Zantrex 3 Review – Does This Dietary Supplement Work?

In our society today, weight loss is the talk among the youths and this is even narrowing down to the teenagers and young children who will compete on having thus favourable size. Thuss cutting down fats, being physically fit and leaving a healthy life is all that is required and this could only be made possible by Zantrex 3.

Who is Zantrex 3 Review Made For?

Supplements include many types among them being sports nutrition products, minerals, and natural food supplements and other related products used to boost the nutritional content of the diet. Supplements have many purposes such as; providing support for the immune system and reducing the risks of diseases and age-related conditions; to improve mental activities and improve performance in athletes; they can also be added to diets to enhance overall energy and health. Most supplements whoever are not controlled as drugs are.

Zantrex 3 review in referred as a fat burner thus is commonly used for cutting weight. It is a dietary supplement that was manufactured in the USA by a company that is still not clearly known but the company that is involved in manufacturing Zantrex products is located in Utah and is referred to as Zoller Laboratories so it could also be associated with manufacturing Zantrex 3.

Zantrex 3 comes under two types; Zantrex – 3 and Zantrex – 3 Burner and users are advised not to use both products together. This product is common among ladies who are very cautious about their weight and maintaining their figure, some men could also be found to use it considering that it is not restricted to gender thus, it is open to people of all gender, ethnicity, and nationality.


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Zantrex – 3 is mainly meant for increasing the thermic effect in an individual’s body which could result in increasing the BMR, thus leading to more fats being burned. But this only works when an individual eats clean food, thus this means that Zantrex 3 is not very effective since if you don’t eat clean food then using them will not make any difference but will only end up enriching the company. Thus we could conclude that the product only makes an individual psychologically eat good food.

Instructions given by the Zantrex 3 bid states that an individual should take 2 capsules with water 15 minutes before taking meals, thus in a day one should take 4 capsules. The company thus claims that one can reduce at least 5 – 6 pounds within the first month. From the above mention of pounds lost, it adds up to just reducing intake of sugar and unhealthy foods simply meaning eating well is as good as not taking this product.

Zantrex 3 laboratory manufacturers claim that it is only meant for reducing belly fat and this sounds a bit illogic since one cannot decide to just reduce a specific spot of the body, it does not make sense. Women especially would find it difficult to lose fat from their belly, thighs and butt simply because it is natural to have fats over these areas in ladies thus this fats can only be reduced by eating foods that are less in calories and not even exercise as others could claim because again you cannot reduce only certain spots of the body by exercising, this works for the whole body.

Zantrex 3 is believed to work through the thermic effect whereby it involves describing the energy spent by the body to consume and process food. From this we get to understand that each type of food is processed differently, for example, proteins require maximum energy to process this is because they have a high thermic effect while fats and oils need low thermic effect and that explains why in accumulates on the belly.

What is included in Zantrex 3 Review?

Zantrex 3 is made up of various compounds which lead to its assumed effectiveness. It is believed to include: Yerba mate extract, Guarana extract, Damiana extract, trimethyl xanthine, Green tea extract, kola extract, schizo nepeta, black pepper, Rhodiola crenula ta extract, Asian ginseng extract,maca extract, cacao extract and black tea extract. However, the quantity of each of these ingredients is not outlined to understand how the total of 1160 mg of 2 pills of Zantrex comes up. Of this 1160 mg, 300 mg is made up of caffeine thus 860 mg is not accounted for.

Let’s look at each of the ingredients in Zantrex 3 separately

Yerba Mate

This is a South American beverage that contains caffeine obtained from a native tree. A research confirmed that indeed yerba mate could aid in cutting calories.


This component contains caffeine that is extracted from seeds. It is found in many drinks as an energizer and thus keeps one upbeat while curbing the appetite. It suppresses appetite and stimulates the central nervous system for weight loss.


This component is combined together with yerba mate and guarana and is believed to be the most active compound in losing weight in Zantrex 3. This compound is believed to slow stomach emptying thus aided in losing weight.


This component contains caffeine again that acts as an energy booster though its effects are believed to be higher.

Green Tea

This component is also believed to contain caffeine

Kola extract

This extract is also thought to be caffeine


This herb is related to liver damage when used in large amounts thus no proven reason explanation is given to explain how it assists in losing weight or acting as a stimulant. The compound in this component that leads to liver damage is pulegone, and no issue associated with the liver has been reported in Zantrex 3.

Black Pepper

This extract is used to increase metabolic rate, it increases the absorption rate of other ingredients. It is also referred to us piper nigrum.

