Prevagen Review – Does This Supplement Work?

Prevagen is a memory-boosting supplement that extracts its main ingredient, apoaequorin, from jellyfish. Apoaequorin is vital in the making of this brain supplement. According to Prevagenís label and official website, this compound is clinically proven to assist with mild memory complications that are regularly diagnosed in the aging population.

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Additionally, Prevagenís label makes the bold statement that it can improve memory. Scientifically, the human brain begins to fail around the age of 40. For example, memory becomes slower. For this reason, a supplement like Prevagen can be helpful in providing additional cognitive support. The manufacturer also claims that it will only take 90 days to see changes in brain functions such as memory boost and clearer thinking, among others.

How It Works

Prevagen, which is most commonly found in capsule form, is ingested. The apoaequorin in the supplement releases protein and calcium that is vital in improving sleep quality and boosting memory functions. Apoaequorin also provides the brain with calcium that plays a role in reducing age-related mental decline. More fundamentally, the protein produced by this ingredient also helps in the growth of a healthy brain, thus a significant reduction in memory loss. According to the official website, this supplement is said to help in;

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- Some reports suggest that taking 20 mg of apoaequorin every 2-3 waking hours and an additional 20-40 milligram, around one hour before bedtime, along with other drugs and supplements, might slow the progression of ALS. The effects of taking apoaequorin alone are not clear.
  • Mental function- Early research shows that taking 10 milligrams of apoaequorin daily for 90 days, improves mental function in older adults.
  • Memory- Early research shows that taking 10 mg of apoaequorin on a daily basis, for 90 days, might improve forgetfulness, word recall, and the need for reminders in some people. However, this research is of lower quality.
  • Sleep quality- Early research shows that taking 10 mg of apoaequorin daily for 90 days might increase sleep time by around one hour per night and cut nighttime awakenings by 50%. It is said to have improved sleep quality in over 90% of people with trouble sleeping.

About Manufacturer

Quincy Bioscience, a biotechnology company based in Madison, Wisconsin, manufactures Prevagen. It focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel technologies to support cognitive function and other regular health challenges such as mild memory problems associated with aging. You can find more about the company on its official website along with more information about this product.

Take note though, that this company has had some legal tussles with the US Food and Drug Administration related to complaints raised about Prevagen. Specifically against the claim that this product could treat head injuries and Alzheimerís disease after it caused adverse reactions in patients with these conditions. The FDA also raised concerns about the main ingredient, apoaequorin, citing it is a synthetic protein and not a dietary supplement. The claim is found on the maker’s official site: “Apoaequorin,†from jellyfish, is grown in a safe and controlled manufacturing process.î

Prevagen Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product is the apoaequorin protein. The productís official website claims that it helps in the improvement of cognitive function, making it an essential nutrient for older adults. Additionally, it helps in improving the ability to recall information.

One of the ingredients in Apoaequorin is calcium. The presence of calcium helps by enhancing calcium homeostasis which can assist in reducing the adverse effects of dementia and cognitive dysfunction. Calcium also protects neurons from ischemic cell death (when there is a restriction in blood supply to tissues) and regulates intracellular calcium levels.

Other ingredients include;

  • Disodium EDTA- Each capsule contains about 10 milligrams of sodium. This is slightly below the recommended daily consumption of sodium which is 1%.
  • Magnesium Stearate- We know that minerals such as magnesium and zinc are critical co-factors for basic brain functions, hence they are essential in support of cell membrane health.
  • Acetic Acid- One well-supported function of acetic acid is increased responsiveness to sensory stimuli, which can help the user to pay attention. Acetic acid also helps in the suppression of intracortical information transmission in the cortex. Some forms of learning and plasticity in the cortex appear dependent on the presence of acetic acid.
  • Sodium Chloride- Regularly known as salt, this ingredient helps in maintaining the sodium-potassium balance in the body. When the heart is pumping well, sodium goes into the cells and potassium comes out which releases energy in your body. The energy created helps your muscles relax and contract as nerve impulses are transmitted to your brain.
  • White rice flour.


  • Prevagen claims to help preserve a healthy brain.
  • This supplement promises to help enhance focus and awareness.
  • Keeps brain cells from age-related complications.


  • There is no scientific proof for all of the declarations made by the creator of Prevagen.
  • There is no evidence that apoaequorin can endure stomach acid or pass through the blood-brain obstacle.
  • The FDA disputes the safety of apoaequorin.

Customer Reviews and Results

Scientific Backing from Official Website

Study 1: Effects of the Calcium Binding Protein Apoaequorin on Memory and Cognitive Function in Older Adults.

