Superbeets Review – Should You Buy It?

Superbeets is a supplement that utilizes beet crystals to provide you with natural nitric oxide for better overall health. This concentrated form of beets provides all the nitric oxide you need for improved circulation. This guide will provide you with as much information as possible about the Superbeets supplement so you can decide if it is for you.

This beetroot powder extract will increase your energy, maintain a healthy heart, improve the circulation of your blood and increase your stamina when it is taken on a regular basis. The reason this supplement is so effective is due to the nitrate levels that are in beetroots which are very high.

When you take these nitrates it has the effect of increasing the nitric oxide levels in your blood. When compared to other supplements, Superbeets provides you with the highest amount of this beneficial nitric oxide concentrate. The manufacturer uses a low heat process that maintains the integrity of the molecules which means the powder retains as much of the nitrates as possible.

Many people, especially weight lifters and athletes, know how beneficial nitric oxide is but there are not many who understand why or how it works even though they know it is important to the body’s health. In addition to a great supplement like Superbeets, you need to be mindful of your diet.

There are vegetables that convert into nitric oxide including leafy greens, beets and spinach.  Most people do not regularly add these vegetables to their diet which is where a supplement can benefit you and provide the levels of nitric oxide that you need.

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What Are Beetroots and Nitrates

Understanding what a beetroot is and how it helps you is necessary to understand the Superbeets supplement.  There are a lot of minerals and vitamins in beetroots that are very important to the health of your body.  Vitamins that are naturally found in beetroots include magnesium, Vitamin C, fiber, B6, phosphorous.

A potential drawback to beetroots is that they contain a lot of carbohydrates which can make them counterproductive to consume when you are trying to lose weight. Taking a good nitric oxide supplement like Superbeets is a good way to give the beneficial boosts to your body without hampering any weight loss efforts you are making.  Nitrates are important because they help to widen the blood vessels which can bring down blood pressure and it can be used to help treat heart disease as well.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation

Improving circulation is one of the benefits that people get when taking Superbeets.  Circulation is important for overall health. When your circulation is not performing up to par you will notice several symptoms that can go along with it. These symptoms include numbness, throbbing or stinging pain in the limbs, tingling, muscle cramps and overall pain.

Superbeets will help improve your circulation and blood flow to help get rid of these annoying and painful symptoms. Poor circulation is not a condition per se, and in many cases it is being caused by other factors so be sure to go to your doctor if you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms to rule out the possibility of a more serious health condition.

Once you have done that and have talked to your doctor about taking Superbeets, you will be able to take it and start to see a dramatic difference in many health functions including your circulation.

What is Superbeets?

Superbeets is known as a superfood that is used to boost your circulation throughout the body.  You will notice an increase in your stamina and energy levels as well as to boost your circulation.  It contains a very concentrated form of nitrite-nutrient beets. These dietary nitrites get converted inside the body into nitric oxide.

Once you take the supplement, the nitrites are converted into nitric oxide by the body which in turn benefits the system by regulating blood pressure levels, increasing energy levels, and maintaining proper circulation.   Superbeets is available in two different flavors; black cherry and natural apple.

Superbeets is made up of non-GMO beetroot powder, stevia, malic acid and natural apple flavor. All you need to do is drink it once each day and you can expect to see your energy increase and your blood pressure regulate.


How Superbeets Works

The concentrated form of beets that Superbeets contains will provide you with nitric oxide that is equivalent to eating three whole beets with just one teaspoon of Superbeets powder. The drying process that the manufacturer, Neogenis, uses to create Superbeets ensures that all of the nitrates and nutrients that are in the beets remain for the maximum benefits.

Once you take the supplement, your body takes the nitrates and converts them to nitric oxide and be absorbed by the body providing many different benefits that will make you feel better and be healthier. The main ingredient in Superbeets that is responsible for so many terrific results is the concentrated beets.  Beets have so many health benefits but many people don’t like the taste.  With this supplement you won’t have to worry about that. You can choose from black cherry or green apple and take just one or maybe two doses per day and you’re done.

