Smooth Move Tea Review – Does This Health Tea Work?

Stomach aches and constipation can cause a lot of discomfort to dieters and everybody in general. Constipation can be attributed to lack off enough water or poor digestion.  Traditional medicinal realized the kind of struggle that dieters go through when constipating and they came up with a perfect solution. Smooth move tea is an herbal supplement which is made from natural ingredient and is said to ease constipation among other health benefits.

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Who Is Smooth Move Tea Made For?

Smooth move tea is a supplement that does not have any limits for as long as one is living. Constipation can at times cause temporary weight gain and this gives everyone all the reasons to have their pack of smooth move tea. All genders, races, and even ages can use the supplement. For children between the ages of six to twelve half cup of smooth move tea would work for them, children below the age of six up to two years can take a quarter while for those below the age of two parents should consult a clinical officer per chance there is the need to serve them.  However, you should avoid taking the supplement if you have the following conditions;

Ileus which may have been caused by abdominal surgery or drugs that interfere with the intestines

  • Acute intestinal inflammation
  • Stomach pains which maybe as a result of ulcers or those from unknown sources.
  • Dehydration or electrolyte depletion
  • If you have developed diarrhea or loose stool
  • You should also not take the supplement for more than two weeks not unless the doctor tells you so.

What Is Smooth Move Tea Made Of?

The ingredients of any supplement play a great role towards fulfilling its purpose. This is what determines whether the supplement is fit for use or not and thus the need to analyze them. The ingredients also contribute a lot towards the benefits and the side effects of any supplement. As earlier noted, smooth move tea is an herbal and natural supplement, and thus most of its supplements are natural. This article will look at the individual ingredients and how they contribute towards the effectiveness of smooth move tea;


This is a natural medicine and a laxative. The extract is also used to treat constipation.  Those with heart conditions and stomach pains should consult a professional before use as this may be alarming. The ingredient also works well when taken before bed so as to enhance bowel removal.

Licorice root

This is a root extract. Licorice has gained its popularity for over a decade as it is used as a sweetener in beverages. The ingredient is also used in smoothe gastrointestinal problems. This is best used in cases of food poisoning, stomach ulcers, and heartburns as well as repairing the stomach walls.

Bitter fennel

This is a very common name in anything that concerns digestive health. Most nutritionists tend to always prescribe supplements with this ingredient as they know the magic behind the herb. The ingredient is used to relief anemia, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea and thus a perfect component of this supplement.

Cinnamon bark

This is ingredient is commonly used in supplements because of its honey taste. It plays a great role in relieving stomach flu, and this could be one of the reasons why it is a component of this supplement.

Sweet orange peel

This is a naturally available ingredient, and most people may have failed to recognize its health benefits. The peel helps in relieving heart burn and is also used in anti-cholesterol supplements.

Coriander fruit

The health benefits attached to this fruit may include; relieving high cholesterol levels, diarrhea, and indigestion among others. It also prevents cases of nausea, vomiting and other stomach related disorders.

Ginger roots

Ginger has a lot of health benefits that dates way back many decades ago. It helps in improving the metabolic rate and thus helping in weight loss. The rhizomes of a young ginger plant are also very important as they have been proven to provide a nice flavor as well as helping in the digestion.

Smooth Move Tea Pros and Cons

Smooth move tea is a supplement like any other, and therefore it is prone to both pros and cons. This may come as a result of the ingredients used in the making of this supplement. The following are the pros;

  • Smooth move tea has gained popularity due to its ability to aid in digestion. It is a carrier of very capable ingredients and thus eases constipation.
  • The supplement also has anti-inflammatory qualities, and this may help in relieving stomach swelling and pain.
  • Since the tea has ginger as part of the ingredients, it is capable of nursing headaches and sore throats.
  • Smooth move tea is made of some natural and herbal ingredients and thus may not contain any chemical additives.
  • The supplement’s components may also have some other health benefits.
  • The product is available for purchase from the official website and some other trusted retailers.
  • From the ratings and reviews, some customers have given good reports. This is a good sign that the product is adequate to meet the needs of the customers.
  • The recommended serving is easier to follow as an adult only needs to take two cups per day. This is manageable and affordable.
  • The preparation method is easy as it does not require any special treatment.

