Is Andro400 Good for You

Even if you watch what you eat and exercise fairly often you can still have problems with belly fat that just won’t go away.  As you get older it becomes even harder to lose this stubborn fat. There have been recent studies that have been done that link belly fat to low testosterone and obesity.  There are two kinds of belly fat that a person can have. The fat that is being discussed here is also known as visceral fat which is the most dangerous kind.

Visceral belly fat is deep abdominal fat that surrounds all of the important organs.  It has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes. Studies have been conducted that are showing that increasing the amount of testosterone in your body can result in reduced obesity and belly fat as well as an increase in lean muscle.

Testosterone naturally starts to decline by the time you reach around 30 years of age. It continues to decline at 1% to 2% yearly so as time goes on the problem and symptoms associated with it can increase. From age 30 to 70 research has shown that men can lose as much as 90% of the testosterone in their systems that they had in their 20s.

There are several warning signs that can be present when testosterone levels are low.  Some of the most common signs include being grouchy, tired and run down but that is not all. Below we have listed some of the more common signs of Low T.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should start by seeing your doctor.

  • Decrease in energy
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Increase in body fat, particularly around the belly area
  • Decrease in endurance and stamina
  • Muscle tone loss
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Decrease in strength
  • Lack of motivation
  • Increase in fatigue or a feeling of lethargy
  • Increase in aches or pains
  • Weak orgasms or erections
  • Increase in moodiness or depression
  • Loss of body and facial hair
  • Loss of bone density
  • Excessive night sweats
  • Decrease in ability to concentrate
  • Increase in forgetfulness

These are also symptoms that can go along with aging so it is important to go to a doctor to rule out any underlying health problems such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, Prostate cancer and more.

What is Andro400

Andro400 is an all-natural supplement that is used to help raise testosterone levels in men that are suffering from low testosterone.  This hormone is responsible for stamina, muscle growth, sexuality and maintaining a healthy weight.   After 40 years of age the testosterone levels that are naturally in a male’s body start to decrease.  This is also been called Andropause because it is similar to a woman’s “menopause”.

Once these levels start to decline men usually find that they start to put on weight more easily, especially in the stomach and also start to lose muscle mass, lose performance in the bedroom and become tired much easier. Despite the fact that Andro400 was designed to help older men, younger men can benefit from this supplement as well and will find that it can increase their energy and athletic ability.

Andro400 is not a drug, synthetic or a hormone either.  It is an herbal supplement that can improve and raise the testosterone levels so you start to feel like you did when you were younger. These ingredients are safe to take and can even be taken over a longer period of time with no worries about drug interactions or harmful side effects.

The herb that is the main, active ingredient in this supplement has been used for centuries in Asia by hundreds of thousands of people to enhance and improve sexual function and sex drive and also as an aphrodisiac.

There have been many studies conducted on the active ingredient of Andro400 that show it to be successful at stimulating certain hormones in the body that will increase the production of testosterone.  It also frees the bound testosterone that is present in the blood as well.

Producing more testosterone is important but much of the testosterone that is produced can often be bound by sex hormone binding globulin.  When it is bound it doesn’t provide any benefit to the body. Freeing this bound testosterone makes it available for the body to use and benefit from in many ways.

In most cases when a man has Low- T he may begin TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.  This typically involves the use of prescription drugs including Axiron or Androgel. These drugs can be in pellet form or gels, patches, pills or injections.

There are many potentially dangerous adverse effects that can go along with TRT including a higher risk of heart attack by as much as 300% in just 90 days of therapy, as well as blood clots in the legs, sleep apnea, decreased sperm count, swelling in the ankles, feet and legs, and an increased risk of prostate cancer to name a few. It is also unknown what the health risks are with long term TRT.

This is where Andro400 really shines.  It is not a testosterone pill nor is it a precursor to testosterone. This all-natural herb activates your body to produce your own natural testosterone and to make that testosterone bioavailable so it can be absorbed into your cells and tissues. This herb is Eurycoma longifolia. We will tell you more about this powerful herb in a few minutes.

