Pure Forskolin Reviews – Does It Work For Weight Loss, Side Effects?

You may have heard of Forskolin, but unless you’ve done some research on this increasingly popular supplement, you may not realize just how many benefits there are to taking it.  This plant-based supplement is very similar to the mint family and is a natural supplement that has played an important role in Indian medicine for decades.  Another name for this plant is Coleus Forskohlii.

Forskolin grows in places with warmer climates such as Thailand, India and Nepal.  It has been used over the years to help with disorders such as high blood pressure, asthma and angina as well as being a popular treatment for glaucoma.  When taken by mouth, it can also be used to treat UTIs, skin conditions and allergies too.

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This guide will provide you with extensive information about this amazing supplement so you can determine just how it can benefit you. Although it is not required that you adopt a specific fitness and health program when taking Forskolin, the benefits are even more significant when paired with a healthier lifestyle.

What is Forskolin

The plant, Coleus Forskohlii contains many compounds than just Forskolin but it is this active alkaloid that has the most benefits for health improvement purposes. You may have seen Forskolin raved about as a magic weight loss pill of some kind and it may feel like it when you start experiencing the results, but there is no magic going on when you take this supplement.  The results you can expect have been shown in many different studies and research is ongoing.

There are many health conditions that Forskolin has been used to improve and positively affect.  These range from obesity to heart health and allergies.  Although it was used for centuries by Ayurvedic healers in various forms such as in teas and being ground up and eaten, this powerful supplement can now be purchased on the consumer market and is not difficult to find or overly expensive. It IS important that you only purchase it from reputable and well-trusted United States based companies that state the pure forskolin levels clearly on the supplement bottle.

How Forskolin Works

Forskolin works by affecting the fat/muscle ratios, helping to stabilize hormonal levels so they are healthy and regulate lipid levels as well. There are many other positive benefits that can be noted throughout your body as well when you start taking it.

At the basic level, when you take Forskolin there will be spikes in cAMP or the cyclic adenosine monophosphate which is responsible for regulating many vital body functions.  It can also offers positive results in the prevention and treatment of many serious diseases. Although there are not loads of clinical research on Forskolin yet, there is some dot-connecting that is being done as mire benefits come to light.

An example of this is the elevation of these cAMP levels. As we stated above, cAMP levels are reported to regulate many of the vital functions of your body.  Since Forskolin has been shown to regularly elevate these levels, it stands to reason that taking a Forskolin supplement can have an effect on these vital functions through regulating cAMP.

You will see support for Forskolin on “authority” sites including WebMD that it is proving to be useful in treating many serious conditions like eczema, UTIs, Obesity, Chest pain, High Blood Pressure and more.  With such good reports circulating, it’s no wonder Forskolin’s popularity is increasing.   


Benefits of Taking Forskolin

Below we have provided several of the benefits that you could experience from taking this supplement. These benefits we have listed are ones that have had more research done. Keep in mind that more research is being conducted as benefits of this supplement are studied in more depth, but we will share with you some of the information that has been found so far.

  • Weight Loss – There are mixed results being reported when it comes to Forskolin being effective in helping with weight loss. Clinical studies have been conducted that show that while taking this supplement doesn’t help you lose weight or specifically burn fat, it can help you to avoid gaining MORE weight. These results were found in a study of women that were already slightly overweight.

Additional results included reduction in being tired and a reduction in appetite as well.  The study shouldn’t be heavily weighted due to the size of the study, which was less than 100 participants but more studies are being done and should glean more information as it is discovered.

Another much more exciting study showed that middle-aged men that were considered clinically obese saw results such as a shifting in body mass that included having more muscle and less fat and was also shown to increase testosterone levels by up to 30%.  The main thing to take from these studies is that things are looking really good for Forskolin to be effective in helping with weight loss in several ways.

