Is Activia Good For You

Many people cringe when they hear the word fermentation. They think about bacteria, and then they think about all the smells and tastes associated with it. For those who aren’t avid yogurt fans, the mere idea of eating something that’s fermented is an automatic turn off. After all, yogurt is nothing but the byproduct of the natural fermentation of milk by bacterial cultures.

However, for those who love yogurt and eat it on a regular basis, the smell and taste are the actual best parts. It does matter, though, which yogurt you actually purchase, and one of the best yogurt companies in the market is Activia.

Activia is a popular yogurt brand owned by an equally popular company known commonly as Dannon. Dannon makes several different brands of yogurt, with Activia being the pioneer in the ability to spoon probiotic yogurt. This was when it was first launched in 1980. Since then, Activia has been innovating the dairy department when it comes to probiotics. The key market for Activia is the growing health-crazed industry worldwide, since Activia claims to be one of the healthiest yogurts in the market. Activia also offers a wide selection of fruit flavors including cherry, apricot, strawberry, and pear among many others. These selections differ depending on the region of the world. They also offer all-natural, fat free, and light alternatives. They also have a variety of yogurt styles to choose from: Greek, creamy, drinkable, and pouring. activia-health-benefitsAll these choices help make Activia the go-to brand for healthy and delicious yogurts. Here are some of the benefits of Activia yogurt.

Probiotic power

The differences between every brand of yogurt are in the types of bacterial strains each one carries. Activia developed a proprietary strain of probiotic bacteria, Bifidobacterium that can survive in yogurts. Bifido Regularis is what sets Activia apart from other yogurts in the market. The benefits of this probiotic are helpful for the digestive system. Regularly consuming Activia can help regulate bowel movements and keep certain gastrointestinal conditions at bay. Activia is especially helpful in preventing diarrhea and upset stomach.

Healthy bones

Activia provides the body with just the right amount of calcium and vitamin D to support bone health. As we age, the density and strength of our bones slowly diminish, and this process actually happens at a faster rate for women than men. Bone density loss is a serious condition that affects many people, especially those who do not receive adequate amounts of calcium in their diets. When your bones are frail, that’s when you become more susceptible to bone damage, osteoporosis, immobility, and many other problems. Vitamin D is also important in the body, as it helps in the absorption of calcium. The two work hand in hand to promote healthy bones in the body.

Protein source

Aside from calcium and vitamin D, Activia also has ample amounts of protein to offer. Protein is one of the most important compounds the body needs to function. It is necessary for the maintenance and repair of various tissues throughout the body. It is also one of the main energy sources the body uses to function optimally. There are many different types of proteins that have different uses in the body. Some proteins function as enzymes that work as catalysts for various chemical reactions throughout the body. Other proteins function as components in hormones. Still other proteins work to create antibodies that fight off numerous illnesses and infections. These are just some of the few essential roles that protein plays in the body, and having Activia yogurt as part of a regular diet will ensure that there’s plenty of protein for the body to spare.

Weight loss option

With all its health benefits, yogurts can be considered as one of the best foods to have while maintaining weight. Since it helps in the regulation of the digestive system, Activia can prevent bloating or other digestive issues that can become a nuisance or a hindrance when it comes to a weight loss regimen. There are also options for low calories that will help those who are on a limited calorie diet. And despite being low in calories, they are high in protein. So you can be guaranteed the energy and muscle supplementation you’ll need while working out.

How to eat Activia

There are many ways you can incorporate Activia yogurt into your diet. First off, Activia can be great for breakfast. Mixed with fruit, grains, or muesli, Activia can become an entire meal on its own. A breakfast smoothie with the benefits of a probiotic yogurt can make for an enjoyable and healthy drink. It can also be eaten on the side as part of a complete breakfast meal.

There are also many dishes that uses yogurt as a component. Activia can be used together with some Mediterranean dishes or as an accompaniment to curry dishes. It can also be used to make sauces and marinades for meats or as a flavored dip for vegetables and fruit. Activia can also be an alternative to dessert. There’s a sweet and tangy taste to many Activia flavors. It can be one of the healthiest desserts you can ever find. There are many recipes that include fruits and frozen yogurt in lieu of ice cream.


Your body needs all the help you can provide it to stay healthy, and one of the best ways to help it is by regularly eating Activia yogurt. The probiotics alone will make your gut extremely happy and healthy at the same time. Along with the other nutrients you get when eating Activia, you also get a great tasting food that’s also versatile and easy to eat. It can even be eaten on the go. If you aren’t a fan of Activia yogurt already, you should try some. Your body will thank you for it.


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