Skinny Bunny Tea Review – Does This Weight Loss Tea Work?

Skinny Bunny Tea is your number one to-go-to weight loss drinks. While there exists many detox and weight loss drinks and diets in the market, Skinny Bunny Tea stands out for its ability to energize the body thanks to the Pu Erh tea ingredient, that plays part in inducing fat metabolism hence stimulating AMPK (adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase) pathway in the first place. In addition, it has a number of ingredients blended to suit the goals of anyone seeking to engage in weight loss, detox and energy recovery tasks at any time of the day.

The tea plays vital functions in the body, for example;

  • Reduce Tri-glycerides
  • Help in fat loss or burning of fat from the belly.
  • Boost the body’s immune system.
  • Provide the body with high levels of antioxidants.
  • Promote overall skin health.
  • Promote dental and digestive health of consumers without necessarily enrolling for special diets.
  • Metabolize fat cells in different parts of the body.

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A unique part of the Skinny Bunny Tea is that it has no laxative that is set to slow down the body’s functioning in the long run. It is made of natural ingredients and tea blends set to promote good health on users and achieve weight loss results while offering great tasting tea that can be sipped all the way to skinny self.

Its worth noting that Skinny Bunny Tea is made in the US, by GMP Certified Laboratory based in New Jersey, US,  known for their expertise in making weight loss and detoxification products. Also to their line of teas, the firm also sells diet and workout guides to their customers and when combined with Skinny Bunny Tea, consumers are assured of accelerated results.

Key Ingredients in Skinny Bunny Tea

It is important to note that this product first emerged in 2015. It does not contain any synthetic ingredient as cited in the company’s official website which also has blogs on dieting and healthy eating habits.Supplement-facts-Skinny-Bunny

To begin with, Skinny Bunny Tea is formulated with high grade ingredients, which are carefully chosen to aid in achieving weight loss results in the first place. For example, it happens to be a blend of chocolate flavoring and the Pu Erh ingredient, which are the main ingredients that play part in promoting weight loss in the body. These two main ingredients undergo a fermentation process aimed at producing some distinctive flavor on the tea. Other ingredients are natural and vegan friendly. They include;

Vitamin C- This is included in the tea in order to promote better sleep and tackle common ailments that are prone to slow one’s day for example colds.

Chamomile- This ingredient is meant to help the body relax and cleanse off toxins in the first place, hence promoting dental and digestive health of the consumer.

Lemongrass- This herb is a proven weight loss diet. Its known to induce healthy loss of fat from the body and in the long run, play part in improving the digestive function of users.

Polyphenols- This ingredient is known to inhibit fat production in the body, through suppressing enzymes in the long run. It instigates the thermogenesis process which burns fat from body parts like the belly.

Caffeine- Since time immemorial, caffeine has been used in the boosting of metabolic rates in throughout the day, while cleansing vital body organs such as colon hence preventing diseases such as cancer.

Lemon Myrtle- Used in many herbal medicines, this ingredient is a remedy to indigestion as well as inducing some calmness and reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Spearmint- It gives the tea some minty flavor hence induce some calmness in the body.

Pu Her Facts and Research

One of the principle ingredients of Skinny Bunny Tea plays part in providing users with good health, weight loss and good night sleep in the end. Although there is no official research by the manufacturer of this product proving its worth to humans, only recently a paper was done demonstrating the benefits of Pu Erh diet on obese mice.

The researchers found that the mice reduced their liver weight and general tyglyceride content in them, thanks to the inhibition of the production of ACC, an enzyme that plays a great part in the metabolism cycle.

In addition, the ingredient Pu Erh helps in the suppression of SREBP-1c, a genes responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body. The process is .known as lipogenesis and this is combated by fat digesting enzymes. The mice also demonstrated significantly reduced blood sugar levels.

Other than weight loss and detoxification capabilities, this ingredient plays a great part in reducing the fast aging in consumers. This is through the fermentation of bacteria and molds that reduce quick aging while also introducing the earthy flavor.

Pu Erh combined with chocolate and additional flavorings to give natural and gentle detox functions to the body, hence get rid of toxins from the body. Pu Erh also contains high levels of fluorine. The fluorine plays a role in prevent tooth decay, meaning that this tea promotes dental health as well as suppressing fatty acid in the body.

Skinny Bunny Tea Cost and Ordering

Irrespective of the plan, Skinny Bunny Tea come in black attractive metallic tins. The tea inside comes in packets of very good quality. It is also worth noting that this tea’s prices are not fixed by the manufacturer. There are a number of contact channels to reach the manufacture, with active channels of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Different online retail sites offer varying prices for each plan. The good to it is that ordering and delivery can be done anywhere in the world, with the US enjoying a good customer base of this product.

