Is Seltzer Water Good for You

After eating a good healthy meal, nothing seems to be more refreshing than a light beverage to wash the food down. In some cases, people may simply grab for a drink of water, while others may look for the first soda that they can find. Regardless to the type of beverage everyone desires, there can be vast differences between each kind of beverage that people usually consume and the health benefits that is contained in them.

seltzer-water1Also, though water is highly recommended over all kinds of different flavorful sodas, there are some clear beverages that some people enjoy drinking that will help to quench their thirst too. One beverage that is very light and somewhat coveted by those who like drinking various types of sodas is called seltzer water. Seltzer water can be selected over other beverages because it does not contain all of the ingredients that makes sodas harmful to those who drink them (i.e. sugary syrups).

This type of water is normally preferred to other kinds of beverages too since it is a refreshing drink that people can consume with any meal. So, for those of you who want to know more about how healthy seltzer water is as well as any potential harsh side effects, here some information that can clarify its benefits along with any drawbacks that people should pay close attention to prior to consuming it on a regular basis.

Health Benefits

Great for Hydration – Similar to Plain Water – No calories, Sugar or Sodium In its Make-Up

When health professionals discuss topics on seltzer water, they may refer to its name by a number of different other well-known titles, including carbonated water, sparkling water, and soda water. All of which are usually just simple forms of plain water that has been infused with carbon dioxide. During the process of creating seltzer water, however, manufacturers do not add additional harmful ingredients like sugar, sodium or caffeine. So, people can drink seltzer water relatively freely because it does not contain all of the calories that the other sodas have, especially when all of these additives like sodium are included.

Additionally, because of its overall make-up, people can take advantage of a wide range of great benefits. Some of the most important is providing a beverage that is able to hydrate everyone when they are thirsty. Just like the characteristics of plain water from the tap, seltzer water has many great benefits. This is one of the main reasons why some people like to drink seltzer water with many of their meals today. For instance, when people are hydrated properly, they can concentrate much better, and can perform the duties and responsibilities that have been assigned for that day. Further, some people prefer to add seltzer water into their diet regimens because it helps to avoid constipation. Meaning when the body has enough water in it, the food will move efficiently through the digestive system freely without any unnecessary obstructions in the body.

Seltzer Water Helps to Relieve Upset Stomachs

seltzer-water2Eating the right kinds of foods is not only essential to excellent health, the right choices can help to avoid a wide variety of health concerns and problems. Since some people cannot digest certain foods, they may experience stomach aches, indigestion and nausea or a combination of all three. When this occurs, most people normally look for a quick all natural remedy that will settle their stomach problems without having to wait for the pain to go away. Fortunately, there are some staples in the family cabinets and their refrigerators that have been tried and proven by people all over the U.S. and abroad. One specific remedy that helps to alleviate the pain and keep indigestion problems at bay involves the use of seltzer water. Seltzer like Sprite is normally highly recommended for numerous problems digestion system problems including those that will cause an individual to continue to experience pain and indigestion.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Not all seltzer waters are not the same since they can vary based on manufacturer and brand. This is because some makers of seltzer water will often add certain levels of magnesium and calcium in them. In fact, some of these waters can have as much as four times the amount of magnesium and calcium that plain water has that comes from the tap. Therefore, people can benefit greatly from the higher amounts that the manufacturers have predetermined. Fortunately, for people who are concerned about lowering their blood pressure, they can benefit greatly from drinking seltzer water on a relatively continuous basis.

Decreases the risk of heart diseases

seltzer-water3Another health benefit that people can take advantage of when they add seltzer water to a meal or two involves the reduction of heart disease and any associated risks factors. This is because a number of different tests have already been conducted that shows drinking seltzer water on a regular basis can eliminate numerous kinds of health problems and potential risks. For instance, when researchers studied the results of a group of pregnant women that were given carbonated drinks, they found that they exhibited lesser heart disease risks. The changes made were mainly contributed to drinking carbonated water, especially since they relieved the issues that they had with indigestion. These women were not only healthier, but also felt much better overall.


Is Seltzer Water Good For You? Based on a number of different research studies on different kinds of water, seltzer water does have a variety of different great benefits that people should take advantage of. Similar to plain water without all of the additives like sugar, sodium and caffeine, seltzer water can be an excellent addition to the family table as well as meals that the everyone enjoys when they eat out. This is because seltzer water can be consumed with any meal, and can have numerous benefits. Some of the more commonly known in the medical and nutrition industry includes staying hydrated, relieving upset stomachs, lowering a person’s blood pressure and decreasing the risks of heart disease.