In spite of the mentioned benefits, we cannot fail to point out the issues attached to the supplement as this makes it easier for the customers to judge if the supplement suites their needs or not. The supplement is not recommended if you have the following conditions and thus you may end up at a disadvantage;

  •  Ileus which may have been caused by abdominal surgery or drugs that interfere with the intestines
  • Acute intestinal inflammation
  • Stomach pains which maybe as a result of ulcers or those from unknown sources.
  • Dehydration or electrolyte depletion
  • If you have developed diarrhea or loose stool
  • If you are allergic to some of the ingredients
  • If you cannot put up with the unpleasant taste of senna or the stimulants found in the supplement.
  • The supplement can also be substituted with some other natural fibers as it is only popular for relieving constipation.
  • Some of the clients have also noted that the supplement causes abdominal cramping that may last for hours.
  • Smooth move tea is not a miracle supplement, and thus the dieter must use a healthy diet and not over rely on the tea.

Smooth Move Tea Prices

The price of every supplement is very important as this is what largely determines its affordability. Smooth move tea can be bought from Traditional Medicinal official site or other online sellers such as Amazon, Walmart among others. The price ranges. This is a sixteen tea bags pack. Amazon also gives a gift-wrapped one you buy in bulk, and there is also free shipping for eligible goods. The delivery can be made within a day depending on your location. The company has not given clear details concerning money back guarantee and the return policy and thus one needs to be sure of the product before making orders.

Smooth Move Tea Reviews and Results

The customers’ view matter in evaluating the suitability of a supplement. Smooth move tea has gained quite some reviews which are both positive and negative.

Twenty-two-year-old lady claims that she had issues related to the digestion system for the last five years. Being a student, she had to miss out in schooling as the condition had been critical at some point. She had tried lots of drugs, and the much they could do was to cause diarrhea so that her bloating and constipation would be relieved for some time. All through, she had a temporary but expensive solution until her parents talked to a nutritionist who recommended smooth move tea for her. Smooth tea has helped her to flush out her system. She says that she takes two cups per day. This has even helped her lose some pounds.

A nutritionist has also noted that, despite being a specialist and having a great diet, she has also struggled with constipation. She says that she takes a lot of natural fibers and gallons of water but still uses smooth move tea before going to bed and in the morning. This means that ones the tea is combined with a healthy diet, it works perfectly.

A researcher notes that she has been comparing smooth move tea to its competitors. In his study, he has used three types of dietary tea, but the active ingredient for the three is completely different. From the findings, smooth move tea works best in relieving constipation, but the bad part is that he always feel nausea due to Senna and thus cannot take smooth move tea for long.

A customer says that smooth move tea works like a charm. She doesn’t understand why people are complaining about the stomach pains, yet they are busy taking unhealthy diet and therefore that has to happen when one is pushing toxins out of the body. She claims to have two serving per day and has dropped several lbs.

One confesses how much she hates tea and does not include it in her diet. After reading some reviews and researching online, she decided to try the peppermint flavor with a touch of lemon. The taste was quite enticing, and the tea worked wonders for her. Within the first two weeks, memories of constipation had already faded away.

A more critical review is that of a client who says that he underwent bariatric surgery two years ago and had an issue with constipation or better said, the stool would not move. He makes it clear that for him weight loss was not necessary. He takes the tea before going to bed, and currently, he can release the waste every morning.

Even with all these positive reviews, smooth move tea has also frustrated some of the customers, and some of the side effects have been so intense. The following are some of the negative reviews;

A customer notes that after taking smooth move tea, it been two days now in a row with blood in the stool and some intense abdominal pains. This was even more critical as she expects a baby and so she hoped that this would not affect the delivery process.

The need to weigh your healthy status has also been emphasized by one of the clients. She notes that those with any GI issues should not take this product as she has dealt with constipation issues for the whole of her life, her being forty. It has even become worse and had a very severe Ileus after her last C-section. After taking smooth move tea, she has had severe gas and bloating and even looks like she is six months pregnant. She even claims to have rushed on her belly.

To some up, it is important for the customers to understand that we are all different and therefore what works for one person may not work for you. There is, therefore, the need for one to know which supplements work for them. The only way to figure out this is by looking at the individual ingredients. If you happen to be allergic to any of the ingredients, then you can get a supplement that does not have such ingredient or go for the natural fiber. You should also consult a specialist before settling for the supplement that you may not develop any complication or even worsen the condition you want to relieve.


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