Lipozene Review – Does This Fat Burner Work?

With the increased cases of obesity, there have been a lot of companies working so hard to help people cope. Obesity Research Institute is a company based in the USA and has been a great contributor in ensuring that people deal with their weight in an easier way. Lipozene is a diet pill that has help in weight loss as well as controlling their eating habits.

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Who Is Lipozene Made For?

Generally speaking, there is no clear target as far as the manufacturing of Lipozene is concerned. This is because everybody can take Lipozene. This can be the children, the youth and even the old of all genders. Mainly Lipozene is composed of natural ingredients, and thus, the cases of allergies are very minimal. The dieters with type II diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and constipation should consider taking this diet pill as this would help them a great deal. Diabetics are also advised to take the supplement as its active ingredient is thought to help in the reduction of the blood sugars by far. For the adults who want to reduce weight, they may be required to take at least two capsules in half an hour’s time before taking their meals; the adults should not exceed six capsules in a day, and therefore the supplement should be taken roughly three times in a day. The children over the age of twelve should preferably take half of this dosage. For women at the breastfeeding stage, the supplement may not have any health risk either on the child or the mother but the most contradicting bit is that such mothers need a lot of calories and thus may not need to lose this weight while still breastfeeding. The supplement may also not be recommended if you are expectant as during this phase of a woman’s life, it is only advisable to avoid any drug supplement not unless recommended by the doctor.

Once the diet pill is taken together with some other oral medication and blood sugars drugs; some interactions may occur. This may either react or cause some opposing effects. For instance, the supplement has an active ingredient which helps in the reduction of blood sugar levels and if the client is on the medication that aims at increasing the blood sugar, then this supplement may not be the best for them at this time.

What Is Lipozene Made Of?

The ingredients of any supplement play a very ample role in determining its effectiveness. The ingredients have a great input in judging the functions of any supplement of diet pill. The side effects of any diet pill are also pegged on the individual ingredients.

Glucomannan happens to be the main and active ingredient and is still the one that determines the effectiveness of the supplement. The ingredient makes the dieter feel full and thus, they are not bothered with some weird cravings and a lot of unnecessary eating. This enables the dieter to take less food than it is the case on normal events and thus contributing to weight loss. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber and therefore, it works by observing the water in the stomach thereby forming a gel-like substance. The fiber also slows the rate of digestion, and this may include even the sugars thus, suppressing the appetite.

Gelatin is still another important ingredient which has a lot of benefits in as far as the general health is concerned. This is a great source of an amino acid as well as a great source of proteins. The ingredient also helps in digestion as it naturally binds to water thus making it easier for foods to move in the digestion tract. The ingredient should, therefore, be taken with the foods that are considered hard to digest.

Microcrystalline cellulose is an inactive ingredient but is very crucial in as far as the effectiveness of this ingredient is concerned. The ingredient is not degraded during digestion. If used in large quantities it helps in providing dietary bulk thus a laxative effect. The ingredient also works as an anti-caking and suspending agent thus helping indirectly in weight loss.


Magnesium silicate

The ingredient is in mineral forms and can be considered a very important part of this supplement. This is because it plays the purification roles and thus, the cleansing of the body from other impurities thus making it easier to lose weight and excessive cholesterol.

Stearic acid

This is yet another important ingredient which is very common when it comes to the household supplements. This is among the many fatty acids that occur naturally in most plants and animals.  Stearic acid also helps a great deal in dealing with the cholesterol levels.

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is another important ingredient that is contained in the supplement. Though its contribution is not clear in this supplement, it still forms a crucial bit. Some colors also are included in the manufacturing of this supplement so as to make it appealing to the users.

Lipozene Prices

Price also happens to be another determinant as to whether you should enroll into this supplement or not. This is what justifies its affordability. The purchasing can be from the company’s official site or through other online shops such as Amazon and Walmart and offline sellers such as some stores in the USA. Thus the prices may vary.  The money back guarantee and payment terms are not so clear from the official sites. Once an individual buys the supplement from the official site, it comes with some free gifts of a fat burner.

Lipozene Pros and Cons

Every supplement’s effectiveness and suitability are judged from its benefits and issues. If the pros of a supplement outdo its cons, them it is wise to note that such supplement is likely to be widely used. If the cons of any supplement happen to be critical and questionable, then people should not be encouraged to take the supplement as it may have dangerous effects in the future.


