Is Metamucil Good for You

Every once in a while, people need help with their digestive systems. In fact, based on the types of foods that everyone eats, how much water is consumed regularly, and the condition of their overall body, some people may need help with constipation more than others. For these and others similar situations, the manufacturers of Metamucil have created a product that is designed to help people with these problems by providing a mild solution that works. While some people may refer to Metamucil as a mild laxative, the company that makes it may simply say that it is a fiber supplement that can assist people with a gradual way to relieve their bodies of waste. Either way, one of the first questions that most people may want and need an answer to is, Is Metamucil good for you?

metamucil1To respond to this specific question, this article will address its benefits, how frequently this product should be used, and some precautions that must be taken. So, for those of you who want to know more about this product, here are some facts about Metamucil that everyone should know.

What is Metamucil?

Metamucil has been on the market since 1934, and is currently a staple in many homes around the U.S. today. It can be described as a fiber that’s used in the treatment of constipation. When this product is added to a daily diet regiment, it can be used to reduce cholesterol. This type of bulk forming fiber can also be found under more than one name, which is called psyllium (generic name). To make the stool of a person easier to pass through the intestinal track, people need the combination of bulk fiber and water mixed together to start and complete the process.

Based on the person and their individual preferences, this fiber supplement can be taken in several different forms. So, the users of this product may purchase this product in capsules and powder forms. If people do not like dealing with capsules or powder, they may have an additional option and that its to purchase Metamucil as a wafer.

Metamucil Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol

Though most people may think of taking Metamucil as a mild laxative only when they are dealing with constipation problems, others may know that this product can assist and support other health concerns as well. One of the most important is taking Metamucil as a way to treat and lower cholesterol. So, when people want to make sure that their cholesterol levels are within the proper ranges at all times, they may decide to add Metamucil as a regular aid in the digestive process.

Further, based on information published by the Journal of Nutricion Hospitalaria in the year 2010, increasing dietary fiber is one of the best ways to reduce bad cholesterol. Reducing bad cholesterol is essential to good health since it will also help to lower the risks of heart attacks. For example, according to these studies, people who doubled their fiber intake were recorded as experiencing the most significant changes in lowering their cholesterol.
Great for Speeding up Weight Loss

People have difficulty losing weight sometimes because the weight loss program that they follow does not include essential things that they must done. Specifically, those that that will get the weight off and keep it off permanently. One of the most notable is ensuring the person’s digestive system is functioning properly. In some cases, to make the changes needed, dieters may need to add more fiber to give the metabolism a big boost. This is why Metamucil is an excellent source of bulk fiber that people can use when they are dieting. With this supplement, a number of essential things happen including helping the person to feel fuller faster, while also decreasing food cravings for sweets and other snacks.

Lower Blood Pressure

Its not uncommon for both adults and children alike to suffer from hypertension. So, most people are looking for different ways to keep their blood pressure under control. Even though prescription medications can be prescribed by the physician to address these problems, there are often harsh side effects that people wan to avoid. Fortunately, a higher fiber intake has also be linked to lower blood pressure so it is all natural method that does not have all of the bad side effects. With this in mind, Metamucil contains the high fiber content that is needed to keep the blood pressure within the levels that it is needed.

Special Instructions and Cautions
As with any kind of supplement, everyone should make sure that they are following the directions of the manufacturer. Specifically, the instructions that direct people on the proper dosage and how often this supplement can be taken. Meaning people should follow what is being recommended very closely.

Even though this product has the amount of fiber that is needed to keep the digestive system moving properly, it is important for users to know that this is only an alternative to eating foods that contain fiber. Therefore, people should make sure that they eating lots of foods that contain fiber instead of being solely dependent upon this kind of supplement.

Metamucil has been around for over 50 years now, and it is a product that is commonly known around the U.S. and abroad. Some people have Metamucil in their kitchen or bathroom cabinets so that it can be taken whenever it is needed. So, it is a staple in many homes all over the U.S. today. Metamucil is not only confined to being used for bouts of constipation, but it can be used for a number of other purposes too which are highly recommended. Three of the most beneficial including adding fiber to the diet to lose more weight, reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure levels to eliminate hypertension.

Before adding Metamucil to a list of all natural remedies, everyone should make sure that they are taking the necessary precautions. These precautions usually include reading the directions carefully prior to beginning a long term regimen, and making sure to eat high fiber foods instead of relying on Metamucil as the one and only source of bulk fiber.