Is Ovaltine Good for You

Commonly known as a great chocolate all around nutrition drink, Oval tine has been around for a long time. Moms and children alike have been served this drink for an early morning breakfast to go, especially since the makers of Oval tine advertised it as an all in one full meal.

ovaltine1Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, people have been encouraged to drink it warm or hot. Meaning it can be served anyway people like it any time of the day or night. Because it is also available in powder form, it makes it easy for people to take to work and to school, especially since all they have to do is add a little water and they are ready to drink it wherever they are.

Though many households have this beverage in their homes as an all in one meal, there is one question that the health conscious population will ask , and that is , Is Ovaltine good for you? To answer this question with the information that has been gathered from numerous health sites, this is what we have found. There are numerous benefits that can be identified, along with some health concerns too. The top and more notable are provided below.

It’s a Fat-Free Beverage

Based on information found on numerous health sites, the amount of fat in the American diet has been reduced greatly over the years. One of the primary reasons for this change is that some of the fats that Americans are consuming today are unhealthy and will increase the risks of heart disease. Therefore, Americans are having to learn how to identify the bad fats from the good fats and how much that they can consume to remain heart healthy. For instance, According the American Heart Association, everyone should reduce the bad fats that they are eating. Meaning the foods that contain saturated fats should be restricted or completely eliminated from the diet.

One way to restrict and limit the bad fats is to drink beverages like Ovaltine. This is because Ovaltine is a fat free beverage that can be included on any type of fat free diet regimen when people are trying to lose significant amounts of weight.

Great Source of B-Complex Vitamins

ovaltine2Vitamin B is used in the body to convert the food that people eat into energy. It is also the vitamin that is responsible for a wide variety of other normal functions like controlling the appetite so people do not eat as much when they are consuming their meals. Vitamin B is also essential to getting the appropriate amounts of sleep, controlling moods, while also relaxing ones’ nerves. Additionally, everyone needs Vitamin B complex vitamins when they want to speed up their metabolism so it is always needed for people who are trying to lose weight. This is one of the main reasons why the makers of Ovaltine are highly recommending this beverage as a good source of source of Vitamin B complex vitamins. Specifically, since a glass of Ovaltine provides consumer with at least 15% of their daily recommended requirements.

Source of Calcium and Vitamin D

Similar to drinking a glass of fresh white milk, Ovaltine is a good source of Vitamin D and calcium. Both of which are needed for proper bone strength and growth, people can get a significant part of their daily needs when they are drinking Ovaltine for breakfast or during other parts of their day. Children and adults alike need this combination to assist with strengthening these parts of the body so that they will not suffer from diseases like osteoporosis or other medical issues that will make them more susceptible to fractures and other injuries. It is also important to note that one serving of Ovaltine equates to 35% of the daily value requirements for vitamin D and 40% of the daily value requirements for Calcium.

Good for Maintaining Blood Health

Another good reason to include a glass of Ovaltine on a regular basis into the diet is because of the amount of iron that is provided to the body. Since the body can suffer a wide variety of medical problems to the central nervous system and other parts of the body if it is deficient in iron, people need to get it from any source during the day that they can. Meaning a glass of Ovaltine in the morning can be very appropriate for getting portion of the iron that the body needs.

ovaltine3Additionally, it is important for people to know that without the right iron source, people can suffer from many different types of medical conditions including fatigue, increase in pulse rate and even difficulty breathing. So, it is essential for everyone to consume iron in the foods that they eat and even in the beverages that they drink. This is also why the ingredients in Ovaltine provide a significant source or iron too. Presently, a serving Ovaltine will give the body at least 10 percent of its daily requirements.

Sugar content High

While there are many different benefits to drinking Ovaltine, there are some potential health risks and concerns that need to be addressed to. One of the more notable is the amount of sugar contained in a serving. Based on the information provided on its label, one serving of Ovaltine makes up 20% of the normal daily requirement. Because sugar is a cause of wide diversity of medical conditions today, the intake of sugar in this beverage will need to be restricted.

Ovaltine has been a staple in many homes all over the U.S. Moms have given it to their kids as a healthy beverage and adults have taken a serving with them to work as a replacement for a nutritious meal. Even though it has been around for quite sometime, many of us who are concerned about our health want to know the answer to the question, Is Ovaltine good for you? According to the information that many health and nutrition sites have provided, it has a number of good benefits. However, people should also be cautious of its sugar content since it is relatively high for the daily amount that should be consumed.