Shipping estimates and times will vary with online retailers a customer is using but all of them have the capability of viewing the status of order placed by a customer. Trusted online retail services such as Amazon, have a dedicated customer service team and you can be sure of multiple rewards and discounts on purchases of this product in the first place.


  • Skinny Bunny Tea is one of the safest detox and weight loss teas.
  • There are additional health benefits of this tea other than weight loss, for example detoxification.
  • Users can enjoy the caffeine doses in it.
  • The natural ingredients are blended using high quality methods such as fermentation in order to ensure they provide the most benefits and flavor to customers of different bodies and help them achieve their weight loos goals.
  • Relatively few side effects associated with taking this product.
  • Comes with a workout and diet plan to help consumers get the most out of the tea in the first place.


  • It is not a good bed time drink, thanks to the high caffeine levels in it.
  • The price maybe too expensive for quite a number of consumers.
  • The tea may not agree with your palate.
  • Absence of long term research on the exact composition of the caffeine content in this drink and caffeine happens to have some dangerous effects on consumers, if consumed in high doses.

Reviews and Results

The Good

Many reviews offered by customers are majorly positive, saying they have enjoyed using the product. In addition to the good and sweet taste of the tea, many customers have seen a decrease in fat weight in the long run. A decrease in bloating and clearance of the digestive system have been witnessed in many customers. Many have slept better and woke up energized and fresh in the morning.

It is also a very easy drink to prepare thanks to the clear instructions that come with the product and when combined with the best workout plans, customers reported incidences of a healthy body while also reducing cravings and moderation of appetite. Most customers have claimed to use this product on a daily basis, making it their morning routine. Some have even cited incidences of improvement of skin conditions such as smoothening and softening after weeks of consuming this tea.

The Bad

Customers submitting negative reviews claim that the tea does taste strange but have loved the lack of laxatives in it. Some have claimed that the tea has not helped them greatly and have experienced side effects such as headaches, restlessness during the night and racing heart in the long run.

Reported Side Effects

There have been minor side effects reported on the continuous use of the tea. For example, after the PM Recovery, a number of customers claimed to have trouble sleeping. The leading cause of this is the caffeine which is not dangerous of course. However, other side effects include stomach upsets for the first few days, thanks to the detoxification, racing heart and jitters.

How to Get the Most Out of Skinny Bunny Tea


  • Bring to boil a cup of water. Pour it in a cup and add a sachet packet of Skinny Bunny Tea to it.
  • Ensure it’s fully immersed in the hot water.
  • Leave it for two minutes before removing the sachet from the cup.
  • Enjoy your great tasting tea.

Word of Caution

  • The tea should be consumed only once in a day, according to the manufacture. However, depending on your body’s reaction to the drink, you can consume it twice, at any time of the day. However, ensure it does not disrupt your sleeping patterns.
  • Additional varieties of the Skinny Bunny Tea are compatible with the weight loss variant.
  • Consuming excess amounts of caffeine has a significant number of side effects, among them caffeine addiction, sleeplessness and increased blood pressure.
  • Individuals intending to consume the tea but have past medical or health concerns when it comes to using detox and weight loss products, they should first consult a doctor before using the product.
  • However, this drink is not meant for pregnant women. They are advised to avoid Skinny Bunny Tea since some of the notable side effects that come with the daily consumption of caffeine may affect their pregnancy.
  • The tea does not interact favorably with individuals under medication.
  • To get the best results, engage in daily workouts as well as observe your diet plan.

Bottom line

Skinny Bunny Tea is one of the healthiest teas in the market. It assures consumers of weight loss, detoxification and reenergizing the body, at any time of the day. It’s fairly prized for its taste and flavor although its results may not be instantaneous, you will be sure of shedding some fat from the belly and thighs hence get the tea’s long term health benefits.

In addition, there are no dangerous side effects that come with taking this tea meaning that it will not do you any harm to the body, unless you are sensitive to caffeine. This drink is also a good replacement of sodas and alcohol, thanks to the laxative free components and ingredients that look extremely reasonable to add to a weight loss product.

The down to this product is that there are no clinically proven tests conducted on humans after consuming this tea. This means that as a consumer, you are basically relying on the manufacturer’s word and buying the product with the hope of getting excellent health results if it works with your body.

Skinny Bunny Tea Review
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