It Works Greens Reviews – Does This Body Wrap Work?

The Ultimate Body Applicator, manufactured by It Works is designed for external body use only. This means that the wrap is fitted snugly against the skin in order to ensure that the maximum body nutrients are absorbed into the skin and enjoy the maximum benefits that come with this wrap, for example skin toning from regions on the body that are most likely going to become loose when unwanted fat is stored on these regions.

This product has been used in therapy sessions in spas and has been recommended for use at home, since the Wrap happens to be a do-it-yourself product. Getting a body wrap is a good thing, since much of the ingredients used in designing it are natural and include eucalyptus, honey, butter, herbs, clay and chocolate. Through this, they are able to detoxify, slim down and deal with skin complications while also reducing the incidences of stretch marks and cellulites.

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The fab material is environmentally reprehensible. It comes as a thin foam, which easily rips on the body. It smells like mint and feels like icy hot. This is because, the Wrap has been infused with a powerful, botanically based formula that delivers maximum tightening of the skin while promoting toning and firm of the body part. This leads to the improvement of the skin texture and tightness, without the need of massage. In addition, this simple skin improvement process, that only takes 45 minutes per session, done after every 3 days, in order to get the best results in the long run.

However, it is worth noting that this Wrap is not used for weight loss exercises.  It’s basically used to deliver muscle and skin tightness, toning and firmness. Being a cosmetic wrap, it will also enable one have a deeply hydrated skin hence promoting skin nourishment, eliminating the appearance of cellulite. Your body’s contours will also be redefined, with the results expected to be felts from the second month onwards, but this is dependent on one’s lifestyle and health habits.

It Works Body Wrap Ingredientsultimate body applicator

  1. Glycerin– This humectant helps in moisture retention on the skin, keeping the skin smooth and soft at all times.
  2. Glucose– This is a simple sugar carb that helps in metabolism. This is through the production of water, nitrogen compounds and carbon dioxide which help in oxidizing the body. It plays a major part in the wrap as it keeps the body warm while ensuring the skin cells produce energy that helps the skin glow.
  3. Stearic Alcohol– Extracted from coconut oil, this ingredient is an excellent moisturizer that keeps the skin soft and shining after using the wrap.
  4. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract– This ingredient helps in blood circulation in the body, keeping the skin healthy and shiny.
  5. Green Tea Leaf Extract– Green tea has long been used in weight loss exercises, as it produces an antioxidant activity that helps in neutralizing damage on the skin caused by free radicals in the body. Through this, skin firmness and microcirculation is promoted, ensuring that it becomes elastic while also eliminating excess fat on the skin.
  6. Fucus Vesiculosus Bladder wrack– This herb is known to treat obesity and cellulite, thanks to the iodine compounds in it that boots metabolism and reduce inflammation.
  7. Guarana Seed Extract– This ingredient helps in reduction of skin puffiness and inflammation and is often used in skin care products.
  8. Vitamin E– This is an excellent anti-oxidant and natural preservative of skin oils vital in the promotion of anti-oxidant, natural preservative and moisturizer. Through this, healthy connective tissues are protected from water loss and damage from harmful UV rays.
  9. Methylsilanol Mannuronate– Being an organic seaweed, this ingredient plays part in binding the epidermis layers while also reducing the deterioration of elastin and collagen fibers. The ingredient also plays part in fighting free radical damage while reducing cases of premature aging and cellular metabolism normalization.
  10. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate– Just like other silicates, they happen to be produced synthetically. They are clay like ingredients, vital in the production of silicon, oxygen and other metals that are vital in the smoothening of the skin. All silicates have the ability to absorb and retain moisture.
  11. Methanol– This induces the cooling effect once the Wrap is on the skin. Methanol has been extracted from peppermint and has been known to reduce skin irritation.
  12. Eucalyptus Leaf Oil– This reduces skin redness and rushes thanks to the antiseptic properties of this ingredient that help in cleansing of the skin in the long run.
  13. Limonene– This is a skin sensitizer that oxidizes when it comes to contact with air.
  14. Sorbic Acid– This preserves skin care products while reducing cases of microorganism build up on the skin.

Price and Ordering

This product is ordered online and it’s shipped pretty quickly via USPS. Loyal customers can receive a wholesale discount, 40% actually. After 3 months, loyal customers can enjoy free shipping and join the exclusive It Works online community for free.


  • Promises to rejuvenate the skin.
  • High quality ingredients.
  • Helps in moisturizing the skin.
  • Gets rid of stretch marks.


  • There are no proven clinical tests that show evidence of results by the Wrap.

