Is Bio X4 Good for You

Understanding probiotic bacteria is helpful when it comes to looking for the right supplement.  Probiotic supplements can be used for many different health problems depending on the type of probiotic it is. The main use for probiotic supplements is to help improve digestion and gastrointestinal health. Their job is to aide in proper digestion and in keeping the intestinal track cleaner and healthier.

The right probiotic bacteria can prevent harmful things from building up in the intestines. They can also eliminate them through lactic acid production. Certain strains of probiotic bacteria can aid in healing wounds, producing vitamin K in the body, reducing bloating and other causes of lactose intolerance and much more.  In many cases they can be used to treat certain types of health problems of infections.

Good quality probiotic bacteria can prevent the common cold, constipation, cavities, and diarrhea. By making sure you have plenty of probiotics in your system you can prevent microbes and bad bacteria from being present and causing these common problems that people suffer from every day.

The key to improving your gastrointestinal and digestive system is to choose the right probiotic supplement.  Bio X4 is a supplement that will provide the kind of probiotic bacteria you want to prevent a slew of problems.

What is Bio X4

BIO X4 is a supplement that contains 4 very powerful ingredients that when combined can provide many benefits including losing weight, enhancing your mood, suppressing your appetite, balancing your intestinal track and more.  BIO X4 is a fairly new product but they are created by a company that has a mission to help improve people’s health.  They are also concerned about the environment which is reflected in their eco-friendly packaging.

Dr. Amy Lee is the creator of BIO X4.  Dr. Lee is the head of the Integrated Wellness Center in Los Angeles and has been focused on studying internal medicine and nutrition her whole life.  She is also a bariatric surgeon.  This revolutionary supplement has everything you need to energize, revitalize and support your body’s well-being from the inside out.

How Bio X4 Works

For the best results you should take 1 BIO X4 capsule 3 times a day, preferably with a meal.  When you take it with your food it helps assist you by providing digestive help that processes the food you eat and helps you extract the most nutrients possible.  The key to BIO X4 working at its optimum levels involves consistency. You want to take it three times a day every day, which will allow your body to build up a good level of good bacteria, enzymes and nutrients.

One of the causes of weight gain is incorrect absorption of different nutrients that your body needs.   Putting food into your body when the body can’t use the nutrients can cause you to continue to eat beyond the time when your stomach is actually full. BIO X4 can help in many different ways.   The ingredients used in the proprietary blend can make a huge difference in your body’s ability to use the nutrients you get from the food you eat properly.

Other reasons for weight gain or a struggle to lose weight comes from the body’s systems not working the way they should be.  When you have a lot of bad bacteria in your system, eliminating what needs to be without losing the beneficial nutrients becomes quite difficult.  You will feel sluggish, tired, and generally unwell. Bio X4 has everything you need to get your body back on track so you can lose weight, burn fat and get your digestive and gastrointestinal systems on track.

This supplement can accomplish things like reducing your cravings, boosting your immune system, ensuring your body is strong and healthy, improving absorption along with suppressing your appetite. One of the many notable things about BIO X4 is that rather than artificially suppressing the appetite by tricking the body into feeling full, it ensures that your body gets the nutrients it needs so the appetite reduces naturally on its own.

Benefits of Taking Bio X4

BIO X4 is not really a specific weight loss supplement as much as it is an aide in the process of losing weight.  The ingredients in this supplement focuses on the whole body and not just the excess fat the body has.  Many people take it as a weight loss supplement and it definitely has ingredients and benefits that support weight loss, but it also does a lot more than help you drop weight.

There are several benefits that you will notice when you add BIO X4 to your daily routine. These include less sugar cravings and a smaller appetite, increased metabolism, improved immune system, a healthier digestive system, better fat burning, reduced bloating and gas, better energy and more.

There are no additives, lactose, fillers or gluten in BIO X4, making it a 100% natural supplement. The reduction in cravings and better absorption of nutrients make the body healthier overall and aides in weight loss as well. We will delve into the benefits in more detail below.

