Is Ginger Ale Soda Good for You

Is Ginger Ale Soda Good For You? You often find ginger ale and other sodas at a catered company outing. According to most nutritionists, all sodas have been given a bad name, and rightly so. Since many of the sodas on the market today are made with all kinds of different harmful sugars, caffeine and sodium content, the ingredients alone is a recipe for all kinds of medical problems and diseases. From chronic dehydration that can adversely affect the body to severe problems with tooth decay, these beverages have always been a problem for parents and other adults alike that want to protect their health and others to.

ginger-ale-soda1However, there are some times when a soda may be just what a person needs when they are encountering health problems that they need a quick remedy for. In fact, one common soda that people usually turn to during these times is ginger ale since it has been known down through the years by moms and their kids as a quick aid to settling a stomach ache. So, with this being said, let’s explore a little more about the soda, ginger ale, to see what most people will find. In specific, what is the answer to the question, Is Ginger Ale Soda Good For You?

What’s in Ginger Ale that makes it Different from Other Sodas

According to numerous sources, ginger ale is quite different. This is because ginger ale has some amazing benefits inits contents. For instance, when doing the research on this soda, some resources are stating that the ginger for these products are currently being harvested for medicinal purposes. In fact, based on the information that some of these professional resources published, the ale in the ginger actually means medicinal. Therefore, when ginger is being harvested, it is intentionally being prepared for medicinal purposes instead of just a drink that people will enjoy. Particularly, because the research that had been done has previously shown that the combination of ginger and ale has the following benefits:

Common Benefits of Ginger Ale

Aids in Relieving Problems with the Digestive System

Many people tend to have problems with their digestive systems from time to time. In fact, some people have to watch the foods that they eat very closely on a daily basis to protect their overall health. In some cases, there are foods that people cannot consume without becoming severely ill. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are eating gluten free diets and the like. Consequently, with all of the digestive problems that people can have, they may need a quick aid to alleviate these and other related issues. Fortunately, there are a number of different all natural quick relief aids that can help when these issues occur, and that is why people should know about ginger ale and the purposes it can serve.

For example, Ginger is known in the health and medical community as being an active ingredient that’s called “gingerol. “ So, in many cases where someone is suffering from problems with their digestive systems, these medical and health professionals may recommend ginger to their patients as a potential effective remedy. Primarily, because ginger provides relatively quick relief to the body’s digestive system by causing intestinal spasms gradually slow down until they stop.

Good Remedy for Cold and Flus

In addition to acting as an aid for a wide diversity of stomach problems, it can also be recommended for cold and flues. Because ginger’s make-up contains the compound “zingibain”, it is also great for being used as a cold and flu remedy. This is because it has antibacterial properties that can positively affect the body’s immune system.

Great for using for Upset Stomach and Abdominal Pain

ginger-ale-soda2No one likes the feeling that they get in the pit of their stomach when they have eaten a dish that their stomach really does not like. In fact, when the stomach decides to rebel, people can be in a lot of severe pain. When this occurs, the only thing that people usually focus on is getting rid of the pain quickly, and ginger ale is normally high on the list. In fact, in some countries like Europe and the U.S., it is quite common for people with an upset stomach to drink a ginger ale or two to get rid of abdominal pain, reduce any nausea that they are experiencing from their upset stomach.

Can be found in traditional Cold Medicines

Surprisingly enough, most people may not known that the ingredient ginger can be found in many of the traditional cold medicines today as one of their primary ingredients. Specifically, the traditional medications that people use during the cold winter months (i.e. antiemetic drugs, and analgesic agents).

Recommended for a variety of other illnesses

ginger-ale-soda3Ginger ale is also being highly recommended for a number of other illnesses and medical conditions too. Many of which can range from reducing stress that people experience and coldness that people may suffer from. Therefore, in order to become familiar with all of its other valuable benefits, people should research as much as they can on ginger ale’s ingredients and its overall the health benefits.


Though there are many different benefits of drinking ginger ale, it is important for people to keep in mind that beverage is classed as a soda. Since sodas are usually packed with sugar and high in caffeine and sodium content, drinking it on a regular bases can lead to other illnesses including obesity. Therefore, when people are drinking ginger ale, it must be done in moderation. Specifically, when the person is experiencing an upset stomach, cold or flus.


Ginger ale is a soda that has been around along time as a staple in the soda industry. People usually drink ginger ale as a good tasting flavorful beverage. However, it is also known for having medicinal value during the times when people are suffering from an upset stomach, abdominal pain and other common illnesses and medical conditions. Because of the downsides of traditional sodas, however, it should be consumed in moderation or occasionally, and not as a regular flavorful beverage.