Is Okra Good For You?

Some people enjoy all kinds of different vegetables, and they like to add them to every meal that they eat. On the other hand, there are others that may not be as fond of eating any type of vegetable at all because they prefer to choose their foods from the meat, dairy and cheese groups. In fact, there is one specific vegetable that some people may like to prepare with several dishes, while others prefer to skip as often as possible, and this is the vegetable that’s called Okra.

Specifically, those people that do not like the texture of okra since it has a slimy taste and feel. Okra goes by other names too including lady’s finger and bamia. This vegetable can also be found in North East African because this is Okra’s area of origin. It is also important to note that some people will not only view okra as a vegetable that people enjoy consuming, but it may be seen as a perennial flower, which is kin to the Malvacaea family.

With this being said, okra is very well known on many tables across the U.S. as well as abroad. So, if you like okra and you want to know if this vegetable is really beneficial for your health, you should review the facts that have been provided below.

Excellent Addition to a Low Calorie Diet Program

When people have to cut calories to lose weight, it can really become difficult over time. This is because there are many foods on the market today that’s known for being on the list of high calorie foods. So, if you are trying to find the best foods for a low calorie diet, you may be limited in the types that you can select, specifically when you are looking for low calorie items that you can really enjoy eating for this period of time. Fortunately, for those of you who enjoy eating okra, you can add this to the diet program and enjoy it relatively large quantities. This is because 100 qrams of okra will only equate to 30 calories. It is also important to note that okra can be eaten alone without any additional items on the side. Or, you may want to make a big pot of gumbo soup, and then fill it up with lots of fresh or frozen vegetables including a hefty serving of okra. Whatever the case, people can pick and choose the type of dishes that they would really like to make.

Okra is good for the Digestive System

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from all kinds of different problems throughout their body. In some cases, people may even have significant problems when they are dealing with their digestive systems. When this happens, the person may want to supplement their diet regimens with more fiber. Or, they may choose other all natural options to deal with their digestive problems. For instance, you may want to add okra as a all natural digestive remedy because the contents found in okra is mucilage substances. This substance okrais idea for a number of different reasons including cleaning out the gut and the digestive system without assistance from any kinds of prescription drugs.

Controls Type 2 Diabetes

One of the biggest problems that people experience when they are dealing with diabetes is finding the right foods to eat. Because exercise and the right diet programs can keep control type 2 diabetes and keep severe problems away, everyone should pay very close attention to the foods that they are eating on a regular basis. When identifying these foods in advance, everyone should make a list of the foods that may cause health problems and another list that aids in controlling the blood sugar level. Fortunately, there are some great foods on the market that can help people to deal with these and other problems.

Aids in Eliminating Constipation

Similar to someone eating prunes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, okra is also an excellent aid in eliminating constipation. Therefore, if you are having problems with constipation, and you want to eliminate it by eating an all-natural source remedy instead of taking over the counter or prescription drugs, you should add Okra as the fiber as a number one choice. The way it works is ideal for cleaning out the large intestines. Okra is also great for getting rid of the bad bacteria.

Protects and Builds up the Immune System

Some people have a very difficult time each year fighting colds and dealing with different kinds of flus. Normally, the fight begins when the person has a weaken immune system that needs to be repaired. Though there are many ways to build and strength, some solutions are much better than others. So, for those of you who want to make sure that your immune system is strong and can benefit from a boost, you should make sure to add okra to the diet. Adding okra to any kind of diet program does not have to difficult if people are doing their research well in ad advance. So, it is essential that people who prefer okra instead of other vegetables to make sure that they are eaten in large quantities so that they can provide the greatest benefits.


As stated previously, Okra is a vegetable that many people enjoy eating today, while others may like because of its odd slimy texture and feel. However, if you can get past this odd texture, you can take advantage of the nutritional benefits that it has on everyone health today. This is because okra can aid in many different functions of the body including helping to eliminate problems constipation, building up and protecting the immune system, and controlling type 2 diabetes. Okra can also be a great addition to many different diet programs when people are trying to lose a few pounds and more. Specifically, because Okra is very low in calories and can be added to dishes like Gumbo soup, vegetable soups and the like. This is also a vegetable that can be eaten plain without any other condiments or dishes. So, if you want to know the answer to the question, Is okra good for you?, the answer is yes.