Zipfizz Review – Does This Multi-Vitamin Work?

According to its official page, Zipfizz is a great tasting and healthy energy drink, responsible for the delivery of a powerful charge of micronutrients to the user’s body. The product has fueled that revolution with its great tasting, healthy alternative push of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the drink also provides the body with electrolytes, antioxidant immune boosting nutrients and caps it off with our signature burst of B-12.

Packaged in a tube, this product is in powder form and users are required to mix it with water and consume it as a drink. After this, most people have reported an immediate, revitalizing burst of energy. The product, created using an advanced formula responsible for providing the body with fewer calories, lower carbohydrates, great taste and a rush of vitamins, amino acids among other ingredients. These nutrients also boosts the body’s immune system, ensuring that users do not lose their immunity after hard workouts.


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Additional benefits of a full tube of Zipfizz multi-vitamin include;

Enhanced Performance- The product has 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from Guarana and green tea leaves. These ingredients known for their ability to provide the body with enhanced energy levels while also heightening alertness when going about one’s daily activities.

B12 Energy- Mainly derived from Vitamin B12, this energy is responsible for the increase in mental focus, restoration of mental clarity and supporting emotional balance. Vitamin B12 also helps in reduction of stress in the brain while also helping the central nervous system.

Boosting Overall Immune- Up to 500mg of vitamin C is in this product. It delivers a high dose of antioxidants in the body, hence boosting the cells immunity levels. Additionally, its plays part in removal of toxins from the body, hence preventing diseases in the end. 500mg of Vitamin C is equivalent to five glasses of orange juice.zippfizz-side-effects

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity- This is a method used in the measurement of antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements consumed by humans. An increase in antioxidants in the body promotes the creation of a natural defense mechanism in the body.

Active Ingredients

Under its FAQ page, Zipfizz boasts of using a science of up to 25 different nutritional ingredients that work together in order to provide the body with some balance when it comes to; detoxification, energy and immunity. This makes this product perfect for athletes, students, executives and those people who need energy while on the go. The active ingredients in this product include;

Nine Vitamins- These includes all the vitamin B, C, E and folate. They are water-soluble vitamins and helps the digestive tract absorbs what it needs and gets rid of any excesses. They are responsible for the building of strong muscles and joints, preventing common illnesses such as arthritis. These ingredients are also vital in providing the body with immunity, hence keeping it free from illnesses that may tend to slow down our bodies’ functioning.

Six Minerals- They are; sodium, calcium, chromium, zinc, manganese and selenium. Each of these ingredients provide the body increased rates of metabolism, ensuring that complications such as skin diseases reduced in the long run. Increased muscle tone and the overall health of the consumer.

Two Electrolytes- They are magnesium and potassium, which make the drink much healthier, give an excellent boost of energy, making both the mind and body alert in the end.

Amino Acids- Taurine and arginine, aid in various anti oxidation processes in the body. It is also responsible for the controlling of blood sugar in the body, while reducing some forms of insulin resistance.

Green Tea Extracts- When added to a multi-vitamin supplement, this ingredient mainly helps in keeping away cardiovascular diseases and promote the overall health of blood vessels. It also lowers the adverse effects of diabetes, low blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, dental caries and skin damage.

Caffeine- Caffeine increases physical strength and endurance in the body, through delaying exhaustion. It reduces feelings of exertion and improves performance during our day-to-day activities.

Sweeteners- Zipfizz contains xylitol and sucralose. Xylitol comes from naturally occurring sugar substitute commonly found in berries and birch bark. It reduces levels of decay-causing bacteria in saliva and acts against some bacteria that cause ear infections. Sucralose is a low-calorie sweetener made from sugar more commonly known as Splenda. Although sucralose is used in Zipfizz, it is mainly an artificial sweetener and it is approximately 600 times sweeter than regular table sugar.

Price and Ordering

Zipfizz is affordable in the first place. The product, usually packaged in combo packs, offers great combination of up to three great flavors.  The combo box includes 10 tubes Grape, 10 tubes Fruit Punch and 10 tubes Orange Soda. Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube. Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates, superior taste, variety and unique packaging.  In addition, this supplement is that it comes in many flavors, according to the manufacturer’s official page. They are;

Reputable online retailers such as Amazon. This comes with standard shipping. The estimated delivery time will be approximately five business days, from the ordering time.zipfizz-ingredients


  • The product comes in different flavors.
  • Great tasting product.
  • Fairly priced product.
  • Helps in boosting immunity levels in the users.
  • Easy to prepare.


  • It does not necessarily burn fat in the body.
  • No customer testimonials on the product’s official website.
  • Contains high levels caffeine, a stimulant that has adverse effects on the body such as a racing heart.