How Andro400 Works

Eurycoma longifolia, the active ingredient in Andro400 has been proven through clinical studies and research to boost the production of testosterone naturally in the body as well as increasing the availability of the existing testosterone that may be bound and not able to be used.  Why it does this has not been fully understood yet but research continues to learn more about this important herb.

One possibility that is believed is that the Eurycoma longifolia signals the pituitary gland by influencing the hypothalamus so the body naturally produces its own testosterone or utilizes the testosterone already present by freeing it.  It has also be indicated that Andro400 influences the about of testosterone that is converted into estrogen.

When people suffer from Low T it can lead to an increase in excess belly fat. This fat is not easily lost through diet and exercise.  Taking Andro400 can help reduce and prevent the build of belly fat in many ways. These ways include:

  1. Improving the metabolism of insulin in the body
  2. Stimulating the body’s fat burning system
  3. Blocking a primary enzyme that is responsible for storing fat

Andro400 is not a diet pill so fat loss will not be seen immediately but what it can do is help your body raise its own testosterone levels and begin working in your system which will eventually allow the body to start getting rid of the stubborn and unhealthy belly fat.

Some men have reported losing belly fat in the first few weeks of taking Andro400 but others have stated it took a couple of months to see fat loss. If you want to keep track of whether you are losing belly fat or not, measure your waistline on a regular basis starting with the first day you take Andro400 and continuing every week thereafter.

There are two other ingredients in Andro400 which are amino acids that help increase the levels of Nitric Oxide that is in the blood.  These amino acids are L-Citrulline and L-Arginine.  Nitric Oxide is responsible for opening the blood vessels in your body so the blood flows more easily and freely.

The results from this increased blood flow include better athletic performance, more energy and better erections as well. There are two types of Andro400 available: Andro400 and Andro400 Max. Max is recommended for men that have more than 10 pounds to lose or that are over the age of 50.  The only difference between the two is that Max contains nearly two times more Eurycoma Longifolia and also more of the two amino acids as well.

Benefits of Taking Andro400

There are many benefits that you will experience when you start taking Andro400.  We have listed these benefits below so you can see just what taking this all-natural supplement can do for you.

  • Long lasting energy
  • All day stamina
  • Extra boosts of energy when you need it
  • Better sports performance
  • Less aches and pains after physical activity
  • Faster recovery time after physical activity

When your testosterone levels are where there should be, for example, the way they were when you were younger you will find these benefits that come with having youthful levels of testosterone.

  • Reduced body fat, especially belly fat
  • More energy and endurance
  • Improved overall health
  • Increased sex drive
  • Better sexual performance
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased strength
  • Improved memory
  • Improved focus
  • Better mental function
  • Stable blood glucose levels
  • Better functioning immune system
  • Stronger bones
  • Better bone density
  • Higher metabolism
  • Better overall happiness
  • Increased well-being
  • Lower LDL cholesterol (bad)
  • Higher HDL cholesterol (good)
  • Increased sperm count
  • Less conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Increased DHEA (the anti-aging hormone)

This expansive list gives you plenty of reasons to take Andro400 to get your body on the right track to producing its own testosterone and converting bound testosterone to free so it can benefit the body.

Why Choose Andro400

There are many ways that Andro400 beats out the competition.  You may be wondering why you should choose this supplement over others that may be like it.  We have provided several reasons that you can look at and see why and how Andro400 comes out on top when compared to the competition.

  • Andro400 has been a leader when compared to many other testosterone boosters due to their proven track record that includes helping hundreds of thousands of people increase their testosterone naturally. This has been the case since 2004 and has been done without negative side effects.
  • There are only highly researched and proven ingredients in Andro400 that have been shown and proven to increase testosterone levels naturally.
  • The company offers a 3 month, satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy for any reason.
  • There are no negative side effects to worry about when taking Andro400; it is completely safe.
  • It is very affordable
  • The Customer Care Department is open 7 days a week for any customer concerns.
  • Any information obtained by the company such as emails or telephone numbers are never used to push products and are never sold.
  • There are a large number of super happy customers that have left real, not fake, paid for testimonials about how much Andro400 has helped them.

