Is Drinking Pickle Juice Good For You?

Some people love the taste of pickles with their sandwich at lunch time, others may like to pack on the pickles with a burger or two at dinner time. Pickles can be a family favorite, as an addition to a variety of different types of sandwiches and meals. The choice is up to the individual.

Even though most everyone knows how good the taste of pickles can be (sweet, sour, and dill), there are few more things that need to be addressed in this write up. First of all, when all of the pickles are gone from the jar, the only thing that is left to do is discard the pickle juice that is left over. Before reading this article, this may have been a common practice in your home. However, when you finish reading all of the benefits that pickle juice offers, you may decide to keep this juice around for consumption for members of your family. Meaning if you are interested in learning more about the juice that is left over, here are some top benefits that have been found.

Functions as a Hangover Cure

Even though most people know how rotten they will feel after they have had several glasses of alcohol, they usually drink anyway. Waking up early in the morning with a banging headache is not only a bad feeling, people want some relief right away. Learning what cures a hangover is one of the keys to getting rid of them fast. So, for those of you who want to know what to do if you are ever in this position, you can go to the refrigerator or the cupboards to get a jar of pickles, and then drink the pickle juice. While this may sound a little strange as a cure, according to numerous creditable resources, this cure really works. This is because a hangover is due to dehydration, specifically because alcohol is diuretic that depletes the body of its water. So, it is important for people to get hydrated as soon as possible. Pickle juice works well because it replenishes the sodium levels that have been lost from the body.

Post Workout Cure

pickle-juice-healthyMany of today’s professional athletes and newbies alike workout hard to keep in shape. Some perform high intensity exercise programs that takes a toll on their body’s after a period of time. In order to get their strength back after sweating buckets of water, many athleete have been trained to reach for sports drinks to refresh themselves, and to restore their electrolytes after their workout. Though these routines tend to be quite the tradition, the sports drink is not the only way to quickly restore electrolytes and hydrate the body. Instead, athletes can always get the sodium that they need by grabbing that left over pickle juice. Researchers who are responsible for conducting these studies are also recommending pickle juice as part of pre-workout routine too. By adding pickle juice doing pre-workouts, The National Institute of Health is also saying that injecting high sodium content can improve performance and thermoregulation.

PMS Remedy

Some women suffer more than others from PMS so they can attest to the fact that it causes the body to go through significant unwanted changes during these times. From suffering from painful cramps in the stomach to craving for dishes that contain salty foods, there is a lot that women all over the globe experience in different parts of their body. To eliminate these problems, moms have recommended a number of proven things that work, while some physicians may recommend prescription medications. The severity in which one suffers will often determine what needs to be done and what course of action to take. However, for those of you who want and prefer an all-natural remedy that you can grab out of your own kitchen cabinets, you may be glad to discover that the left over pickle juice may be just what you need to get you through those days. Pickle juice is also know as being a cure for alleviating cramps and for curbing the salt cravings that women struggle with each month.

Hear burn Relief

Due to all of the different types of foods that people consume today, there are times when people have problems digesting their foods properly. In some cases, the person may suffer from heartburn when they have eaten various kinds of greasy or spicy foods. When this happens, there is a quick solution that people can grab to alleviate and soothe the heartburn that they are experiencing. Again, the vinegar in the pickle juice can eliminate the effects of this acid by neutralize it. Thereby, eliminating the effects of their heart burn.

Relieves Problems with Charley Horses (Muscle Cramps)

Next time you wake up at night from the pain of a charley horse in your leg, you will know exactly what to do. Charley horses can be a very painful experience that many people have problems from time to time. Addressing these problems right away is one of the best courses of actions. Specifically, if you do not want them to occur again. So, for those of you who want a remedy that can cut these issues off at the path, you can drink a little pickle juice to eliminate these painful cramps.

Is Drinking Pickle Juice Good For You? Because pickle juice has so many different awesome benefits, most people will more than likely say, yes. Especially, after they become familiar with all of the things that it can be used for. Women can use it to relieve problems that they are experiencing with PMS. After a night of alcohol consumption, it is a great drink for getting rid of a hangover. Pickle juice can also be used to relieve heart burn. Even when people wake-up at night with a charley horse, the pain that one experiences can be alleviated with a cup or two of this juice. In fact, there are so many different beneficial things that pickle juice can be used for.