Rhodiola Crenulata

This herb helps in reducing fatigue, depression and improving exercise performance. However, this does not explain why it is believed to be in Zantrex 3.nRhodila is also found in Slim Quick which is also a weight loss supplement.

Asian Ginseng

This herb is also referred to us Panax ginseng. This herb is believed to be used in male enhancement supplements an example being Triverex.It has also been thought to slightly lower sugar levels in the blood.

Maca Extract

It is also referred to us Lepidium me yen ii. Again, no weight lose evidence is found in this herb, whoever, it is believed and has actually been studied to improve desire for sex.

Cacao Extract

This component is commonly referred to us cocoa or chocolate. It has caffeine and is thus referred to as a stimulant.

Black Tea Extract

It is also referred to as camellia Sinensis. It contains caffeine thus acquired the name “Awake”.

From the components in Zantrex 3, it is clear that it contains a lot of caffeine which is about 300mg. We can, therefore, conclude that the weight loss of Zantrex 3 is likely due to the heavy concentration of caffeine thus making people have a lot of energy which will enable them to do much physical fitness thus leading to burning of calories. No scientific research has been done to prove that these components assist in losing weight. The only ingredients that aid in burning calories are the green tea extract and Yerba Mate extract.

Zantrex 3 Review Prices

Zantrex 3 is normally bought together with other three supplements of the same family; these include: Zantrex 3 black rapid release 84 soft gels at a low cost, Zantrex 3 rapid weight loss incredible energy at a bit higher price and Zantrex 3 high energy extreme fat burner capsules  with 56 counts at also a low price.

Pros and Cons

Naturally ,all products have advantages and disadvantages depending on the user because every supplement like medication will react to users differently and Zantrex 3 having a lot of caffeine compounds then has major effects.


It does not have a record of many advantages thus the only advantage mentioned is leading to weight loss.


It leads to an effect of feeling irritated due to the high amount of caffeine

It leads to constant dull headaches

It leads to nausea

It leads to muscular tremors

It leads to increased palpitation and pounding heart.

It also leads to loss of appetite.

Asian ginseng may increase blood clotting

Schizonepeta is believed to lead to liver damage

Review and Results

There is a need to look at the product in terms of how genuine it may be in fulfilling the functions required attributed to it, not forgetting the taste and side effects to different individuals. Different customers shared their views concerning the product some of which are sincere while others are not genuine.

Many users have shown discontentment with the product and as viewed in the pros and cons, the disadvantages seem to outdo the advantages. Some users claimed that after using the product, they got nauseated and started spitting blood and they started breathing really hard. They claimed that they would rather diet than try taking the supplement anymore. Other users have complained developing hypertension which they never had before used the product; they also developed blood pressure and abnormal heartbeats.

Other users though few have registered positive results such as one who registered losing  60 lbs in 6 months, this is a long time, though, during this time she was exercising but after she stopped exercising, she gained weight again but after going back to using the pills again and exercising, she started losing again. This, therefore, shows that Zantrex 3 is a supplement that one needs to use in their whole life and at the same time exercising thus they will never get results.

Many users have been found complaining like one who only used it for two days and his eyes became pale and fainted twice in the day thus agreed with those who had registered their disappointments. Many users feel they just wasted their money like one who claimed to have added more weight rather than shedding off, and if feeling tired than she was before with irregular heart rhythms again, the complaint of heart rhythms is thus common among very many users.

Women have complained of having vaginal discharge after using the product thus leading them to become weak and shaky. Other users have seen the results of using it but don’t recommend others to use it because the after effects are so severe and uncomfortable such as dizziness, headaches, nausea among many others. As was stated in the article, diet is the driving force to get results thus using Zantrex 3without good eating habits will be in vain and should also be accompanied with exercise.

In conclusion, this article provides information so that it may help one determine whether the product works out or not. In this case, the side effects may not be regarded as normal since they portrayed themselves in almost all users and very few registered positive results to the end. It is also important to note that working with a physician is important so as to get advice on the suitability of the product on your body, and this is done by undergoing tests not just mere assumptions thus will avoid these adverse effects.

We could also conclude that, physical activity leads to better muscle strength and better stamina, it is also true that good muscle strength will lead to better metabolism which will lead to lower fat accumulation and this low-fat accumulation is the best goal that one will achieve giving the best reason for not using supplements such as Zantrex 3 which will only create more problems.

Exercise enhances the digestive system, skeletal health, and the breathing system, and the best health results are gotten from eating well and involving ourselves in lots of physical activity, with this, we will live a long healthy life. However ,it is important that more scientific research is done on the product so as to ascertain whether the side effects from Zantrex are mere complaints or they are genuine and how the product can be improved to counter this severe side effects that have been put forward by the users.


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