Is Relief Factor Good for You

You may not realize how much you use your joints until they are hurting and you’re trying to go about your business each day. Almost every move you make requires using your joints. The joints in your body are responsible for connecting all of the bones together.  The cartilage is a protector and the fluid that is found in the joints lubricates everything to provide movement without pain.

When everything is working as it should it’s easy to take your joints for granted. When they start causing pain it’s easy to see just how important they are.  Unhealthy joints can cause massive amounts of pain and can affect your quality of life. For this reason it is important to keep your joints working properly.

Pain in the joints along with inflammation and aches occur when there is damage to the cartilage. The damaged cartilage allows the bones to rub together causing friction and a lot of pain. Damage to the cartilage can start to occur even in your 20s and 30s depending on your activity level, weight and other factors.  Once you reach 40 years of age most people have damage in their joints that are weight bearing including the hips, ankles, knees, and spine.

Some of the ways that people start experiencing damaged joints can be pain while walking, difficulty getting up from a seated position, pain and stiffness in the morning upon waking up,  inability to do certain things the way you used to, soreness after exercise that is not muscle related and much more.

You may not notice any symptoms at first but as you age and the severe symptoms start it can affect simple movements like walking or gardening.  Many people believe that joint pain is just a fact of life due to aging. While some resort to prescription, chemical based medicines to try and relieve the pain, there can be a lot of risks associated with those medicines that make taking them dangerous or at the very least, scary for the ones taking them. The potential side effects list alone is enough to make people think twice about taking them at all.

Due to these potentially dangerous side effects, many people are looking at joint supplements as a means of repairing the joint problems and regaining mobility and a pain-free life.  These all natural supplements are made with herbs, extracts and other compounds and in most cases do not have the adverse side effects or reactions that come with prescription medications.  They offer a viable alternative to those who want to fix the problem without causing other health issues.

Not all joint supplements are the same in terms of quality and ingredients.  Some are more effective than others and have better formulas so it is important to do your research ahead of time so you can choose the best joint supplement you can find.  Relief Factor is one of those better supplements that offer you an alternative method of getting rid of joint pain and getting back your quality of life.

What is Relief Factor

Relief Factor is a joint supplement that is available without a prescription.  It is used for treating painful joints that can affect the movements and activities you are able to perform.

This supplement was developed by doctors who wanted to provide an all-natural solution to the millions of people who suffer from joint pain and who are forced to take prescription drugs to try and alleviate that pain. The company responsible for manufacturing this product is Promedev which is a division of the Longevity Medical Clinic.

The manufacturer describes Relief Factor as a natural supplement that was designed with the goal of helping your body get rid of inflammation along with the things that are causing this inflammation and muscle pain.  It took 15 years of clinical practice from chiropractors and doctors that were looking for a highly potent, all-natural inflammation solution. Relief Factor is the result of all that research and work.

This special formula is made from 100% fish oil and botanicals that provide your body with a healthy way of dealing with inflammation.  It is very powerful and consumers who take it are finding out just how well it works without the fear of chemicals in their body causing other health problems.

Relief Factor is not just another pain reliever.  It is designed to help improve the health of the joints and other systems of the body as well.  Most people don’t want to be dependent on medication just to be able to perform simple activities like walking, regardless of their age.  Relief Factor will help you get back to the life you want and age doesn’t matter at all, although if the joint damage has been around for a while, you can expect it to take a little longer.

Taking this product is easy. Just take the recommended dosage with your meals each day to avoid stomach upset and make sure you take it every day.  Sporadic supplement taking does not do anything so committing to taking it as you are supposed to will make a big difference in how fast you heal and how fast you can reduce the amount of Relief Factor you are taking each day.

How Relief Factor Works

Relief Factor is not a magic pill that works overnight. Any joint supplement that claims overnight results should be avoided because they are not being truthful.  This supplement works by providing painful and damaged joints with the support they need to bring down inflammation and naturally get rid of the pain.

It restores the body’s ability to protect itself when the body has stopped producing the right agents responsible for fighting inflammation.  Taken regularly, long term, Relief Factor will arm your body with the right mechanisms to get back on the right track.

Part of the way that this supplement works is by providing the body with different inflammation responses.  Over a few weeks’ time it eliminates the need for pain relievers. You can literally feel your joints getting less painful every day.

The Benefits of Relief Factor

There are many benefits that you can expect to see and feel when you take Relief Factor on a regular basis.  It teaches your body to respond to inflammation differently and gets rid of the discomfort that joint problems and pain can cause.

Remember that you don’t only have to take Relief Factor to help your joint issues. There are many things you can do to help improve the health of your joints. Relief Factor is a very important piece of this puzzle that should not be overlooked.

Since you are here because you want to avoid prescription medication, it is important to realize that you can get the same type of benefits that medications offer without all of the serious and potentially dangerous side effects.

Less pain, less inflammation, less restricted movement are all things that you can expect to see happen when you take Relief Factor.  If you are willing to give it the time it needs to start taking care of the problem, you will be amazed at how good you will feel in a few weeks.

Relief Factor Side Effects

If you are allergic to soy or shellfish, Relief Factor is not a good product for you to take due to the ingredients it contains.  As with any supplement you are interested in taking, it is always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider before taking Relief Factor. This is especially important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any pre-existing health conditions that you are taking medication for or you have any food allergies.