  • Allergies – Forskolin is commonly used to help treat allergies and allergic reactions that are considered acute as well. Research has shown that Forskolin and similar compounds can reduce the allergens that are able to get into the bloodstream during anaphylaxis.  It has also shown that it has the ability to increase airway diameter in the lungs which is very important when treating asthma or reactions that are similar to asthma.  In fact, one 8 month study showed a reduction in asthma attacks by 45% when taking 10mg of Forskolin every day. 
  • Manages Asthma Attacks – Asthma is a common condition that causes the airways to become swollen and inflamed due to various factors. Forskolin is becoming more widely used to treat this condition and the benefits are very real.  Studies have shown that this supplement is proving to be more effective than cromoglicic acid. This study showed that those taking Forskolin experienced about half as many attacks of asthma than those that were taking the cromoglicic acid. Another study compared using Forskolin or using beclomethasone which is a familiar steroid inhaler treatment.  What they found is that there were no significant differences in the responses indicating that Forskolin could become a natural and much safer way to treat asthma.
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels – Does Forskolin have an effect on blood sugar levels? There are studies that have been done, including one published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences that show regular usage of Forskolin over an 8 week period resulted in reduced fasting blood sugar levels.  More research is being done to determine the level of efficacy but so far the preliminary studies are showing that is could help pre-diabetics and diabetics by regulating blood sugar levels. 
  • Helping the Heart – In animal trials, Forskolin has been shown to revitalize heart tissue that is failing. It is also known to activate the myocardial adenylate cyclase. This is an enzyme that is found in the heart tissue and is involved in many different cellular processes that are necessary for a healthy heart.  The results are wider blood vessels and a stronger heart beat. Because of these results there are some health professionals that are giving patients suffering from congestive heart problems such as congestive cardiomyopathy, an IV dosage of Forskolin in their treatment regimens.
  • Lowers High Blood Pressure – One of the most common health conditions affecting millions of people is high blood pressure. One of the ancient uses of Forskolin historically was treating conditions such as hypertension.  There is an Indian study done that found Coleus forskohlii extract to be very effective in lowering blood pressure in more than 75% of all the patients that were tested. Because of these results, Forskolin is becoming popular among people looking for natural methods of reducing their blood pressure in conjunction with other methods. Please note that if you suffer from high blood pressure it is not advisable to eliminate any medication you may be on without consulting your doctor.
  • Increases Testosterone Levels – At the beginning of our Forskolin guide we mentioned a study that was done among middle-aged, obese men in regards to Forskolin’s effects on testosterone levels. The results were dramatic, offering as much as 30% boosts in overall testosterone levels in the men who took the supplement. If you know that you are suffering from lowered levels of testosterone, it could benefit you to discuss taking Forskolin with your doctor. The results so far are very promising as a natural treatment for increasing those important testosterone levels that can affect many things in men.
  • Forskolin as an Alzheimer’s Treatment? – It is exciting to note that beginning studies are being conducted on using Forskolin as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. In July of 2016 a study was published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology that found using Forskolin significantly decreased many of the negative physical components that Alzheimer’s disease causes.  This included reducing inflammatory activity and decreasing plaque in different areas of the brain.  It is very encouraging to note the continued research that could prove Forskolin to be an excellent natural means of battling this debilitating disease.
  • Treating Glaucoma Symptoms – For a long time now Forskolin has been believed to be a natural and effective means of treating glaucoma symptoms. Recent studies are researching the effectiveness when it is taken orally rather than the common treatment which is an injection directly into the eye.

An interesting Italian study that was conducted on patients who were already at maximum medication treatment levels while still showing no improvement showed a remarkable  impact on these patients when Forskolin was taken orally along with another supplement called rutin. The results on the pressure levels were significant and provided these patients with an effective treatment when nothing else was left to try but surgery.

India scientists have found that using eye drops that contain 1% Forskolin was an effective and safer option rather than using the prostaglandin analogs and beta blockers which have many dangerous side effects including itching and burning eyes, depression, fatigue, respiratory tract infections and erectile dysfunction as well.