Reviews and Results

There are many reasons as to why people order the Wraps. Among the reasons, we have the following;

  • A majority of the buyers are not quite happy with specific parts of their bodies. For example, some customers happen to have stretch marks on their thighs and bellies, hence need for improvement.
  • Many mothers have purchased this product to help them fix their loose and sagging belly skin after giving birth.
  • Some even have confessed to buying the Wraps to help them in weight loss and sagging of the skin.
  • Wraps have been bought to jumpstart a new and healthy lifestyle, with the excitement of fixing their skin contours.

The Good

Undoubtedly, most customers have bought this product to help them fix areas they have had problems fixing with exercise and diet. This has led to the boosting of confidence levels in them as the Wraps have helped in combating cellulite, extra skin fat on thighs and abdomen and the belly pooch.

Using this wraps on a regular basis will help you save money and time used in recovering from cosmetic surgery. This wraps will help in tightening the skin, making one feel more confident about themselves.

The Bad

The results of using this product are not instantaneous. However, in the long term use, the results have become noticeable to the users, with most of them claiming to have lost an inch or two of their waist length after 72 hours. Much of the complaints raised by the customers of this product are poor customer response from the manufacturing firm’s end, It Works Global.

Excellent Results Can Be Obtained By

Following Instructions – Correct use of the ultimate Wraps has to be emphasized. Following the directions on their wrappers is a must in order to ensure they are correctly used in the long run. Following the instructions to the detail ensures that one will get the best results.

Water Intake – You are required to take lots of water when the wrap is on any given body part. This will help in moisturizing the skin as the ingredients penetrate through the skin pores to the various layers of the skin. It’s important to drink at least half of your body weight once you have removed the Wrap in the 72-hour period. Recall that the natural cream helps in the breaking down of the impurities in the fat cells from the foods we eat and impurities coming from the environment. The water flushes the impurities from the body system.

Balanced Diet and Exercise – Eating a healthy balanced diet is vital, since it will help in the easy shedding of excess belly fat. Excess fat comes is easily deposited on the skin layer hence skin complications in the long run.  Also keep off from sugary and processed foods which are laden with chemicals that bring back toxins to the body.

Lifestyle – Alcohol and cigarettes among other drugs are all toxins. You will be defeating the purpose of this wrap if you choose to indulge in such poor lifestyle choices

Weight Loss versus Skin Tightening

This product should not be bought for fat loss purposes. It’s merely a skin wrap, meaning that it’s meant to tighten the skin. They do not burn fat, but if the wrap is used together with proper diet and exercise, the users will in the long run be assured of losing weight in the end.

Note that the ingredients in It Works Wrap may cause temporary localized tightening and moisturizing effect t on the skin. This should also not be confused with the long term and lasting fat loss results if not combined with healthy lifestyle changes.

How Long It Takes for Results to Show

It Works states that the results given by using this wrap are long lasting. However, this is open to interpretation depending on the individually perceptions. It may not be the 72 hours stated on the website and may not be consistent with everyone in the end.

Are It Works Wrap Safe?

Given the massive ingredient list given by the manufacturer, it’s advisable for individuals to first consult doctors on what harm the product may bring to the skin. It may trigger some allergic reactions, from the reviews given by most customers with sensitive skins. Consult the doctor to find out if the product is right for your skin condition before using the product. It Works Body Wraps, you have to take lots of water in order to get symmetrical results. Be sure that you will not sweat when the wrap is on the body since the pores are open to absorbing the natural ingredients coming with the wrap.  This is impossible if you are sweating in the first place as the ingredients will basically soak on the skin.  If your pores are blocked, they can’t absorb the cream on the wrap!  You must be sure your pores are clean and open to absorb the cream on the wrap!

Bottom Line

The Wrap, a non-woven cloth wrap has been infused with lots of ingredients that are powerful and botanically based in order maximize the toning of muscles and tightening of skin in the first place. In addition, they will aid in minimizing the appearance of cellulite while improving skin texture in the long run. The results are visible in as little as 45 minutes, with long term or progressive results visible after every 72 hours as so long as one maintains a clean bill of health during the application of the Wrap.

The natural ingredients are said to promote lipolysis. This is a fat breaking process, which breaks down the fat molecules in the body which are flashed out through sweat when exercises. It’s for this reason that users are advised to take at least 3 bottles of water when the wrap is on the skin. Other ingredients play part in getting rid of toxins from fat cells, hence shrinking of the skin and removal of stretch marks.

Being a toner, the results may take up to 2 or 3 months to be clearly visible on the skin. It is also advisable to consult a doctor before using this skin product, to avoid allergic reactions on the skin. The good about this product is that it can be worn on different parts of the body at the same time for symmetrical results. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use this product.


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