Is Pom Juice Good for You

Due to so many different illnesses and diseases in the U.S. and abroad, some people are trying to do everything that they can to protect their health. From going to the gym on a regular basis to work out to adding nutritional supplements to their every diet regimen to get their daily nutritional requirements, many are paying close attention to the products that’s designed to help them to stay healthy and fit. In some cases, manufacturers are constantly adding new healthy beverages and foods to their products lines in order to cater to their consumer’s needs.

pom-juice1Making products like Pom Juice and marketing them to the public is just one example of tapping into these type of initiatives. It is also important to note that some manufacturers have been more successful than others with actually meeting the needs of the consumers. Meaning all of the claims that have been made about the health and medical benefits of certain products cannot be proven by scientific or any other kind of evidence. So, it is important for people to do a thorough job of researching what the manufacturers are saying before buying these new products. Specifically, as it relates to a company’s marketing ads hyping up the health benefits of their products. With this in mind, here is some information about Pom Juice that it is important for everyone to be aware of.

Pom Juice Claims

Is Pom Juice Good For You? Since the inception of Pom Juice, some people have made this product a staple in their homes for their families to drink. Specifically, because of all of the great benefits that this juice provides. People may drink this juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is no meal left out. One of the primary reasons why this juice is so popular and common in many areas of the U.S. and abroad is because it has been marketed as a health drink. In fact, both men and women alike can take advantage of these beneficial since they cover a wide range of protection against illnesses and diseases that should be kept at bay. Here’s several different benefits, a brief description each, risk factors, and some recent news that has recently been published about the pros and the cons of buying Pom juice.



According to the makers of this product, Pom Juice is known for having a number of different great benefits. One of the more notable is being an antioxidant, which means when people add this product to their regular diet regimens, they can benefit greatly from its overall content. Similar to the levels of antioxidant that is found in green tea, wine and other fruit juices, it is very potent and can protect the body from harmful bacteria. For instance, these beverages can help to cleanse the body of the bad bacteria that causes various kinds of illnesses and disease. Therefore, it is considered to be a very potent antioxidant that can protect many different crucial functions of the body.

Improves Fertility levels

pom-juice2Another benefit that the makers of Pom Juice involves its positive effects that it has on the health of men. Specifically, as these benefits relate to improvement of fertility and sexual performance. According to the information that has been provided, pom juice contains nixtric oxide in its ingredients. Therefore, if an individual is experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction, due to the blood vessels being too small in this area, Pom juice can help to increase the blood flow so that the proper functioning will return.


Spikes in Blood Sugar levels

Though there are benefits, it is also important to note that people should watch out for the risks too. This is because this juice has a high sugar content, which means people may experience high spikes in their blood sugar levels. In fact, based on information that was published by the United States Department of Agriculture, when people drink one 8 ounce serving of this drink, they will be consuming as much as 31 grams of carbohydrates. So, people who are experience problems with diabetes or who are trying to prevent its affects later on in life, this kind of juice can be very bad for the health.

Difficult to lose weight

pom-juice3Based on a wide range of creditable health and medical sources, high carb diet regimens can be very bad for the body. Specifically, for those people who are trying to lose weight. Since packing on the carbs usually mean packing on the pounds, drinking this high carb drink can prevent people from losing the weight. Therefore, people who want to lose a few pounds here and there, this juice can prevent the weight from dropping off.

Recent News on Pom Juice

Recently, the claims that the company has made about this product’s contents and benefits have been questioned in court. Therefore, Pom Juice is currently under great scrutiny, especially because there is no scientific evidence available that supports many of its benefits. In fact, according to these reports, the public has been intentionally misled about the nutritional value of this juice and some of the supplements that the company supplies too. To correct these problems, the court has ordered the company to reassess their adds to eliminate any indirect and implied benefits that the company claims. Meaning the ads that the company produces and release to the consumers must factual and directly stated.


Is Pom Juice Good For You? In the past, the information (marketing ads) that the company presented to consumers about Pom juice were not all forth coming. In fact, some of the ads that were reviewed by the court were reported as being intentionally misleading. Meaning all of the proposed health benefits (i.e. good for the heart, improved fertility and sexual performance) were not really true or simply not based on any kind of scientific evidence. Therefore, the ads that the company initially improved and released will need to be changed or completely removed from their marketing campaigns. By removing the misleading verbiage and subliminal messages in their commercials, consumers will have an opportunity to learn the truth.