Is Shrimp Healthy For You?

Eating nutritious foods is not always a struggle since some foods are not only healthy for you, but they make delicious meals too. Because some of you like all kinds of different sea foods, they can be an added attraction to the table for both family and friends. One of the most popular can be found on the table and in restaurants all over the U.S. and abroad include those dishes made with shrimp. Shrimp sauteed in low cal butter and garlic sauce, boiled shrimp and even baked shrimp can be a great start to a healthy meal. So, if you are looking to make a dish that seafood lovers like, you may want to consider shrimp as a main, an appetizer or a side dish. That said, one of the best things about eating shrimp is that it has a wide range of healthy benefits. Some of the top benefits have been provided for you in the next few sections.

Good for Diabetic Diet Plans

healthy-benefits-of-shrimpWhen a nutritionist recommends a diet program for a diabetic, the foods on the list may not be filled with the best tasting ingredients. However, if this type of disease is going to be kept under control, eating properly at all times is pivot to maintaining the appropriate glucose level. So, for those of you who enjoy eating a serving or two of shrimp every once in a while, or on a regular basis, here are some facts about shrimp, especially as it relates to diabetic diet regimens. When you add shrimp to a diet program, you will find that it is a key to repairing the membranes in the body. Because the sugar levels can build up quickly and adversely affect the body and its membranes, an all natural repair remedy like shrimp is needed. This is where eating lots of shrimp on a regular basis comes in today. In fact, shrimp is a highly recommended tasty and nutritious food that is recommended by both medical and health professionals.

Aids in Losing Weight

If you are looking to shed a few pounds every now and then, you may want to consider eating shrimp as part of your diet plan. Even though this food is packed with many different healthy benefits, it is still a low calorie food that only contains 7 calories per medium sized shrimp. So, people can get a handful of shrimp or more when they want to eat something delicious and lose inches too. For instance, if you are on a Atkins diet, you can spice up your meal by adding some sautéed shrimp to a bowl of salad. Shrimp can be eaten as an appetizer so it can make a good snack that can get rid of the cravings, especially when they are lowering the amount of calories that they can consume significantly.

Provides Healthy Proteins

shrimp-is-healthyEating healthy requires choosing the right foods. From selecting foods that will help the body to function properly to eating foods that will repair cells, many of the foods that people eat has a specific purpose for enhancing and improving the overall body. That said, the body needs certain amount of proteins that comes from the foods that’s eaten on a regular basis. Fortunately, proteins can come from a wide range of food sources including coming from small sized shrimp. So, if you want to get a good source of protein, but have a desire to minimize your fat intake, you can add shrimp to your meals.

Good Resource of Vitamin B-12

In addition to shrimp being marketed as a good resource of proteins, it has a number of other essential vitamins that the body needs. Based on the amount of shrimp consumed, you get can get as much as 21% of the daily recommended amount of B-12 vitamins in a serving that has under 10 shrimp. Meaning shrimp is also an excellent source for many different body functions including improving the eye sight and the condition of the skin.

Contains Essential Minerals

To protect the body from all types or different medical conditions, people must eat the foods that contain the appropriate amounts and types of minerals. Since different foods provide different sources of each, everyone must pay close attention to what they are consuming in order to maintain a good healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, for those of you who enjoy eating seafood, you should know that eating shrimp can also beneficial if you are looking to increase the amount of selenium in your diet. Selenium is a essential mineral that is also highly recommended by nutritionists because it helps to protect the body from illnesses and diseases. One of selenium’s primary role or function is providing an antioxidant to the body and it also helps to ensure that the thyroids function as they should. Shrimp is also found a lot in sushi.


Is Shrimp healthy for you? This is the question that all seafood lovers need to know if they are going to eat foods that have healthy benefits. In some situations, it’s a food that is normally coveted when eaten at various different social and business functions such as wedding receptions, office parties, business meetings and the like. Even though some people may eat shrimp quite regularly, they may not be familiar with its overall benefits, specifically as it relates to eating foods that will help the body function at its best instead of breaking it down prematurely. Fortunately, shrimp has many different healthy benefits including, being a good source of food for those of you who are currently following a healthy diabetic diet plan or simply want to lose a specific set amount of weight quickly while still eating tasty snacks, appetizers and meals. Shrimp is a also a very good resource of Vitamin B12. Therefore, for those of you who want to know if you can eat shrimp and remain healthy, you should consider all of its numerous benefits including being good for incorporating in diabetic diet plans.