Relacore Review – Does This Fat Burner Work?

Weight management is not an easy thing for most people. Dieting has become a common term but to some people, it does not add up. People have gone out of their way and are now skipping meals and engaging in vigorous activities were working out has become a trend. All this may be in vain if one does not combine all these efforts with a suitable supplement.

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Who Is Relacore Made For?

There are three different Relacore products this may include; Relacore Extra, Relacore PM and Relacore Accelerated Fat Burning Compound. Relacore Extra is claimed to fight stress-related aging by improving mood, reducing stress levels, increasing energy, targeting midday fatigue and improving the users’ diet. There is really no limit as to who should actually take this supplement. Just as in most of the supplements, it is very crucial to consult before taking Relacore. However, a good number of men and women have reported very positive feedback after taking this supplement. Most people have had weight issues, belly fat and even stress and anxiety issues and somehow the supplement has eased the burden. In fact, the supplement can be termed as a feel good pill as it helps in reducing both the belly and the stress levels.Relacore Results

What Is Relacore Made Of?

Generally speaking, the ingredients of any supplement impact a lot towards the results of the supplement. A number of the ingredients may not have direct effects as most people would thing but in conjunction with others they give a complete result. The following are some of the ingredients found in relacore;

Vitamin c

This vitamin is said to be a stress vitamin. The argument behind is whether it reduces the level of cortisol a stress-causing hormone which has not been proven yet. Stress is also said to deplete the level of vitamin C and so when its intake is consistent and at large amounts then it can help in stress management. The vitamin also works as a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin also helps in metabolism and weight loss.


This is an ingredient that helps a lot way in curbing anxiety and all the issues that come hand in hand with anxiety. There is always an argument that a number of people gain weight mostly when they are under stress and when are anxious in one way or another. The reason for adding passion flower as part of the ingredients making relacore can only be attributed to this argument.


From a research conducted some ten years back, there were claims that this extract helps a great deal in weight loss. This plant also helps a great deal in solving digestive problems, constipation, inflammation anxiety, stress and depression which work out a long way in reducing weight if solved.

Chinese skullcap

This is a chemically complex plan that is a full package of flavones which are antioxidants. This helps in reducing the impact of oxidative stress and thus helping in maintain most of the body organs healthily. The supplement also helps in maintaining the healthy inflammatory response. This may also have an impact on easing anxiety.


This ingredient does not work directly in controlling the level of cholesterol and generally cannot also be substituted with niacin. The water-soluble vitamin helps upon anxiety conditions and is also used as a skin anti-inflammatory.

Asian ginseng

This ingredient works with the roots specifically. It is a much known herbal remedy for a variety of conditions, including anxiety. However, it might increase the effects of anxiety and the results of taking Asian ginseng root are uncertain scientifically. Some researchers have claimed that the results of this ingredient may be null or even null and this only means that they may worsen the condition.

 Poria extract

This is a fungal extract from mushroom used as a Chinese medicinal herb. It is mostly used to treat skin disorders. Research does not show any relationship and relevance of this ingredient as far as the effectiveness of the supplement is concerned.

Jujube extract

Chinese fruit believed to treat skin disorders and believed to reduce stress. Its effectiveness on releasing stress was not even tested on human being so this may not yield the perfect results as the study was done on rats.

Perilla extract

This is only a leaf extract from a mint type plant that is being researched into its role as an anti-inflammatory and is in preliminary animal testing for its effect upon adipose tissue. The study and the research on this leaf extract still remain inconclusive as far as its role in this supplement is concerned.


This is a compound that is found in meat offal and some vegetables. There is, however, no evidence that has any effect upon mental capabilities or weight loss.Relacore Supplement Facts


This mineral is very important for bone health and an important part of a healthy diet. There is, however, no evident effect on weight loss. It is important to note that it may help for long term health and the prevention of osteoporosis.


This mineral is important for a healthy leaving and is needed for most biochemical reactions in the body. It is also being investigated for its role in diabetes and as prevention against depression. The RDA gained per day is 360mg and one can find magnesium in many ordinary foodstuffs including nuts, bananas, and wheat

It is, therefore, clear that the ingredients used in relacore may be natural but may not really be relevant as far as the role that relacore is thought to play in belly fat burning is concerned. This means that the supplement may be healthy and safe but the intended results may not be realized.

