Is Raisin Bran Good For You?

Before eating your next bowl of raisin bran, you may want to take a little time out to review what health and nutritionists are saying about this cereal. Even though this cereal has been on the top of the list of many of the healthiest cereals, there is quite a bit of information to the contrary that people should be aware of today. While the names bran and raisin in combination sounds like a great start to a healthy breakfast, this may not be the best choice for either adults nor children.

So, for those of you who want to know what medical, health and nutritionists are really saying about raisin bran as it relates to being good or bad for you, here’s some highlights of what is being said below.

Health Benefits of Eating Raising Bran

Bran Adds lots of Fiber to the Diet

Anyone who has ever had problems with their digestive systems can attest to how painful it can be when they cannot use the bathroom because of severe constipation. Since constipation can cause a wide diversity of medical issues, these are problems that most people want to avoid at all cost. From the stomach feeling pain because of it being bloated to experiencing headaches that will not go away, constipation can be an experience that people want to alleviate right away. However, once these problems have subsided, the next important concern is finding how to keep it from coming back. Fortunately, there are a number of beneficial ways to keep significant constipation problems from continuing, one of the most essential involves adding more fiber into the diet. In these situations, you may want to start adding eating cereals that has lots of fiber in it. For instance, one of the highest contents of fiber can be found in raisin bran.

Raisins adds Fiber and Other Health Benefits

In addition to eating the bran that’s needed to keep the digestive system functioning properly, people can also benefit greatly from eating the raisins that included in these cereals. In fact, there are many different health benefits that people can expect when they add raisins to their diets as well. Some of the more commonly known consists of aiding in eliminating problems with anemia, acidosis, fever and constipation.

Everyone should also know that raisins are high on the list of super nutritious foods, specifically because they can be eaten as high energy snacks throughout the day. Because these are dry foods that can also be eaten in small and large quantities, they can easily be packed away to carry around on a daily basis. Raisins can also replace high calorie carb candies so they are excellent for eliminating bad snacks from the diet altogether.

Great antioxidant when eaten in Moderation

Raisin bran is a whole grain cereal that contains high levels of polyphenols, which is an antioxidant. According to research studies that were published by the University of Scranton, raisin bran cereals have very high levels of polyphenols, specifically because they contain both whole grain and raisins in each serving. Therefore, you are eating these cereals on a regular basis, you can benefit in a number of different ways including decreasing insulin resistance in your body if you are suffering from medical problems like diabetes. Also, it is also important to note that you can eliminate the potential of harmful radicals entering the body that causes damages to the cells.

Health Concerns that should not be Ignored

Too Much Sugar

Even though bran and raisins together can be beneficial and healthy for the body, it is best for people to do their research on these types of cereals first. Specifically, because raisin bran cereals contain high amounts of sugar that cannot be eaten with every diet regimen or on a regular basis. In fact, the sugar content is normally so high in these types of cereals that it can have an adverse effect on the body. Typically, people who have been diagnosed with diabetes or other kinds of chronic diseases should make sure to eliminate raisins bran cereals completely or eat them in very limited quantities. Meaning people should only eat raising bran cereals according to the amount that it is specified in their personal diet programs.

100% Whole Grain vs refined

In addition to watching the sugar content contained in raisin bran cereals, people should also be familiar with the type of bran that is being used in its ingredients. Therefore, if you want your raisin bran cereals to have the right amount of nutrients, you will need to make sure the products that you purchase read 100% whole grain on the labels instead of refined. Since refined ingredients lack certain nutrients, these are the raisin bran products that must be completely eliminated from the grocery list. This because the main goal and objective is to get the best brand possible to keep the family healthy and free from illnesses and disease.


There are many different types of great tasting cereals on the market today that people can add to their daily diet regimens. However, before adding cereals like raisin bran to the diet, it is essential that you do your research first in order to see which cereals offer the best nutrients and vitamins possible. Though there are numerous health benefits to eating raisin bran on a fairly regularly basis, there are some significant drawbacks too. Learning the distinction between each is essential to making the best choices for your family. In general, raisin bran is great for adding a certain amount of fiber to your diet to eliminate problems like constipation. However, before you make your purchases, you should be familiar with whole grain fiber versus refined products that raisin bran manufacturers are opting to use. With whole grain raisin bran products, you can take advantage of ingredients that help the body to function properly at all times. On the other hand, with refined raisin bran products, the family will lack the nutrients needed to assist the body with fighting off various illnesses and disease.