Madison Memory Study did this study in 2016, seeking to examine the effect of Prevagen on cognitive function in a study population of community-dwelling, older adults, with self-reported cognitive difficulties or concerns. For 90 days participants were given 10 milligrams of Apoaequorin.

Results; Prevagen demonstrated the ability to improve aspects of cognitive function in older participants with either healthy cognitive aging or very mild impairment, as determined by AD8 screening.

Study 2: Prevagen Quality of Life Study, Memory Test Scores Improved.

The Prevagen Quality of Life Study was an open-label study of 56 healthy participants over a 90-day period. It measured perceived changes in overall cognition and general health.

Results: †Reports on member’s questionnaires showed that their memory was better than before. The study concluded that this product improved performance across all parameters.

Study 3: Impact of Prevagen on Sleep Quality.

Subjects, 55 healthy people took Prevagen before sleep and were followed for 90 days.

Results; People getting Prevagen reported getting more sleep at night.

Study 4: Safety Assessment of Apoaequorin

Goodman group at Food Allergy Research and Resource Program at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nevada conducted this research. They wanted to find out the allergic cross-reactivity of Apoaequorin in users. A bioinformatics assessment was carried out on apoaequorin against known allergens and a laboratory test to assess potential allergic reaction was also carried out by simulating gastric digestion of apoaequorin’s amino acid sequence.

Results; The results from the bioinformatics searches with the apoaequorin sequence show that it is not a known allergen and not likely to cross-react with known allergens.

Evaluation on Prevagen

There is a lot of information that Quincy Bioscience is not disclosing to the public. Most concerning are the safety concerns raised by the FDA. The product can hardly be called natural because its main ingredient, apoaequorin, is not directly extracted from the jellyfish. This statement from the official site, “Apoaequorin, originally from the fish, is developed in a safe and controlled manufacturing process”, means that the main ingredient is produced artificially in a laboratory environment. Apoaequorin in itself, cannot solve cognitive problems in people. Besides, it may carry potential dangers which have been kept back by the manufacturer. The FDA maintains that since the apoaequorin in Prevagen is created synthetically, it is classified as a drug rather than a dietary supplement.

Moreover, much of the information about the possible side effects of the supplement are hidden. It is undisputable that the calcium-binding proteins, produced in the human organism, are free from side effects. However, there is the question of how a product produced artificially can be safe for people. Check for drug interactions despite the maker claiming that Prevagen is said to be non-toxic.

Finally, in a warning letter from the FDA†in 2012, the company was accused of not reporting to the government adverse events like seizures, strokes, and worsening symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which were reported to Quincy Bioscience after the use of Prevagen products. Additional reports to the FDA on side effects of this supplement also included chest pain, tremors, fainting, and other severe symptoms. The FDA is waiting for the companyís response.

Verified Purchases Reviews


  • Excellent but pricey- Brain felt younger and better but said that for over $1.00 a day, it just seems a bit high.
  • Brain cell protection- A great product that has helped in the creation of a sharper mind, clearer thinking, and healthier brain.
  • Feeling the difference- I noticed a difference relatively quickly. Probably by the end of the second bottle my wife noticed that I seemed less stressed. I think it helps me to focus. I am going to keep using it. I believe it is helping.
  • Works and tastes good too- I used to take the capsules but switched to chewable. I love them and I take one as soon as I get out of bed. Seems to be more useful in this form. Maybe my imagination, but I doubt it since I have been using this product for four or more years.


  • Scary side effects- It was wonderful, and I loved it! Yet, after two months, I was out of product for about a week, and the side effects were awful! I could not stay focused. I also had concentration blackouts where I couldn’t concentrate. It happened three times in one day.
  • Tried it, no impact on me- Tried them for two months with no perceptible benefit. Maybe it will work for you (Placebo’s work for many people).
  • Disappointing: no detectable results and quite pricey- The first thing that stood out was the packaging; the illustrated plastic bottle is in a high-quality cardboard box which contains a carefully-folded, nicely-printed pamphlet. I suspect this packaging is to make it look like a top-notch product. Unfortunately, it is not. The only thing that stood out was the packaging. I have used Prevagen for several months and have detected no change in memory or mental acuity. Thus, I feel this is quite overpriced and I recommend passing on this product.

Special Precautions and Warnings:

  • Talk to your physician first to discuss any consequences that may occur.
  • Take caution when using Prevagen with other prescription medications.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking apoaequorin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Stay on the safe side and do not use it.

Final Verdict

Prevagen might work best in those with no memory issues or mild memory problems.† Additionally, it is not FDA approved. Age, itself, has some influence on the human body’s decline and Prevagen may be good in helping brain function but with the cited shortcomings, this product is not a good choice.


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