Relacore Price

The product can be bought from the company’s official website or from any online shop and this means that the prices may vary depending on where one is buying the supplement. Some of this shop may be Amazon or Walmart among others. The company does not give any money back guarantee for this supplement if one does not buy from the website but if one does then they have a hundred percent money back guarantee. The shipping fee is not included in the price.

If one buys relacore from Relacore official website, a single bottle of Relacore Extra goes for £17.67 or three bottles in this case you buy two and get one free for £35.34. There is also a Relacore Extra Preferred Customer Plan, where you purchase a single bottle of Relacore Extra for £17.67 and save 20% on all future orders. As well as this, you are signed up for a monthly auto shipment scheme, with future orders of Relacore Extra of one bottle being shipped every 24 days and charged £14.14. It is said that this scheme may be canceled at any time by the consumer. The Complete Relacore Weight Loss System can only be purchased online and is available for £47.11 You can choose to purchase this at a 20% discount for £35.52, though you will be signed up to an auto shipment scheme. The same order you purchased will automatically be shipped every 30 days and you will be charged £35.52 for every order shipped. You can as well cancel this scheme at any time

The company also gives a 100% money back guarantee as they know that all the products do not perfectly work for all the customers. The customers within the US are not charged the delivery fee but the rest from elsewhere do pay for delivery.

Relacore Pros and Cons

Any consumable supplement must have its benefits and issues. This is what most of the consumers look at and really know whether they shall take the product or not. In most cases if the pros outweigh the cons then the product will still sell out but if the cons outweigh the pros most consumers may not go for the product. The pros may also be many but if the cons are critical the product and especially a supplement may not be used. This article will look at the pros and cons of relacore as a supplement but it is still very important to consult a specialist before taking any supplement.


  • All the relacore products have a hundred percent money back guarantee if bought from the website. This means that the consumer will be able to get the genuine product and if the product does not work to their expectations then they can always get the refund.
  • Most of the ingredients found in relacore are said to have a lot of added health benefits and this means that a consumer may realize more benefits other than what they really expected.
  • The product is sold by a reputable company and this means that the consumers should not worry much about the safety.
  • There are also some positive consumers’ reviews on this supplement.
  • The product is a carrier of most multivitamins and that essential for healthy living.


  • With the ingredients list, its effectiveness in losing belly fat may not be realized.
  • The product is also unlike to make the users younger as claimed by the seller.
  • Some of the ingredients may be linked to causing liver damage.
  • There are also some serious side effects that may come along with the prolonged consumption of this supplement.
  • The ingredient list is not found on the website and this means the company has not made any publication on the ingredients something that raises a lot of questions.
  • There appear to have no active ingredient that can directly impact on weight loss and this means one is not assured in curbing belly fat

Relacore Review and Results

In this section of the article, we are going to keenly look at the products effectiveness and what the consumers say about the product. This can be in terms of its safety, price and if they realize the expected result or not.

One of the consumers noted that she realized opposing results after trying relacore as her belly continued to grow fatter.Relacore Side Effects

However , another claims that she had always had a lot of personality issues and low self-esteem because of her baby fat and even the husband could not put up with it. After trying relacore, she was somehow discouraged for a week as she could not see it work but she felt a little bit calm. After two weeks even the husband would notice her stomach was going away, in four weeks time, she had lost almost four inches on her waistline and six pounds of the total weight, at the second month she is now the size six having moved from size ten.

One noted that he had raised cortisol levels, after taking relacore the levels were lower and this helped in eliminating anxiety and dumping down the depression feeling.

It is also clear that this is not a miracle pill and therefore most of the consumers who have reported good results are said to be those who exercise as well as taking the supplement.

A consumer who also over-relied on relacore reported that she had started gaining weight and also had experienced nausea, fluctuating blood pressure, drowsiness, dizziness, irregular menstrual cycle, and migraines. This she attributed to the sensitivity to the main ingredients as well as the lack of exercise.

From the reviews and results as well as the rest of the article, we can conclude that the supplement works differently for different consumers. It is of great essence to consult a physician before taking this supplement. The consumer should also combine the supplement with a lot of exercises as this is not a miracle pill.


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