Plexus Slim Review – Does This Dietary Supplement Work?


In the never-ending quest for the perfect weight loss product, from powdered and liquid meal replacements to weight loss pills and crash diets programs, there are several options if you are trying to reduce your weight and stay healthy. Plexus Slim offers the ultimate solution to your weight loss needs. It is an affordable weight management product.

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Plexus Slim is a powdered product that adds weight-loss ingredients to a bottle of water. When mixed with water, it turns into the pink drink. Plexus Slim works by;

  • Increasing your willpower over food through lowering the likelihood of binge eating
  • Burning fat deposits in the body rather than muscles
  • Regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Recently, many weight-loss products are said to help one get from habits like binge eating that in the end, leads to health complications such as diabetes, heart attack, and cardiovascular diseases. However, with Plexus Slim, which is easily included in our daily diet plan,  will be sure of getting immense health benefits such as improvement of your overall health while curbing your appetite and bringing about dozens of other changes in your body.

Plexus Slim is designed as an innovative product with natural ingredients added which are intended to help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids to produce results without losing muscle. The good about this product is that as a user, you need not fine-tune your lifestyle to extreme levels. Plexus Slim is made to help reduce appetite and improve one’s will power over the foods they choose.Plexus Weight Loss Review

This supplement has enjoyed quite a good reception in different markets over the world. What makes this product stand out is its unique pink coloration. It is said to transform the health and fitness industry all over the world, as it is designed to provide health benefits to different types of bodies. It will give you the safest way to lose weight naturally, by balancing your blood sugar levels as well as suppressing your appetite. Irrespective of your body type, Plexus Slim will help you lose approximately 5-10 pounds within the first three days of using the product.

Plexus Slim is the network marketing company Plexus Worldwide, Inc. a company established by a person called David Brown. The company began in 2005 in Scottsdale Arizona; however, Plexus Slim was introduced in 2011 since, at the outset, the company focused its attention on developing products for type 2 diabetics.

Active Ingredients

Chromium: Chromium is the main ingredient used in Plexus Slim. Often used in weight loss supplements because of some evidence that it might help reduce blood sugar levels by making insulin work better. It curbs cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. However, some studies show that it is not functioning. Even though a lower blood sugar level regularly leads to an increased rate of metabolism, it also translates to a less energetic person.

Green coffee beans: This is also called Chlorogenic Acid. These are unroasted coffee beans, which contain levels of chlorogenic acids and caffeine. Even though studies show that chlorogenic acid helps in weight loss and the increase in fat burning, the ingredient has not undergone enough studies sufficient to show if it’s the only reason that some have experienced weight loss, or it’s due to the caffeine.

Polydextrose: This is a type of soluble fiber. It is a synthetic extract of glucose and acts as a substitute for sugar. It helps in weight loss since it has no calories and is a type of fiber.  It will often replace sugars, starches, and fats in processed foods.
Alpha Lipoic Acid:  This is a vitamin- like antioxidant made naturally in our body and can be extracted from meats especially organ meats and some fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. It helps in metabolizing energy. Its primary function is to help convert glucose into usable energy. It is thought to contribute to weight loss by not only improving insulin sensitivity but also lowering blood sugar levels.

Luo-Han-Guo Extract: The scientific name for this ingredient is Siraitia Grosvenor. Often it is used as a sweetener and added to help reduce the total amount of sugar. In addition to that, studies have shown that it relaxes the bowels, and reduce bacteria in the intestines. In making plexus slim, the ingredient is as a flavoring.

Citric Acid: Citric acid is used to enhance flavor as well as a preservative. Citric acid is suitable for maintaining acid levels in the body. It is a naturally occurring chemical.

Stevia extract: Stevia is made from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana and is a sweetener. The extracts have 300 times more sweetness than sugar, added to many low-calorie foods for its low-sugar and low-carbohydrate levels.

Beetroot Extract: Beetroot is used to give the product its pink color. Even though beetroot is red in color, it probably contributes to the pink color of the product. Essentially, it is responsible for healthy blood and normalizing the pH balance in the body. Due to its sweetness, it also acts as a natural sweetener.

Garcinia cambogia Fruit Extract: Garcinia cambogia is an endemic plant cultivated in southern India. The extract made from the rind of the fruit contains potassium salts that help control appetite by making you feel full, prevent fat storage in the body as well as increase endurance during exercise. Studies have shown that it can boost serotonin levels in the brain that can make you feel full and satisfied.

