Is Super Beta Prostate Good for You

Studies have found that the large majority of men suffer from some kind of prostate problem after they reach 45 years of age and older.  Whenever they find that they have prostate enlargement, they tend to turn to medical aids. Enlargement of the prostate is the most common sign of prostate problems which can make an exact diagnosis difficult.

Roughly 40% of men will seek out the advice of an urologist if they start experiencing any signs of BHP, which is also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Even though the prostate gland is small the effect it has on a man’s body and health can be big. Some of the areas it can negatively affect include bathroom habits, quality of life, sex life, quality of sleep and urine flow.  By the age of 50, 50% of all men will have had some issue with their prostate.

Because it is so common and can cause so many issues, it is important to take care of your prostate health BEFORE something goes wrong if you can. In the United State, there are close to 200,000 cases of prostate cancer discovered each year and that figure is increasing.  This is where Super Beta Prostate comes in.  Taking the right supplement can make a big difference in the health of your prostate and can also help correct prostate problems that have already started.

What is Super Beta Prostate

Super Beta Prostate is an all-natural supplement that can improve the prostate health significantly. This wonder supplement has shown through research studies, that there is a decrease in disorders involving the prostate among men who are using it.  It has been formulated to improve the overall health of the prostate and reduce the urinary problems that are associated with enlarging of the prostate.

While there are many natural prostate supplements on the market, they are not all created equal which is proven with Super Beta Prostate.  Its formula is different from the majority of other prostate supplements available.  This guide will show you the benefits of taking Super Beta Prostate and teach you about the ingredients that are present in this quality supplement.

Super Beta Prostate is packed with powerful minerals and vitamins that have been shown to treat many prostate conditions.  Because of the high quality, all-natural ingredients used in its formula, it does not carry negative side effects. Super Beta has a lot more minerals than the majority of prostate supplements. In fact there are 10 ingredients in this supplement that are designed to help improve prostate health and reduce problems.

Super Beta contains only one vitamin in its formula and that is Vitamin D. The active ingredient in this supplement is beta-sitosterol.  This group of plant sterols comes from fruits, other plants and vegetables.  It was created to help reduce prostate enlargement.  It can also promote healthy UT functions and improves urinary flow as well without harmful or dangerous chemical drugs.

Whether you are looking for a prostate supplement for yourself or you are concerned about your husband or boyfriend, the key is finding the right supplement that will give you the right combination of ingredients that are all natural and safe to take. Prostate issues that are left untreated can cause many different problems that will affect a man’s quality of life.  You don’t have to suffer from these issues simply because of aging. There is a great alternative to prescription drugs and Super Beta Prostate is that alternative.

Benefits of Taking Super Beta Prostate

There are many benefits that a man can receive when they start taking Super Beta Prostate.  These benefits include better control over urination, stronger urine flow, fewer trips to the bathroom, even overnight, improves emptying of the bladder, helps decrease the size of the prostate and gets it back to normal size, and many more.

Having to go to the bathroom all the time can really make day to day life and activities difficult so another benefit of taking this supplement is that it gives you back a normal life where bathroom visits or being close to a bathroom isn’t at the top of your list.

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

There are some studies that have shown that Super Beta Prostate can affect the re-absorption of some types of vitamins from the GI tract so it is a good idea to take this supplement with a good quality multi-vitamin.

Super Beta is made from all natural ingredients that have no artificial preservatives, colors or chemicals and typically has no adverse effects but some people have mentioned skin reactions such as mild rashes, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and other mild reactions.  This can be caused by the introduction of a new ingredient into your system and should go away in short order.

If you have any side effects that are not going away or that are bothersome consult your doctor right away and stop taking the supplement until you have had it checked it. Even though side effects are very rare that doesn’t mean they are never possible.

It is important to note that men who have a history of heart disorders or disease should not take Super Beta Prostate.

Ingredients in Super Beta Prostate

The main active ingredient in Super Beta Prostrate is Beta Sitosterol. There are also Phytosterols present in this supplement. These ingredients are found in vegetables and nuts mostly.  The structure of these ingredients is very similar to cholesterol so it is no wonder that one of the biggest health benefits to taking Super Beta Prostate is lowering of cholesterol levels.

There are also some studies that have been done on phytosterols that have shown they have anti-cancer properties. Other studies have proven that plant sterols can reduce the risk of stomach, prostate, lung, breast and ovarian cancers.

Beta sitosterol is the most popular of the plant sterols. It reduces the blood levels of cholesterol and positively affects overall cholesterol levels as well as LDL. The way it does this is by preventing cholesterol from being absorbed by the intestine.  It can also improve cardiovascular health and will reduce androgen hormones.

Below we have listed the remaining ingredients that are in Super Beta along with some information about their effects on your health and prostate.

