Are Gummy Vitamins Good For You?

The human body is a complicated machine. It needs so many different types of fuel to function optimally. We all know that fuel for our bodies comes from the food that we consume. Unfortunately, not all foods are equal when it comes to the amount of proper fuel they give the body. Some give more than others; others still give less than what the body requires. Still, other types of food give no good fuel at all. This is the main reason why most people, if not all, need some type of supplementation. The foods we eat are generally just not enough to keep our bodies well oiled.

The evolution of the modern industry of dietary supplements began in the early 20th century when scientists began to believe that diseases could be prevented by filling in the deficiencies in regular nutrition with supplements. Vitamins usually come in pill form and can cover for specific vitamins and nutrients or a combination of two or more. The development of gummy vitamins began as a way to make supplements more attractive to children. Gummy vitamins do tend to look more like candy than medicine after all. However in recent years, gummy vitamins have evolved to be attractive to the adult market as well. This can be for many different reasons. Some say that gummy vitamins are just easier to swallow than regular pills. Others claim that they like the convenience of being able to chew gummies on the go without the need for water. Regardless of the reason, adults take gummy vitamins because of the benefits they cagummy-vitamins-healthyn bring.

Food or supplementation

Unfortunately, the general public is as unhealthy as ever, maybe even more so than before. Although there are so many lifestyle trends that point towards healthier eating and living, most of those trends are actually hard for the masses to follow. People are still eating poorly, and if they are eating well, they might not be eating the right kinds of food. Just what the right kinds of food the body needs is the ultimate mystery for many people. Majority of the public doesn’t ask as to what kind of vitamins need fulfillment in their bodies? Many people eat to count calories but not to count daily recommended intakes of specific vitamins and minerals. The truth is regardless of how healthy you think you might be eating, you’re still not getting all the nutrients your body needs to be at its best. This is when supplementation should step in.

The need for gummies

It may seem child’s play, but gummy vitamins can provide your body with a host of nutrients you otherwise wouldn’t get from just eating what you normally eat. In order to function properly, your body needs a total of 13 different vitamins altogether. This includes vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins. This doesn’t include all the other minerals and elements your body needs to be in normal levels in order to function properly such as Potassium and Magnesium among many others. In addition, many people have special dietary needs that can’t or may not be fulfilled by food alone such as extra calcium for the elderly. Gummy vitamins can fill in such nutritional gaps in any type of diet.

Types of gummy vitamins

There are many different kinds of gummy vitamins in the market, and you have to make sure that you are taking just what is needed. Much like with other supplementation, you have to consult with your health care provider before including gummy vitamins into your diet to make sure you don’t end up with excesses in certain nutrients. This can pose a danger to your health as well. Also, since there are several brands to choose from, you have to understand that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements; therefore, you have to take into consideration third party affiliates and their reputations when it comes to approving the use of specific gummy vitamins.

There are gummies that act as multivitamins and contain a host of essential nutrients. There are also gummies for those who only need folic acid such as pregnant women and even biotin for those looking to improve their skin, hair, and nails. There are some vitamins such as thiamin that are purposely left out of gummies because of how they affect the taste.

Risks of gummy vitamins

Much like their gummy bear predecessors, gummy vitamins also have enough sugar in them to count. Although you may only need a couple of vitamins at a time, it counts if you’re keeping track of them. Also, sugar can cause problems with other parts of your body such as your teeth. Since gummies tend to stick to hard to reach areas, its important to make sure your teeth are well cleaned after you take your gummy vitamins. Also, there can be a high risk of overdosing when it comes to taking gummy vitamins. As sweet as they are, gummy vitamins can easily be mistaken for regular gummy bears. There’s a real danger when it comes to taking too much of gummy vitamins in that the levels of nutrients in the body become too high. Make sure you don’t find yourself popping gummy vitamins in your mouth just randomly.


When it comes to vitamins, it’s better to take some than none at all. If gummy vitamins appeal to you, then you should go for it. Gummy vitamins work just as well as traditional vitamin supplements. Get clearance from your health care provider to make sure you are taking the right kind of gummy vitamins and also to make sure that you don’t have any special dietary needs. Gummy vitamins are one type of supplements you’re sure to enjoy.


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