Is Catfish Good For You?

Today, people have so many different food products in the grocery stores that they can make their selections from. From gourmet frozen foods that comes from famous restaurants to delicious fresh fruits that people can add to virtually any meal, the selections and cuisines seem to be endless. Though some foods look like they have always been around, they are still special favorites for family meals. In fact, for those families that like to eat fresh fish on Friday, catfish has been a number one choice over the years. While this is true in many cases, you may want to know, Is Catfish really Good For You?

To respond to this question, it is important for people to do their research first. Specifically, because the answer to this question must be backed up with supporting documentation and it can differ from one resource to another. With this in mind, here’s some of the top benefits of adding catfish to any diet regimen.

Good Source of Protein

There are some diet programs that promote eating lots of protein and less carbohydrates. These diets are often great for losing significant amounts of weight. However, one of the drawbacks to following these types of diet regimens is finding foods that contain the appropriate amount of catcfprotein that is needed to keep them healthy. Fortunately, protein can be found in foods other than red meat and chicken, it can also be found in foods like catfish. Since catfish can be prepared in a number of different ways, people can enjoy their catfish in a manner that they really like it. From baked and broiled to fried catfish, a little tarter sauce on the side makes it a wonderful source of protein that many people enjoy eating, sometimes as often as they can. Further, because protein is good for so many different things, it makes catfish a great option for aiding in keeping the body strong. It does this by building the immune system, providing energy and increasing muscle mass in various areas of the body.

Low in Calories and Fat – Great Choice for Losing Weight

It’s not uncommon for people to try all kinds of different diet programs and regimens before the lose amount of weight that they really want to. In some cases, people may follow diets that lead to the yoyo dieting effect, simply because a few pounds are usually lost and then picked up over and over again. To stop this revolving door, there are numerous things that people can do. One of the most important is finding a diet regimen to follow that the person really likes. Even if the diet will yield great results, it usually does not work, especially when they do not like the foods that they will be served. Fortunately, when dieters are following menus that allow foods like catfish on their plans, they will have a better chance of being successful in losing the extra pounds. This is because catfish is not only a food that many dieters really enjoy, it is low enough in calories (122 calories in a 3 oz. serving of catfish) to make a significant change in a person’s weight. Therefore, catfish is not only the good start of great meal, it is really good for those who want to lose weight.

Source of Vitamin B-12

Getting enough vitamin B-12 in the body is not always easy since people need to eat food sources that contain it, specifically in large enough quantities for the body to store what it needs. Fortunately, when people add catfish to their diets, they can get a hefty amount of b-12 at one time. In fact, based on health and nutrition studies and recommendations, when people eat one serving of catfish, they are giving their bodies as much as 40 percent of their daily recommended requirements. It is also important to note that B-12 is essential to the body for a number of different reasons including getting the food intake needed for usable energy. This vitamin is also a requirement for other functions in the body, specifically for nerve functions. When a person is deficient in vitamin B-12, they may even find that they can suffer from medical conditions that lead to being lethargic at times.

Low in Mercury

Though there are many different great benefits to eating fish, there are some drawbacks too. One in which involves fish product containing a substance called mercury. Mercury can be a big concern for fish eaters since it is classed as a contaminant that can adversely impact the body’s nervous system. Unlike other fish that’s found in the sea, catfish does not contain high amounts of mercury. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency has reported catfish on the list of items that are safe to consume. It is also one of the most commonly consumed fish sources that people add to the family table. However, since there is the potential for over exposure when consuming it in large amounts, the recommended amounts should be limited to 12 oz. of catfish per week. For instance, when women are pregnant, high levels of mercury may have the potential for harming the unborn baby.


Catfish is the great beginning of a good meal and it is eaten all over the U.S. in relatively large quantities. People can enjoy catfish with several side dishes or they may decide to eat it alone with nothing to complement it. Regardless of the type of preparation that people follow, it is important for everyone to know that catfish has a number of great benefits. Some of the more beneficial include being a good source of protein, excellent option ]for losing weight, and a food that provide high levels of B-12 to protect the nerving system. However, before anyone consumes catfish in significantly large amount, it is important to remember that catfish should be eaten within certain limits. By watching the amounts that people eat on a regular basis, everyone can avoid compromising their nervous system with a high levels of mercury content.