  • Vitamin D – This vitamin is naturally produced in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight.  If you get outside a lot, chances are your levels of vitamin D are fine but not everyone gets to spend enough time outside.  The vitamin D contained in this supplement has been linked to prostate issues when your body does not have enough of the vitamin in its system. New studies have shown that Vitamin D contains many medicinal properties including being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer.  Having it included in Super Beta protects your prostate against inflammation, relieves prostate enlargement symptoms and reduces the risk of prostate cancer as well.
  • Zinc – The prostate has over 500 times the level of zinc that is in the blood.  To have a healthy prostate, the body needs to have zinc.  BPH, prostatitis and prostate cancer has been linked to a deficiency in zinc which is why this quality prostate supplement adds it in the ingredient line up. Zinc prevents the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, it lowers estrogen levels and breaks down DHT, forms antioxidant enzymes that protect the prostate from free radical damage and prevents DNA damage and promotes DNA repair thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Selenium – This trace mineral is present in the body and is known for its antioxidant properties.  It is a very important part of many antioxidant enzymes that are in the body. Selenium can reduce oxidative stress that is present in the prostate.  It can also prevent damage to the cells in the prostrate and reduce the chances of prostate cancer and BHP. There has been extensive studies done that are examining the link between prostate cancer and selenium.  The study results are showing the selenium can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and works even better when combined with Vitamin E.
  • Boron – Another trace mineral that can greatly improve the health of your prostrate is Boron.  Many studies shown that boron reduces prostate cancer risks and reduces the levels of prostate-specific antigens.  High levels of PSA are one of the signs of prostate problems. A healthy prostate stores a very small amount of PSA. Boron ensures that the levels of PSA are reduced in the prostate. It can also reduce testosterone and DHT.
  • Chromium – Chromium is responsible for lowering sugar in the body. It is also used for breaking down fats and proteins in the body.  Super Beta Prostate includes Chromium in its formula because of its blood sugar level lowering properties.  Overweight men and those with diabetes typically have high risks of BHP. Chromium helps reduce prostate problems in overweight men and those with diabetes by regulating the blood sugar and reducing the amount of fat that the body is storing.
  • Copper – There are two reasons that copper is an included ingredient in Super Beta Prostate.  The first one is the antioxidant properties that help protect your prostate from oxidative damage.  The second reason is that the zinc that is in the supplement can reduce the amount of copper in the body. To avoid having a deficiency of copper in the body, Super Beta added it to the supplement along with zinc supplementation so one isn’t depleted by the other.
  • Manganese – Another trace element in Super Beta is Manganese.  Your body needs this to help improve the immune system, maintain reproductive health and improve bone health as well.  It also improves sexual performance. It can improve sex drive, increase the production of sex hormones and increase sperm count as well.  Prostate problems can cause sexual problems so adding manganese to this supplement helps prevent those problems and fix them if they are present.
  • Molybdenum – This element is needed in trace amounts in the body for several reasons.  It behaves as a cofactor in many of the body’s metabolic reactions including the production of uric acid.  It has been added to Super Beta Prostate to help increase the production of uric acid in the body. Your urogenital health can be improved by the right amount of uric acid.  This element can provide relief from sexual dysfunctions and urinary difficulties.
  • Silicon – Silicon improves the functions of the immune system.  A few studies that have been conducted confirm that the presence of silicon boosts immunity. Those effects are increased with Silicon is taken along with arginine, an amino acid.  Silicon works by increasing the number of lymphocytes in the body.  By increasing the strength of the immune system, this can indirectly protect the prostate.

Making Sure You Buy Quality Supplements

With all of the different prostate supplements available on the market it is very important that you ensure you choose the right one.  Super Beta Prostate is a high quality prostate supplement that can greatly improve the quality of your life if you are experiencing prostate related issues.  When you start researching the right supplement, there are a few things that you should look out for. We have listed these things below so you will be confident in where you get your Super Beta Prostate from.

  1. Purchase Super Beta Prostate from a Reputable Manufacturer – Seek out companies that have been around for a while and that has a good reputation. It is also important that you purchase this supplement from a seller/place in the United States. Prostate supplements that contain beta-sitosterol is a lot more effective when treating prostate problems than Saw palmetto is.
  2. Look for third party verification – Third party verification is important in knowing that you have a quality supplement. Consumer Lab is one such third party lab.  This tells you that the supplement you are taking meets certain quality standards.
  3. Talk to Your Doctor FIRST – Prostate supplements were not designed to take the place of being under the care of a doctor. There are plenty of doctors that support using all natural supplements in place of prescription medication.  Before starting this supplement make sure that you have talked to your doctor about any prostate issues you may be having especially if they are affecting your quality of life.  It is not necessary to wait until you are having problems before you take care of your prostate.  Being proactive can prevent issues from occurring and reduce the symptoms of any issues that are already there.

Super Beta Prostate has met the quality approval of the Consumer Lab testing facility so you can feel confident that you have purchased a quality supplement that is going to provide the results you are looking for.  There are 250 milligrams of beta-sitosterol in this supplement which is proven to be a good amount to reap the benefits that it provides.


It can be a scary thing to realize the high numbers of men that can experience prostate problems in their lives.  With numbers as large as these, it is important to take care of the health of your prostate before problems arise.  Taking care of it afterwards and correcting it is great as well and both are possible with Super Beta Prostate.  Since prostate problems are increasing every year, you need to be proactive in how you protect the help of your prostate.

There are many different supplements on the market that help with improving prostate health but none are on the same level as Super Beta Prostate. This all-natural supplement has what it takes to produce the kind of positive results you are looking for from a supplement.  It has many different health-boosting minerals added to the main active ingredients that work together to repair prostate issues, reduce swelling if it is present and prevent problems from developing.

You don’t have to accept prostate problems simply because you are aging or you are a man.  Take your prostate health into your own hands by improving your diet, adding exercise and taking the right supplement that is going to really work to improve and protect your prostate.  Super Beta Prostate is the right supplement to take to improve many different areas of your prostate health.

Super Beta is easy to take; just one capsule two times a day.  There are very few if any side effects to worry about. Most people experience no side effects at all. This supplement is reasonably priced as well.  Once you start taking Super Beta Prostate, you should take it for a minimum of three weeks. There are no instant results with this supplement; it takes time to correct issues or prevent problems but sticking with the recommended dosage and taking it consistently will show the kind of results and improvement you are looking for.

You can expect to see improvements in many different areas such as urinary frequency, sexual performance, urinary tract health and much more. With all of these benefits, you can see why Super Beta Prostate has become so popular.  With prostate problems being so common using a supplement like this one can ensure your prostate is healthy for a long time.