Is Powerade Good For You

Some men and women spend a significant amount of their time today in the gym. Some of which perform the traditional exercises on machines that allow them to jog alone with others, while others may use their time running the entire time. Either way, the exercise routines that people perform are quite a bit diverse in nature. In some cases, the person may spend a lot of time doing intense workout plans. Meaning once they are complete with these routines, they may be drenched with sweat all over their bodies and then need some kind of water or liquid beverage to replenish the fluids that they have lost.

With this in mind, some people always carry around the fluids that they need so that they will have them available right away. So, it is not uncommon to see people carrying their PowerAde bottles with them to the gym. Even though PowerAde has become a staple in many fitness arenas today, the question is, Is Powerade Good For You?

Before getting started with a response to this question, you should know that Powerade is presently noted as the number 2 most popular sports drinks in the U.S. This is because people have access to a wide a variety flavors and lines, while also offering two series under their brand, which are ION4 and the ZERO calories series. Manufacturers have been successful with this kind of sports drink because they are targeted an audience of athletes that exercise and sweat more than sixty minutes during their exercise and fitness routines. Therefore, they can benefit most from the carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins that is contained in each beverage since it aids in hydrating them quickly and providing the boosts in energy that is needed.

Though all of this information sounds really good, according to studies and the new information that has been released lately, this not always mean that Powerade is necessary good for you. In fact, the information that everyone has been functioning off of to-date has been all of the marketing ads that people have seen on TV, online and the like. Meaning there is more than one opinion that people should review before going out and grabbing their next powerade. Meaning for those of you want to know more about these sports drinks, here’s some studies that come from several creditable resources.

poweradePacked with Sugars and Extra Calories

In the past, the image that was presented by the manufacturers placed these sports drinks on the top of the list of the healthiest beverages. Meaning a Powerade was not only a good sensible treat, but also essential to make it through a hard day at the gym. In fact, they have been marketed as superior drinks with all of the essential ingredients that’s needed to replenish a dehydrated body. So, many people grabbed them off the shelves instead of buying the sugary sodas from Pepsi, Coca cola and Dr. pepper.

Today, however, according to the Daily Mail and other creditable news resources, Powerade has received notoriety for health benefits that were sadly misplaced. Specifically, since sports drinks like Powerade have potential harmful side effects to the body. Ironically, the reasons why these sports drinks may cause more harm than good is because they are high in sugar content and in calories. Therefore, instead of people going to the gym and losing weight, they may have been packing on the pounds as soon as they were walking out the doors with their PowerAde in their hands.

Water Best Source for Addressing Hydration

Based on information from the Mayo Clinic, no beverage trumps the need for water in hydrating the body. Therefore, people who exercise can drink several glasses of water and they can achieve the same affects. The only time that these recommendations may differ is when the person has spent 60 minutes or more in the gym in intense activities. This is when beverages like PowerAde can quickly replenish loss electrolytes and fluids that the body needs. Also, because PowerAde contains the sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose, it can give the person a quick boost of energy because of the added carbs in the body. It is also important to note, however, a glass of orange juice or other types of fruit juices can accomplish the same.

Over-Consumption of Sports Drinks Like Powerade Leads to Health Problems like Hypernatremia

Because some people like the taste of these light sugary drinks, they may think that they can drink a lot more of these beverages whenever they are thirsty. In fact, they may decide to drink a Powerade with a meal or two instead of reaching for that sugar coca cola that in most refrigerators at home, and even in the office. Unfortunately, this can be a major mistake since this can cause significant medical problems due to over consumption. Based on information that was published by Daily Mail, the over consumption of sports drinks like Powerade can contribute to medical problems like hypernatremia. People need to be aware of what this medical condition is since it is caused by the brain swelling from over hydration.

Is Powerade good for you? Previously, the answer may have been automatically yes since people have been drinking these sports drinks for many years now. However, with recent studies, the information provided does not agree with the initial marketing that presented them as healthy alternative drinks for athletes. Instead, there are other things that must be considered before continuing the consumption of Powerade and other sports drinks. Some of the most important is these drinks have high sugar contents that can pack on the pounds instead of helping to lose them. These drinks can benefit athletes that exercise more than an hour since it can help with quickly hydrating and giving them a boost of energy. They are not made for over consumption or for casual drinking because there are some potential harmful side effects that most people are not familiar with. One of which is called hypernatremia, which is a deadly condition that results in swelling of the brain.