Reviews and Results

About Zipfizz Company

Zipfizz Co. founded in 2003 and reputed for developing products that have brought about a change in the Energy and Sports Drink categories. They claim to have forced a change on the industry as consumers’ demands for no sugar, low calorie, and low carbohydrates sparked a revolution of sorts for the past 10 years.


Zipfizz works differently on everyone. This is because everyone’s metabolism is different. Additionally, Zipfizz is taken depending on your own energy needs. Many people have substituted Zipfizz for coffee, as it is great in the morning and as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Athletes like it before a workout because it helps them train harder, without adding the calories and sugars that other sports drinks contain. Most customers claim that the product’s alertness lasts from four to six hours. Much of the Zipfizz’s energy comes from nutrients instead of high levels of sugar and caffeine. Many customers have not reported any spikes and crashes that some consumers have complained about from other energy and sports drinks.

Side Effects

There are a number of side effects reported by the users of this product. For example, caffeine known to be a stimulant with effects lasting up to 12 hours. When Zipfizz is taken late in the evening, it has been known to cause sleeplessness and fatigue the following day. This is because caffeine blocks adenosine reception, which is essential for the body when it comes to falling into deep sleep.

Prolonged use of guarana increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. It may also cause irregular heartbeat, insomnia, headache and nausea. In rare cases, guarana is reported to cause an allergic reaction, with symptoms including swelling of the throat.

Xylitol tastes sweet but, unlike sugar, it is not converted in the mouth. This is because it has  acids that cause tooth decay.

Directions for Use and Warnings

Add a tube of Zipfizz to a 16-20 oz. glass of drinking water in the morning or afternoon. One can take it before, during and after a workout. Those who have health conditions such as diabetes or are on medications should make a point of seeking doctor’s advice before taking the product.


  • Zipfizz lists no health warnings on the product’s packaging.
  • It is important that you first contact a medical practitioner if you happen to suffer from diabetes or other illnesses that may react negatively with the energy drink. Remember that the Food and Drug Administration does not review herbal supplements, so there may be complications with some health conditions or prescription medications.
  • Do not exceed three servings per day.
  • Zipfizz contains 100 mgs of caffeine, extracted mainly from green tea and guarana. Most pediatricians do not recommend caffeine for children.

Positive Reviews

Good Energy- A customer cited the feelings of wakefulness, alertness and clear headedness thanks to its smoothness compared to other energy drinks. This product has high amounts of energy, from the ingredients it h has hence providing users with an average daily multi vitamin.

Easy To Prepare- You only need to pour one vile into a 16-20 oz. bottle of water, shake it and the drink it up. It has almost every water-soluble vitamin meaning that, the excess toxins are removed from the body through your kidneys.

No Sugar- There is caffeine in this drink but it is nothing comparable to an energy drink. Since you have to mix it with a bottle of water, it is helping to keep you hydrated.

Negative Reviews

Unpleasant Taste- This has been a concern to a number of customers, claiming they faced some difficulty downing this product. According to our Research Editor, “There are plenty of customer complaints regarding the taste of Zipfizz energy drinks. This is a serious concern because if you can’t drink the product, what good is it?” This comment has received some backing from some customers with one saying it tastes like cough syrup.

Artificial Sweeteners- Zipfizz’s official page claims that the product contains no sugar. However, it contains sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Many people have complained its use in a number of products as it tampers with the drink’s taste. In fact, one user offered, “The sugar used is mostly Splenda, which no one should be eating as it is now on the “caution” list of substances that is known to cause cancer in animal testing. This is my biggest disappointment in the product quality.”

No Scientific Backing- After taking a close look at the company website, there is no real scientific research supporting the claims that Zipfizz boosts energy levels.  Although, it contains caffeine, there is a greater chance that your metabolism will increase. There is no direct link to weight-loss.


It is no doubt that most people have experienced an immediate, revitalizing burst of energy after taking Zipfizz. Zipfizz is therefore a healthy and great tasting energy drink-mix powder that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body’s fuel system. It contains caffeine and no other artificial stimulants hence the immediate, revitalizing burst of energy after taking Zipfizz.

Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube! Giving your body a rush of vitamins, minerals and key amino acids protects the immune system. Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates, superior taste, variety and unique packaging.  Simply put, it is different because it is good for you.

Follow the directions carefully in order to attain great results upon using the product. Use Zipfizz as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up or enhance your training by taking it before, during, or after a hard workout. The good to it is that Zipfizz contains some low levels of sugar and users will not experience an increased energy level for up to 4 – 6 hours without the sudden ‘crash’ associated with other energy drinks.

As an energy drink, Zipfizz surpasses its expectations when it comes to boosting one’s energy. This product gives great satisfaction because of the superior taste it has.


Zipfizz Review
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