  • Balances the Digestive System – When there are issues with the digestive system it can cause many different problems such as heartburn, bloating, re-flux, diarrhea, and other problems as well. It can also be responsible for you feeling unwell and being overweight. Taking BIO X4 can help straighten out the digestive issues that are causing these problems.
  • Encourages Normal Elimination – The effects of this supplement stay in the system for a while. Constipation is a sign that something is not as it should be.  Taking BIO X4 can heal your gastrointestinal system and get your body’s elimination processes back on track.
  • Promotes a Healthy Immune System and Overall Wellness – The body’s immune system is designed to ward off disease-causing microbes that get into the body. Sometimes it can fail leaving you susceptible to bacterium attacks and feeling ill. This powerful supplement can improve your immune system so it protects the body from unhealthy bacteria the way it should.  A strong immune system can help you ward off all kinds of illnesses and keep you feeling good.
  • Increased Metabolism – Green tea is one of the ingredients in this supplement. Green tea is known for being a good ingredient for speeding up metabolism and also stimulating the central nervous system.  There are 100 milligrams of green tea in this supplement.  Green tea has many other benefits as well that have been studied for a long time making it one of the more popular weight loss aides on the market.
  • Suppressing the Appetite – Hunger is one of the biggest reasons that people go off their diets.  The ingredients in this supplement, specifically Caralluma Fimbriata.  This ingredient may not be recognizable by name to most but the benefits that it provides users of BIO X4 are definitely desired, especially for those looking to lose weight.

Bio X4 Side Effects

There are not any known side effects that have been reported about BIO X4.  It is made up of pure ingredients that are all natural.  It is allergen-free, contains no fillers, and is gluten-free as well.  The only thing that the company says regarding potential negative effects is that people that are taking anti-depressants should be careful due to the mood swings that Caralluma Fimbriata Extract can cause.  Consult your doctor if you are on anti-depressants of any kind and want to take BIO X4.

Another important factor that needs to be discussed is whether you have sensitivity to caffeine.  If you are sensitive to it, you will want to talk to your doctor before taking this supplement to seek their advice on dosage or whether you should take it at all.

Those sensitive to caffeine can experience chest pain, racing heartbeat, headaches and other scary side effects. This is not a reaction to the supplement but to the caffeine that is in the supplement.  Many people are very responsive to caffeine and it can bother them.  See what you doctor has to say about taking it.  He or she may advise trying a half dose or they may tell you not to take it at all.

This or any weight loss supplement is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

Ingredients in Bio X4

Knowing what is in the supplements you take is very important to your own safety.   If you can’t find an ingredient list it is better to move on to a supplement that lists their ingredients clearly on the bottle.  Although reviews and customer comments are a good way to discover some additional information about a supplement, it doesn’t replace arming yourself with the right knowledge to ensure you are taking a good quality, all natural supplement that will help you achieve your goals.

Just because a label says all natural doesn’t mean that everything in it is 100% pure. Read the label, read reviews and research and talk to your doctor.  It is not being paranoid to check the supplements thoroughly it is for your health and safety. Also be sure that you are purchasing BIO X4 that has been made in the United States and that is being sold in the US as well.

There are several ingredients in this supplement that are highly beneficial for the digestive and gastrointestinal system.  It has many minerals, herbs, vitamins, and amino acids that support a healthy immune system as well as a healthy digestive system as well.  We have listed the ingredients in BIO X4 below.

There are at least five probiotic strains in this supplement. Three of them are more potent than the others in the BIO X4 formula.

    • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – The most common used strain of probiotic is Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This probiotic produces lactase which is an enzyme that can regulate the digestion process and break down lactose as well. It is used for the treatment of certain infections due to its ability to balance the natural PH and also improves the immune system and can lower LDL cholesterol levels.
    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – This ingredient is an essential one for maintaining urogenital health in women. It can survive in extremely hostile environments making it a great probiotic for those who have irritable bowel syndrome. It also helped with weight loss when given to a group of women in a research study to test its weight loss properties.
    • Lactobacillus Plantarum – This probiotic is responsible for reducing gas and getting rid of bloating. This ingredient is found naturally in Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish.  Lactobacillus Plantarum thrives well in acidic environments. This ingredient has a whole series of natural antibiotics that target bad bacteria and helps good bacteria regenerate and grow.
    • Bifidobacterium Lactis – This less popular probiotic can help the body in many potent ways. It can enhance the digestive system so complex and simple carbs are processed easier, it lowers bad cholesterol levels and when combined with other probiotics it can get rid of the symptoms of celiac disease and also support gastrointestinal health. Some studies have discovered that this probiotic might provide relief from the symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy as well.
    • Bifidobacterium Animalis Subspecies Lactis – This is used frequently in probiotic supplements and can also be found in many dairy products as well. It is used to improve the function of the colon and provides relief from constipation.  This probiotic focuses mostly on the gastrointestinal system. This strain of probiotic produces three different types of acid: formic, succinic and acetic.  It utilizes the carbohydrates and converts them into these acids to help the system operate properly.
    • Digestive Enzymes – Lipase, Bromelain and Amylase are three vegetal enzymes that the body can break down easily and quickly so they can be used. These enzymes help the body absorb nutrients and can get rid of some digestive system problems as well.  There hasn’t been enough research done to be able to state any weight loss benefits of these enzymes.  Having a healthy digestive system can help in the weight loss process, making these ingredients important in the formula.
    • Green tea Extract – Green tea is added to a lot of supplements for the purpose of aiding in weight loss. The most potent compound in green tea is catechin. Also the presence of EGCG has been studied at great length. These studies have shown that daily tea drinking over the course of several months consecutively leads to a loss of body fat content.  EGCG is known as a metabolism booster, digestion improver, fat burner and improves mental function as well.  It is important to note that green tea contains caffeine which could be a problem for some people that have caffeine sensitivities.
    • Caralluma Fimbriata – This important ingredient in the BIO X4 lineup reduces the appetite and boosts metabolism, making it an excellent addition to this supplement for those who want to lose weight. It can make the weight loss process a lot easier due to these benefits that help prevent overeating.


    Bio X4 is made in the United States and has been certified to be free of soy, gluten, dairy and GMOs as well.  When taken the right way and in the right dosages, the benefits that it provides can help you lose weight, improve your immune system and digestive system and many other benefits that can make a big difference in how you feel over all.

    When you first start taking Bio X4 you may notice a little bit of discomfort such as bloating, gas and similar issues.  These symptoms don’t generally stick around and are more than likely related to the adjustment of changing bacteria levels in the digestive system.  Once your body starts adjusting to the changing levels and the intestinal track is balanced these symptoms will disappear and you will start to feel very different in terms of health.

    If you are very sensitive to caffeine you may notice some reactions to the green tea that is in this supplement.  If you have any problematic responses such as a racing heart, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor.

    People look for supplements for all kinds of reasons, but the main ones are to feel better and look better.  Bio X4 helps you feel better from the inside out by using all natural ingredients that are designed to balance your body and make your systems operate at their peak performance levels.

    With all of the different probiotic supplements on the market it can feel very overwhelming to sort through them all to determine which ones are good and which ones should be avoided.  There is a lot to like about this terrific supplement. Despite the cost which some feel is on the higher side, it is much safer and a lot more effective than other probiotic supplements. Bio X4 has the reputation and scientific research behind it to make it one of the great ones that you definitely want to add to the top of your list of probiotic supplement choices.

    The all natural ingredients it has and the great company it is manufactured by that is dedicated to quality, combine to make a supplement that will provide the kind of results that you are looking for.  Make sure to talk to your doctor before adding this supplement to your regimen.