Is Granola Good For You?

Due to all of the problems that people are having with their health today, many people are concerned about what they are eating and what they are feeding their families. So, when health and nutritionists recommend better ways of eating, and what foods that provide the most nutritional value, more people are paying close attention to what these professionals are saying. One food in particular that many people are eating more of today, are those that contain oats as their primary ingredients.

Oats can be found in a number of different food products including granola cereals, granola bars and the like. Many of which have been deemed as being healthier for the body’s digestive system as well as providing a host of other great benefits. However, for those of you who are interested in knowing more about granola, as it relates to its overall contribution to being healthy for the body, here’s some information that you should know.

Different Types of Granola Products on the Market — Healthy vs Non-Healthy Additives

Before getting started with discussing all of the great benefits that a bowl of granola cereal can offer to you and your family, we must address the fact that all granola products are not the same. In fact, there are some major differences in the content and the value in each product due to all of the added ingredients that manufacturers are including before they hit the shelves. For instance, to make sure granola cereals and granola bars taste good for people to buy and come back for more, some manufacturers are adding extra sugar and saturated fat content. The amounts added can vary from one to granola product to another so the nutritional value can range from bad to a very unhealthy snack. Therefore, before simply taking the family to an all-out granola healthy eating bonanza, you should make sure that you are reading the labels to see what your products contain. For instance, some people may think that they are eating a healthy granola bar for their snack, while they are eating a granola product that’s filled with extra sugars and saturated fat. To avoid these issues and concerns, please keep reading below.

Low Calorie Food

granolaAs referenced previously, granola has a lot of awesome benefits that’s healthy for the body. However, the types of granola products consumed can make a significant difference in the health of the food products sitting on the grocery shelves. To avoid eating the wrong foods, people should only eat granola that eliminates these additives. In fact, when people are watching closely, they can take advantage of one of its greatest benefits, and that is granola products can serve as a great low calorie food. Meaning in its all natural state, granola can be incorporated into many low calorie diet regimens. Specifically, those that highly recommend a certain amount of high fiber content foods in their program. For instance, granola can help to dress up a plain cup of low fat yogurt by adding a tasty crunch to it.

Boost of Energy for the Body — Replaces that Unhealthy Candy Bar

To perform well on any job, people need the proper nutrition to get through the day. A good breakfast and a good lunch are often essential for people who want to perform at their maximum potential. Though breakfast and lunch may be given great consideration well in advance, some people may neglect to plan for the extra boost of energy that they will need between lunch and the dinner hours. Normally, during these times people are still at work, and their energy can begin to drain and remain at its lowest level, especially if the person does not find a quick snack to take care of these times. Unfortunately, this is these are the hours when most people visit their office snack machine for a candy bar and soda, which can cause significant problems when done on a continuous basis.

Because the main reason for eating during these hours is to get the boost of energy that is needed, the snack that the person eats does not have to be a bad snack like a candy bar or a soda. Instead, this is one of the best times to reach for a granola bar. An all-natural granola bar with no additives can provide the extra boost of energy that is needed to get rid of that sluggish feeling. Granola is also one of the best foods for those who are trying to continue performing at their highest levels. Granola is also great for providing a continuous source of energy that will not cause the body to spike and then crash and burn after being consumed.

Prevention of Anemia

Anemia is a very serious medical condition that people all over the globe are suffering from today. Even though the effects are serious, some people may not even realize that they have these issues, until their physician diagnosis it. Anemia can cause a wide diversity of problems including intestinal disorders, depression, headaches, and cognitive malfunctions. Fortunately, because the benefits of granola are far reaching, people who suffer with these problems can avoid these issues by eating granola that is enriched with iron supplementation on a regular basis. The iron that it supplies can help to build the red blood cells so that the person is not deficient.

Is Granola Good For You? Granola is a very healthy food that provides a number of great benefits for the body. However, before adding granola to the family’s diet in large volumes, it is important that you understand the differences between the healthy brands that manufacturers are offering and those that contain extra sugar and saturated fat content. Knowing the differences can make a big change in ones diet. Meaning without these extra additives to the products ingredients, granola is good low calorie snack, it provides a boost of energy that’s needed for the body, and is also a good source of iron that can help to prevent anemia.