Are Dried Cranberries Good For You

Preparing good meals for the family to eat is not only a matter of serving delicious cuisine, moms and dads must consider the nutritional value of what is placed on the table. Starting with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, everything that is consumed should be part of a healthy diet plan for the entire family.

Because some family members may have special dietary needs based on certain medical issues, all of this and more must be taken into consideration. Specifically, those foods that can benefit the body in different ways. So, it is essential that people do their homework, especially as it relates to adding snacks for the family to take with them to school, work and other activities as well.Are Dried Cranberries Healthy

Because many families are avoiding sweets like chocolate bars and gummy bears today, they can be substituted with other healthy snacks like fruits. The types of fruits packed for outside activities, however, can differ greatly since some parents choose to give their kids fruits in the form of dried snacks like dried cranberries. Though dried cranberries may sound ideal for both the sweet taste and the ease of carry them from one activity to another, there are a few things that everyone should know about dried cranberries before they become a permanent preference in the family’s repertoire of healthy snacks.

Benefits of Eating Cranberries

Urinary Tract Infections

It’s not uncommon for women all over the U.S. to learn what cranberries can do for them. This is because cranberry juice is normally highly recommended to women who are having issues with their urinary tracts. Because the urinary tract is well known for being affected by infections that spread to the urethra and the bladder, women need some assistance to clear these infections. The role of cranberry juice is not only to clean it thoroughly, but also inhibiting bacteria from growing again in these areas.

Good Source of Fiber

Another great benefit that people can look forward to when they are adding cranberries to their diet is the extra fiber content that it provides. When people add cranberries to any diet regimen, each individual can consume as much as 20% of their daily recommended amounts easily based on the amount of cranberries being consumed. Meaning if an individual is having problems with their digestive system or with constipation, a regular diet of cranberries is great for helping to keep the body functioning properly instead of needing to obtain and use over the counter laxatives.

Low in Calories Content

Losing weight can be a challenge within itself. Because most diets restrict the number of calories that can be eaten, people are always looking for low calorie options that taste both good and filling. Therefore, when people are looking to see which fruits are the most beneficial and are naturally low in calories and fat content, they should make sure that they are considering cranberries. Cranberries are a great addition to many different types of diet programs. Specifically, because these little tasty morsels are normally very good for being very flexible. So, people can add the dried cranberries to a salad, cereal, yogurt or other low calorie food options. Also, when eaten in smaller quantities, they can also be eaten alone. Thereby, being a very good complement to quite a few low calorie alternatives.

Prevention of Ulcers

When a person gets stomach ulcers, they may not know where its coming from. According to health and medical studies, these ulcers usually comes from a type of bacteria that stores itself in the body, and its name is known in the medical community as Helicobacter pylori. Because this kind of bacteria attaches itself to the lining of the human stomach, it can be prevented by consuming cranberries. Cranberries are beneficial in preventing these problems from occurring.

Dental health

Some people have significant problems with their teeth for all kinds of different reasons. One common reason that can be eliminated by paying attention to the types of fruits eaten. To reduce the inflammation in the gums, you may want to add cranberries as a phytonutrients in order to keep these and others similar dental issues at bay.

Cardiovascular Disease

Even though some people enjoy the taste of cranberries in any form, they may still be surprised to know the total number of benefits that cranberries have on the body. Specifically, as these benefits relate to the cardiovascular system. When people consume cranberries, they are also helping to eliminate and clear plaque buildup from the vessels of the walls. Meaning cranberries can help to reduce the chances of heart disease.

Reduction in Nutrients When Eaten in Dried Form

Though cranberries have many different benefits that people can take advantage of when they are eating these tasty fruits with a meal or a snack, there are a few more things that people must be aware of. One of the most important is that cranberries will lose some of its potency and nutritional value when they are made into a dried form. Therefore, the number of benefits can be reduced when cranberries are not eaten in its original natural state as the traditional fruit.

When people need a healthy meal or snack, they should reach for food items that can benefit them most. Fortunately, there are lot of foods on the market today that can add a lot of nutritional value on a regular basis. Some of these food items are known all over the globe, and they are made for both children and adults. With a relatively long list of medical benefits, this can apply to dried fruits like cranberries. This is because can offer a wide diversity of great medical benefits including helping with losing weight, reducing heart disease, protecting dental health, lower calorie content in foods and clearing the urinary tract of bad bacteria. Before adding dried cranberries as one of the top healthy beneficial foods or snacks, people need to know that it is lower in nutrition when it is being served as a dried fruit.