  • Included in Cancer Treatments – One of the effects of Forskolin is the activation of protein phosphatase 2, aka PP2A. This is an enzyme that is responsible for causing the rapid division of cells. There was a study conducted in 2011 at the University of Madrid that found that this activation of the PP2A that Forskolin caused had anti-tumor effects on rectal tumors and stopped their growth.  The indications of this study were that Forskolin could potentially slow or stop rectal tumor growth depending on the type of rectal cancer it was.  Another encouraging find is that researchers found that Forskolin caused cell death in myeloma cancer cells.  It also showed a reduction in side effects caused by common chemotherapy drugs when taken with these dangerous and commonly used treatments.

Needless to say, there are many studies and much research to still do to find the full scope of benefits that Forskolin offers. The studies are proving to be very informative as well as encouraging.

Forskolin Side Effects

The side effects that have been reported are very little in number and those that are mentioned by people are usually very mild.  This doesn’t mean that side effects are not possible at all, but the studies so far are not finding anything significant that keeps cropping up.  Some have noted throat irritation, lowered blood pressure in those that already have low to normal bp, and rapid heartbeat.

If you experience any side effects it is best to consult your doctor right away.  As tempting as it is to want to start taking such a great supplement right away, it is always a good idea and safer idea to consult with your doctor before starting anything new, especially if you are on medication for certain health conditions.

Forms of Froskolin

There are various forms of Forskolin.  Over the counter varieties are usually in supplement form that is powdered or in capsules.  Forskolin can be prescribed as well in powder form for those suffering from asthma and can be injected by a professional doctor into the eye as a glaucoma treatment.

Beware of companies that claim to be using Forskolin extract in their weight loss supplements.  It is always best to research the companies you purchase Forskolin from and make sure that you are only purchasing pure forskolin that contains at least 10% or more pure forskolin.  It is also important to follow the dosage instructions exactly and to take this supplement only after consulting with your doctor.

Checking with your doctor is a good practice to get into with any supplements that you want to add to your daily regimen and is best for your health and safety.  When it comes to the inhaled or IV forms of Forskolin these should ONLY come from a professional physician you are under the care of. If you are suffering from a health condition that you feel this supplement may help, definitely talk to your doctor about the possibility of trying it.

Notable Precautions and Warnings

There are certain instances where taking Forskolin is not recommended.  We have included these precautions and warnings here for your safety.

  • Pregnancy – Due to the potentially unsafe effects on the unborn baby, it is recommended to not take Forskolin when you are pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding – There is not enough conclusive information about the potential effects and safety of taking Forskolin while you are breastfeeding. It is recommended to avoid use while you are breastfeeding.
  • Low Blood Pressure – Due to the potential reduction of blood pressure from using Forskolin, if you already have low blood pressure this could cause very unsafe drops to occur. It is not recommended to take Forskolin when you have low blood pressure and even if your bp is normal, caution should be taken to pay attention to potential problems.
  • Surgery – If you are going to be having surgery you should stop taking Forskolin at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery due to the fact that it can increase bleeding and cause complications during and after surgery. 


Forskolin has been used for centuries by natural health professionals for many different health conditions.  This plant-based compound has a lot of potential benefits that are hard to ignore.  It has been called a weight loss supplement but beware of the companies that treat it like a magic pill that burns fat which studies do not support.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, you can notice the prevention of additional weight gain without having to diet to the extreme.  This is popular with many people who are struggling to change their eating habits.

All of the studies that are being conducted are showing Forskolin to be an exciting supplement with the potential to help a lot of people with a lot of serious health issues ranging from blood pressure reduction to a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

It is commonly used for glaucoma and asthma sufferers under the treatment and supervision of a doctor with encouraging success.  As more and more studies continue to be conducted and findings are documented, consumers may find that it is a terrific natural alternative to many prescription drugs.

Not all Forskolin is created equal. You want to look for the supplements that contain at least a 10% concentration of Forskolin in the pure extract form. You also want to make sure that the product has been made in the United States and that it contains (and clearly states this) no fillers or binders which can be very dangerous.