to the office, school, camping trips and other activities since it is completely mobile. With this mobility, people can continue to get the source of vitamins that they need where ever they go, and they do not have to concern themselves with not having strong teeth and bones.

Easy to Make at Home

Another great thing about silk almond milk is its ease in making. Fortunately, it can be made at home in the privacy of one’s home in a few easy steps. So, all people need are the almonds, a blender, water and a strainer to filter out the pulp that is left behind. Also, this is much more convenient than getting milk from a cow fresh every time its needed.

Silk Almond milk has become a quick favorite since it has increasingly become popular. The reason for its increase in the public eye is because of several benefits including being healthier than white milk, lactose free, not similar to the taste of cow milk, no refrigeration required for its upkeep and it is simple to make at home.