  • Lipozene’s active ingredient is Glucomannan, and this is one of the ingredients that is very much researched on, and its capabilities in weight loss are well published.
  • The supplement is mainly made of natural ingredients which help a great deal even in physical health.
  • There is a lot of positive consumer feedback, and this only means that the product has been effective in fulfilling consumer’s needs.
  • The supplement has a lot of natural fiber, and this helps a great deal in coping with the digestive tract issues such as constipations and diarrhea.
  • The product is safe and effective and does not require one to check on their diet or even engaging in exercises.
  • The product curbs obesity through weight loss and fat elimination.
  • The ingredient does not have any form of stimulants.
  • The company’s claim on the supplement’s effectiveness has been clinically proven.
  • The supplement plays a great role in the maintenance of low levels blood sugars.


  • There is no single supplement that is a hundred percent perfect and free from any imperfections.
  • The supplement is difficult to swallow, and this may block the gut. One also needs a lot of water while swallowing this supplement
  • The supplement may cause a lot of issues to dieters with already low blood sugars as the active ingredient of this supplement acts as a sugar reducing agent  this may be quite dangerous for the diabetic dieters
  • Lipozene is a laxative that is aimed towards reducing constipation, but its overreliance can cause severe diarrhea despite the fact that increased fiber intake should ease the condition
  • There have been some reported cases of fermentation especially when the supplement’s fiber content mixes with the bacteria in the stomach, and this may lead to bloating which is as a result of gas production as well as some abdominal pains and cramping.
  • There are some of the allergic conditions that are attributed to the intake of Lipozene. Some of which are itching, wheezing, skin rashes, swelling of the face and throat, as well as breathing, constrains to those that are sensitive to Lipozene’s individual ingredients.
  • Lipozene should not be taken by pregnant women, and those nursing babies are also not encouraged to take the supplement.
  • There may be interactions between the supplement with other drugs as this may even impact to opposing effects.
  • The supplement may be considered expensive, and the manner in which it is purchased is quite complicated.
  • The company does not give money back guarantee, and the payment terms are also questionable. As despite most of the clients claiming to have asked for the refund before the thirty days are over, they are yet to receive their cash and some have even forgotten they ever had the claims.
  • Before one buys from the company’s official site, they are required to enter their bank details, and this has led to some auto billing something that the clients are complaining about.

Lipozene Reports and Review

The products effectiveness is best judged from the customer’s review as customers will always speak out their minds regarding the supplement. Lipozene has received both the positive and negative reviews. Some of the customers have noted that the supplement has worked for them, but this has only happened with the change of the diet as well as engaging in some physical exercises. The results, therefore, may not be as instant as the official cites claims.

A seizure victim also claims to be very much disappointed as after reading several reviews; he decided to try out the supplement only to realize that after taking the supplement for two months, he had lost only four pounds. This may be quite contradicting as another dieter claims to have lost ten pounds after taking the supplement for two weeks.

There has also been a repeated case when it comes to the side effects of the supplement as most of the customers claims to have nausea, bloating and pooping without ceasing. Some have also claimed to experience dizziness and some bits of diarrhea.

A biracial woman who has claimed to have struggled with her weight of 298lbs says that she has been impressed with this supplement as with Lipozene she eats very little, and all the cravings have been the supplement, and this has impacted largely on her weight. The product has not only helped her to lose her body size and shape but also lots of inches in her waistlines.

A mother of three also notes that she was recommended to use the supplement by a friend who had already lost fifty pounds within the first three weeks and is still losing. After she enrolled in this plan, she has lost thirty pounds within the first month, and she is therefore no longer obese and is hopeful that she is going to regain her shape after the first three months.

Some of the clients claim that this product is expensive as compared to the other supplements that help in weight management. This is so as with the recommended dosage, one should take the diet pill three times in a day and thus a bottle can only go for roughly ten days, not thirty as claimed by the company.

In conclusion, it is wise for one to know which supplement best works for them and not to buy a supplement for the sake of buying or simply because you have seen the product being advertised or have read the products’ reviews. The best way to approach this kind of supplement is by first analyzing its ingredients and consulting a clinical officer on whether the supplement works for you or not. It’s also important to note that Lipozene is not a miracle pill it works best when one makes necessary changes in their diet as well as their lifestyle.


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