Ingredients In Superbeets

It is always important to know what ingredients are in the supplements you take.  Below we have listed out the different ingredients and information that you will be consuming when you take a dose of Superbeets.

  • Calories – If you are on a weight loss program of any kind you want to take supplements that don’t have a lot of calories in them. Superbeets only has 15 calories which makes it acceptable to take while dieting with no negative effects on your weight loss. 
  • Total Fat Grams – Sometimes a little bit of fat helps the molecules in the supplement bind better but nitrates don’t require this. Beets naturally are fat free and this supplement is as well.
  • Sodium – Sodium is not always something to avoid. In moderation it can be a good thing. Sodium is an electrolyte that the body needs for adequate blood regulation.  It is also needed to regulate the body’s fluids and transmitting electrical pulses properly.  There are only 65 milligrams of sodium in a serving of Superbeets.
  • Potassium – Potassium is VERY important to a healthy body but too much can be very dangerous as can too little. This mineral helps muscle strength, enhances metabolism and improves electrolyte function.  There is 160 milligrams of potassium per serving of Superbeets.
  • Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy heart, energy and overall health. Low carb diets are fine as long as they don’t eliminate carbs from your diet altogether. The low carb count in Superbeets, 4 grams per serving, is a very low amount so you don’t have to worry about the carbs negatively impacting any eating plan you are on.
  • Sugars – The type of sugar in Superbeets is fructose which doesn’t elevate your blood sugar levels the way other sugars can. This makes Superbeets safe for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Fructose can actually regulate your blood sugar levels almost as effectively as prescription diabetic meds. There are 3 grams of fructose sugar in this supplement.
  • Protein – Proteins are used to repair and create tissue in the body. It is also required for overall health. This supplement has 1 gram of protein per serving.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium is good for heart health and improving energy levels. Superbeets has 10 milligrams of magnesium in every serving.
  • Vitamin C – This popular antioxidant has many health boosting effects including creating collagen which strengthens the muscles and blood vessels. Superbeets contains 50 milligrams of Vitamin C per serving. 

Benefits of Taking Superbeets

People take supplements for many reasons but the main reasons are to correct a problem, improve a situation and overall to look and feel better. There are many benefits to taking Superbeets. We have listed many benefits that you can expect from taking this concentrated beet supplement.

  • Lowered Blood Pressure – One of the benefits to beets is lowering your blood pressure. Studies have shown that even one glass of beet juice can reduce your systolic blood pressure (the top number) as much as 5 points.  A serving of Superbeets has the equivalent of 3 whole beets.  Taking this supplement will definitely help with lowering your blood pressure but should not be used as a replacement for a doctor’s care if you have high blood pressure. The nitric oxide in Superbeets relaxes the veins, arteries and capillaries which increases blood flow and reduced the blood pressure.
  • Reduces and Fights Inflammation – The Betaine in beets helps protect the cells, proteins and enzymes in your body from being negatively impacted by environmental stresses. It can also protect your organs from many chronic health issues. It can also improve your vascular function. Superbeets has tons of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Increases Stamina – If you are looking for a boost in your stamina, try adding Superbeets to your daily routine. The nitrates that are present in beets help your body create more nitric oxide which in turn increases the amount of oxygen that your blood can bring to your muscles.  This allows you to have more stamina during your workouts. It is a great supplement to take to enhance the benefits of your workouts and to help you work out longer.
  • Improves Detoxification – Getting rid of toxins that the body accumulates can help improve your health in many ways. Superbeets can help this detoxification process speed up due to the betalin that is in beets.  It can also purify your blood and your liver.
  • Fights Cancer – The phytonutrients that are responsible for the beet’s color can also help fight cancer. One study conducted showed that the beetroot extract reduced tumor sizes in animals. It was given to the animal via their drinking water and reduced cancers that had traveled to multiple organs.  It is currently being studied as a possible treatment for pancreatic, prostate and breast cancers.
  • Boost Sex Drive – Centuries ago, Romans used beets as a way to boost their libido when they wanted to. Through scientific research, it was discovered that beets have a mineral called boron in them that is linked directly to the production of sex hormones.  The nitric oxide effects on your blood flow also increase potency and sex drive.  Surperbeets can definitely give your libido a natural boost.
  • Antioxidant Rich – One of the best sources around of natural antioxidants are beets. The rich, deep purple color is one of the signs that this root vegetable is loaded down with healthy nutrients. They provide the body with vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are all responsible for increased health and well-being. Superbeets can provide you with the necessary antioxidants you need for improved health. It can be a great supplement to take to help improve heart health, reduce swelling and much more.
  • Slow Release Energy Boosts – Beets have a ton of sugar in them but it is a sugar that is better for the body and that provides a slow release of energy rather than sharp spikes and crashes. The body absorbs this type of sugar, fructose, much slower which provides your body with energy for a longer time.