Other things that you will notice when comparing Andro400 to other supplements is that the competition usually has no track record of service or results, especially if it is a new product.  The ingredients that they may contain, unlike Andro400, have not been studied and do not have scientific research backing up the claims.

In some other products, the ingredients they do contain are in such small amounts that it is way below the daily recommended dosage.  This doesn’t make the product bad or unsafe but it also doesn’t allow it to have any effect on your testosterone levels.

Not all T boosting supplements are all –natural.  There are some on the market that have negative and/or dangerous side effects that you need to be careful of.  “Natural” is not enough of a vetting process so be sure to do that research so you know what you are taking.

Andro400 and 400 Max are reasonably priced as well, and you may find that the competitors are much more expensive. They can even be twice as much as what you will pay for Andro400. Another difference is the money back guarantee that Andro400 offers which is not usually done. Most supplements only offer a 30-day guarantee which is not enough time to tell if the product even works.

Andro400 Side Effects

Prescription testosterone supplements can have very dangerous side effects but you will not have those worries when you take Andro400. All of the ingredients in this supplement are 100% natural and contain no hormones, drugs, steroids, synthetics, chemicals or even caffeine.

Because there are no side effects, Andro400 is safe to take for as long as you want to have the increased testosterone levels and benefits that come from that.  Taking this supplement is the same as taking a multi-vitamin when it comes to safety and that includes the Max version as well.

How long does it take to work?

The speed in which Andro400 works will vary from person to person. Some report noticing positive results in as early as 3 weeks’ time and even sooner.  There are factors involved that will determine your own results including what your beginning testosterone levels are when you start taking it and your specific body chemistry. There will not be an immediate effect but when you do start noticing a difference it will be long lasting and will continue to improve as you continue to take it.

If your energy levels are low, another symptom of Low T, and there has not been an improvement after taking Andro400 for 3 weeks, it is suggested that you add 1 or 2 more capsules with your lunch or you could try switching to Andro400 Max. Since Andro400 Max has close to two times more E. Longifolia along with the amino acids, you could see results that you may not see with the regular Andro400 formula. This Max formula is especially good when you are trying to get rid of belly fat.

Other things you may notice that you may not contribute to Andro400 or 400 Max include a better mood, more motivation, increased sex drive, less pain and an overall feeling of happiness and well-being mentally and physically.

Ingredients in Andro 400

There are only three ingredients in Andro400 and Andro400 Max, only one of which is an active ingredient.  Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as E. Longifolia, is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia in the rain forests.

It’s been used for centuries in Asia for many different medicinal purposes that include improving sexual function and sex drive, reducing pain, speeding up healing, energy boosting and producing testosterone levels. Andro400 contains 150 milligrams of pure Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract and Andro400 Max contains 250 milligrams.

The amino acids that are present in this supplement are responsible for supporting organ and blood health due to the effect is has on the blood vessels.  By opening them up and improving the blood flow, your body will absorb the nutrients better as well.


Due to the way that Andro400 works, you may not feel sure that it is working at all, but rest assured that it is.  The formula doesn’t artificially inflate your testosterone levels it helps your body produce its own testosterone naturally which takes a little bit of time. Increasing your testosterone in this manner has many effects on your health that you may not even realize.

There have been many scientific studies done that show that low testosterone has a relation to some very serious health conditions including diabetes, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and much more.   Increasing your testosterone can protect you from these potentially fatal diseases.

There are so many benefits to taking Andro400 that it is no wonder it is becoming such a popular supplement for men who want to take control of their decreasing testosterone and fix it in a healthy and safe way that won’t endanger their health.

It is easy to take and only has three ingredients, one of which is the active ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia, an herb responsible for many positive health benefits. The other two, amino acids, also provide plenty of positive effects and improve the body’s health and well-being along with increasing testosterone and helping the body convert bound testosterone into free testosterone that the body can use to improve everything from sexual performance to mood to stamina.