Natural flavors: They help naturally add to the flavor of the supplement.

Grape skin extracts: It is used to add fiber to the complement. It is said to be useful in treating heart diseases such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Purchasing Plexus Slim

Before trying Plexus Slim and spending your money, it is important to know that there are different ways to purchase the product. There are different payment levels Plexus has developed depending on what suits your needs.

  • Buying at a regular price
  • Buying products as a preferred and periodic customer and save
  • Becoming a Plexus Ambassador

As a Plexus ambassador, you can buy Plexus Slim in large quantities and then resale the supplements to people you know and people you meet and at the same time getting commissions. When you order as a customer directly from the Plexus website, you enjoy retail pricing, a 60-day money back guarantee, and fast shipping. When you go to buy online, you have to search for an ambassador to go through.

Plexus Slim administration is preferably 15 to 30 minutes before intake of food or drinks and is intended for use in conjunction with regular dietary plans. It is recommended to drink once or twice a day for better results. Pour a packet of plexus slim into a bottle of water or glass, stir the product then drink.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Has a great taste and can easily be mixed with water
  • No meal replacements


  • It is expensive when compared to other similar products
  • It  may not be ideal for a long-term solution
  • It is sold through a multilevel marketing scheme.
  • The product may not be effective without a healthy and active lifestyle
  • There are many side effects reported by users.

Reviews and Results

Positive reviews

It is very hard to lose weight especially amidst the culture of fast foods. When your blood sugar levels are out of control, and you feel like to eat, plexus slim comes in handy. Plexus Slim helps in reducing your desire to eat and increases your control over food. It is rich in a range of ingredients and substances that will help you to curb your appetite. It makes losing weight a lot simpler and an easier task to achieve. Plexus Slim targets the fat often the hardest to lose especially around the abdomen, instead of losing fat from areas of the body where it is not required, such as the bust. It is virtually ideal for anyone unable to take oral capsules.

There are several positive reviews regarding this product. The majority of the customers saying they have enjoyed using the product. In addition to the sweet taste of the pink powder, many customers have seen a decrease in fat weight within a short time from the start of using it. Thanks to the easy and fast preparations that come with the product and when combined with the best healthy plans, customers reported incidences of a healthy body while also reducing cravings and moderation of appetite. Most clients have claimed to use this product on a daily basis. One customer highlighted that this product is for those who are willing to incorporate healthy and active lifestyle.

Negative reviews

One among the most negative comment on the product is the limited clinical research into Plexus Slim. Although Most of the ingredients contained in the plexus slim have been found to be relatively safe in the short-term, some ingredients have been proven extremely dangerous in the end. Long term lowered blood sugar levels by these ingredients can have a severely negative impact on the health of the user.

Severe side effects are rare although there have been minor side effects reported on the continuous use of the product. Based on individual ingredients, reported side effects include:

  • Green coffee extract- some customers claimed to have trouble sleeping, jitteriness, nausea, irregular heart rate and anxiety. It contains a low level of caffeine, the same side effects of caffeine if taken for a long time.
  • Chromium- Taking too much chromium can lead to constipation, excess gas, and dehydration. It may lower blood sugar levels thus might interfere with low blood sugar medications making blood sugar levels to be too low.
  • Alpha lipoic acid- Alpha-lipoic acid appears to cause skin rash and low levels of blood sugar and because of this, it might interfere with insulin and other diabetes medications.
  • Many of the above side effects are manageable. However, long exposures to the products may lead to serious problems.


The products in plexus slim are natural and need not cause any harm to users. However, if for reasons the ingredient reacts negatively with the user or unpleasant effects occur, it is important for them to discontinue using this product. Also, before starting this or any other supplements, consult a doctor first. It goes a long way to preserving your overall health.

Nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, pregnant women, and those with existing health conditions such as high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular disease should refrain from using this product. This product is not taken with cold medicines or products containing caffeine.


Despite the fact that Plexus Slim has not undergone tests, there is some active support. All anyone can say is maybe the stuff works, and maybe it does not operate at all. To lose weight, one has to put in some commitment and ensure a healthy and active lifestyle. Plexus narrow focus on helping people to maintain a healthy way of life. It is true that people are losing weight when using plexus slim; however, there is no guarantee that you will lose weight the same way. What matters is the determination, circumstances and how you approach it. Plexus Slim could very well be the answer to your health problems.


Plexus Slim Review
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  • Results
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