In addition to the benefits listed above you can expect to see improvement in your circulatory system. This is especially important as you get older and become less active.  Less activity can cause severe circulation problems. Superbeets support your circulation system so even small amounts of movement are utilized the best way possible.

You also won’t experience any jitters or crashes which can be very distracting.  Your energy will increase without you feeling like you are jumpy.


Superbeets Side Effects

It should be noted that you should not consume more than two servings of Superbeets in a 24 hour period. You also should not take this supplement if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.  It is also very important that you consult your doctor if you have any type of health condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

There are very few side effects that are being documented for Superbeets. Most of the side effects listed tend to be from those who are not completely in good health, i.e. those who have high or low blood pressure, etc.  If you have high blood pressure and your doctor approves, taking Superbeets can lower your blood pressure naturally.

But if you suffer from low blood pressure taking this supplement can result in the blood pressure dropping too much and causing such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting.  Stop taking Superbeets immediately if you experience any of the listed side effects above and contact your doctor immediately.

Those who take any kind of nitric oxide supplement can potentially experience stomach upset or cramps, increased bowel movements, or nausea but there have not been any reports of these symptoms from those taking Superbeets.

About Neogenis

What is Neogenis? This is the company that created Superbeets. They have been recognized as leaders in the research on nitric oxide.  The Neogenis labs are always trying to create products that doctors and other healthcare experts and consumers as well can look at with pride.  They are dedicated to producing products that are at the top of the industry.

Superbeets is not the only supplement that has been created by Neogenis but they get the same dedication to quality.  This supplement has proven repeatedly that it provides the results consumers are looking for.


Even though there are plenty of beet supplements on the market, none of them have the same scientific backing and reputation that Superbeets has. There are many reasons to love Superbeets and choose it as your beet supplementation.  In addition to costing less than many alternative supplements, it has more beets per serving than most other supplements as well.

Surprisingly it is not these factors that make people choose Superbeets over other supplements. A lot of the popularity of Superbeets comes from the process they use to create it. They harvest their own beets, using an extreme growing standard that ensures the highest concentration of nitrites possible, per serving. This company even scrutinizes the seeds that will be used to grow the beets.

Requirements include having to be a non-GMO seed that is planted in cultivated soil in the United States ONLY. This increases its safety and purity as well as its quality.  Then there is the special drying process they use that conserves the nutrients in the beets so you get all the nutrients and benefits possible.  Because the manufacturer of Superbeets is made up of professionals in the industry including doctors, nutritionists and scientists, the knowledge of what it is in it, how it works and what it can do for you.

There are so many reasons to add this supplement to your regular daily routine.  Aside from the improved circulation, there is the increased stamina and increased energy to think about as well. If you have been looking for a good, reliable and honest supplement to take to get the benefits that beets provide without having to eat them, Superbeets is for you.

It is rare to find a supplement with the studies, scientific research and company backing that this one has.  You can be assured that it will do what is claimed and you will feel results very soon after you start taking it.