When you first start taking Relief Factor there might be a little bit of stomach upset if you are not used to taking herbal supplements.  One way of reducing this effect is to take the supplements with food.  The Omega-3s in this product can also cause a little bit of loose stools but this will go away as your body acclimates to the supplements.

Some users have reported dry mouth or dizziness as side effects but these have been very rare.  Overall, the side effects that are reported are very mild, if any at all, and go away quickly as your body adjusts to the addition of the supplement. Taking a good probiotic can also help ease stomach upset as you are getting used to the supplements.  There are no problems with taking Relief Factor with prescription medications but please check with your doctor before starting so they are aware of what you are taking.

Ingredients in Relief Factor

The quality of the ingredients in a supplement is what determines how well it works. Relief Factor is made from high-quality ingredients that are known to be effective in healing the body in many different ways. We have listed the ingredients that are in the Relief Factor formula along with some information about each of them. It is the healing properties these ingredients have that contribute to them being chosen for this formula.

  • Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) – Omega 3 is one of the main ingredients in fish oil. It provides many different positive benefits to your body.  One of the most notable results of the Omega 3 in Relief Factor is the ability it provides to reduce inflammation in the joints. 

    DHA and EPA are essential fatty acids that are proven to provide your body with a good inflammatory balance.  One inflammatory marker that is found in your blood is called CRP or C-reactive protein. When your joints are inflamed, these CRP levels rise. 

    Having higher levels of Omega-3s in your bloodstream lower the concentrations of CRP.   Other benefits of Omega-3s include mood enhancement and supporting the health of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system as well.

  • Curcumin – Another ingredient in Relief Factor that is responsible for reducing inflammation is Curcumin.  It works by suppressing the different things in the body that create that inflammatory reaction.

    There are several transcription factors in the body’s molecules such as NF-KappaB among others. One of the benefits of Curcumin is that it suppresses NF-KappaB and decreases it in the human body which helps reduce inflammation responses as well. 

    The results of a double-blind study on 49 rheumatoid arthritis patients showed that taking 1200 mg of Curcumin had the same results as those taking a prescription drug. Curcumin can also provide positive muscle regeneration benefits after the body experiences a trauma.

  • Resveratrol – This well-known ingredient is very effective in reducing inflammation and helps to get rid of high stress levels in the blood.  It works similarly to curcumin by inhibiting the inflammatory responses in the brain.

    There have been many studies done on Resveratrol that shows significant decreases in pain and inflammation when taken over a period of 6 weeks. It has even been shown to help reduce pain in animals as well.

  • Icariin – This ingredient has a very different job than the other three ingredients which are all similar in what they provide the body. Icariin helps protect your stem cells, nerves and DNA that can be damaged by free radicals. 

    It can also block the brain’s signal to prevent inflammation. Where it is similar to the other ingredients is in its effects on NF-KappaB by providing reversing inflammation markers and inflammation-induced degradation of the joints.

Using Relief Factor

There are some easy instructions involved in using Relief Factor.  We have included this information for your benefit so you can see how it works and how easy it is to take.  How much Relief Factor you will need to take will depend on how much your inflammation and pain affects your body.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to start with taking three packets of Relief Factor each day to start. If you are dealing with a lot of pain, start with 4 packets per day.  The goal that the creators of this supplement have is for people who are taking it to slowly taper back on its use so you don’t have to take as much as your pain decreases.

Once you are not in as much pain, you can cut back one packet. Your doctor can be very helpful in instructing you on how much to cut back at a time and how often.  If you regularly take this supplement as instructed, you can expect to see some results in as little as three weeks.  It could be longer if you are dealing with a long-term health condition or are dealing with a severe injury.  Make sure to take Relief Factor with food.


It can be very difficult to deal with extreme joint pain on a regular basis.  Hurting all the time can have negative effects on your mental health as well as the activities you do on a regular basis. When the pain is bad enough it can even affect your ability to work or play with your kids. Most people think that joint pain, stiffness, loss of mobility and other joint issues are a natural progression that goes along with aging but Relief Factor is here to tell you that you don’t have to accept joint pain for the rest of your life.

It is not always easy to control muscle and joint pain.  That pain can be the result of aging or an injury.  Prescription drugs don’t do much in the way of helping the problem other than masking the pain. That is where Relief Factor is so different.

Not only will taking this supplement get rid of your pain but it works to eliminate the soreness and pain from these painful, damaged joints rather than just covering up the problem with pain relievers. The all-natural ingredients used in this supplement work with the body to repair the problem and are not a medication.  It teaches your body to respond to the inflammation in a different way. Most who take this supplement see a reduction in discomfort every day until it is completely gone.

Unfortunately, those who go to a doctor for treatment may simply end up with a painkiller to simply manage the pain while doing nothing about the root cause.  This won’t do much to improve the quality of your life. Taking prescription meds on a regular basis can even cause additional problems to worry about including the possibility of becoming dependent on the prescription itself.

Taking Relief Factor Joint supplement can do a lot more than just reduce your pain. You will notice a decrease in pain and discomfort and an increase in mobility as you take it and it builds up in your system.  Also unlike prescription drugs, taking Relief Factor is not a life sentence.  You may start off with a higher dosage but as your pain goes down, your dosage goes down as well.

You don’t have to suffer needlessly from damaged joints.  Try this all-natural joint supplement that is dedicated to improving your joint health as well as reducing your pain. With 15 years of research and work in creating it and the team of doctors and chiropractors that developed it, you can rest assured that this product works.