Is Quaker Oatmeal Good For You

Because breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, the foods that people eat in the morning hours can make a major difference in how well they will function throughout the day. While some people may even plan in advance every item that they will eat for breakfast throughout the week, others may simply eat anything that they can get their hands on before leaving out the door.

In either situation, the foods that they eat can for breakfast can lead to a body that has a lot of extra energy to make it lunch or a body that functions sluggishly, and then crashes and burns. Therefore, if you and your family would like to make sure that you have the energy to function properly through your day at school or at work, you will need to make sure that everyone has the right type of breakfast items on their plate before leaving out the door.

With all of this in mind, there are some breakfast items that have been on the table of many homes for a long time now. In fact, they have been staples that many moms have depended on for all of their family to eat well including themselves. One in particular is Quaker Oatmeal. Even though this may be truly a long lasting tradition that has been consistent over the years, the question still remains, Is Quaker Oatmeal Good For You?

Well, most people who have had oatmeal served to them as a child and even as an adult may respond quickly by simply saying ‘yes’. However, if you are looking to know more about this topic and why the response is yes, here’s some information that must be taken into consideration before you begin to feed your family Quaker oatmeal on a regular basis.

Reasons why Quaker Oatmeal is Good for You

Good for the heartquaker-oatmeal

Over the years, one of the biggest benefits to eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning is its positive effects on the heart. In fact, based on the science that explains how oatmeal works, most people will discover that it reduces bad cholesterol so it can protect the heart from disease. So, if you want to make sure that you are maintaining the hearts’s proper function throughout life, you will adhere to the claims that have been made, specifically the one that says this product is heart healthy.

Filling- Keeps the Stomach Full

Another good reason to add a bowl of oatmeal to the family meal is the fact that is very filling. In fact, even a small bowl of oats can add up to significant amounts because oats expand quite a bit more when they are being cooked. Therefore, when an individual fills their stomach with oatmeal, they will also experience longer periods of being satisfied and may not want anything else to supplement the early hours, until at least lunch time comes.

Exceptions to the Health Rule

As with any product or service, there seems to always be exceptions to the rule. So, the same is true for the Quakers brand oatmeal, specifically because the manufacturers are currently making more than one type of oatmeal and providing them to the public. The two most commonly known and purchased are rolled oats and instant oatmeal. It is also important to make this distinction because the nutritional content of each are not the same. In fact, the slow cooking rolled oats are much healthier than their instant oatmeal products.

Instant Oatmeal is not as healthy

Though the taste of instant oatmeal is very similar to the rolled oats brand, the content and the health benefits are significantly different. This is because the instant oatmeal are much smaller in size and the contents of the packing are filled with added sugars. Therefore, if you are looking to eat instant oatmeal every day and remain healthy, you may be fighting an uphill battle that will be difficult to win. Specifically, because the added sugars can be produce major problems for people who are trying to lose weight by using a low carb diet regimen. These added sugars will also present problems for people who are required to monitor their sugar intake because of diabetes and other illness and disease.

Condiments Added to Oatmeal can make the dish a hazard when eaten regularly

It is also important for people to know that many people enjoy eating Quakers rolled oats more than the instant oatmeal options that are available to them today. However, they may add other condiments to their bowl of oatmeal before they eat in the morning hours. For instance, when some people eat a bowl of oatmeal, they may add several teaspoons of sugar, a pat or two of butter, and high fructose syrups and fruits. In some cases, there are others who like to spruce up their oatmeal more by adding several tablespoons of cream. While these added condiments can completely transform a plain bowl of oatmeal into a very delicious tasting breakfast dish, the additional ingredients and calories will make this healthy meal into a dish that may eventually cause severe health problems. Therefore, it is very important to note that the type of preparations that people are making in preparing a bowl of oatmeal can compromise and sabotage the health benefits associated with this dish.


Is Quaker Oatmeal Good For You? The answer is relative to the type of Quaker Oatmeal that it is being served, specifically because Quaker makes more than one type, rolled oats and instant oatmeal. Instant oatmeal normally comes with extra sugars so it can change its health benefits significantly. The same is true, however, for those who may purchase rolled oats if they are adding all kinds of different unhealthy condiments in the preparation. Meaning without the added sugar and condiments included in this breakfast meal, there are many great benefits to eating Quaker oatmeal. Some of the most commonly known and coveted is protect the heart from disease because it reduces bad cholesterol. These meals are also great for keeping people full and functioning properly throughout their day instead of feeling tired and sluggish.